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  1. winters\

    Sudden shutdown

    Thanks, it powered up without the GPU.
  2. winters\

    Sudden shutdown

    My PC suddenly turned off while I was in a gaming session, no smells or sudden pops just game and then black screen. PC will not power on when GPU has power supply connected. PC will power on when GPU is not connected to the power supply. When powered on mouse and keybaord are no longer given power. I think it is the motherboard but since I have no way of testing that I am hoping for confirmation. I was able to test a new power supply and it did the same thing.(same brand and model) OS: Windows 10(64bit) PSU: RM 850X Corsair GPU: GTX 98ti EVGA CPU: I7 6700K RAM: Ripjaws 32gig (4 sticks) MOBO: ASUS Z170 Sabertooth
  3. winters\

    Newbie Modder

    Thanks. Wasn't sure where to look.
  4. winters\

    Newbie Modder

    Hey all, I am brand new to the modding world and I am actually still collecting some key tools to do some work with metal, tubing, and wiring. I was wondering if anyone could point me towards a modding forum and if you guys could share where you get your ideas for modding from? I have some ideas of my own but, currently they are a little overly ambitious and I am hoping for some ideas for newbie projects. Also if you have time or just want someone to, I guess kind of mentor, shoot me a message I can almost guarantee you I will have plenty of questions about your style of modding and other such things! Thanks for any tips and tricks in advance!
  5. winters\

    Back to the Bong

    After putting the main piece together I stabilized the pipes with two pieces of wood I had laying around. I cut the wood with a jig saw and sanded them down to get the best fit possible. The shower head and pipe you see are what I have rigged to increase the surface area of the water that will be hit by the air as it is blown into the wie's. I am yet to have a pump, after testing a few I have found that you will need a pump with more than 200GPH but less than 700. I am still toying around with the number but my TSC and Harbor Freight were both low on pump supplies. Over all this project has cost me about $80 -$90. I am not sure when it will all be painted. I hope to be following up with thermals and actual total cost within the next few weeks.
  6. winters\

    Back to the Bong

    Using a hacksaw you see sitting on the bench I cut the hole in the top of my cooler and cut my single 5in diameter PVC pip in half. To get the PVC wie's to set correctly into the holes I cut about 2.5in off my pipes which allowed them to set very nicely.
  7. winters\

    Back to the Bong

    By far the most difficult part was cutting these damn holes. Though the holes did fit the pips I needed to insure they were secure so I used some super heavy duty glue on the bottom as well as some screws to act as a belt and strap concept
  8. winters\

    Back to the Bong

    Hey all, it has been a while but, I have made some head way. After much planning, calculations, and consulting with an evaporative cooling professional I have finally gathered just about all I need and put most of it together. I will be posting a picture and description with each pic.
  9. winters\


    Awesome thanks!
  10. Hey all I am working with PC Part picker and I cannot find the RAM I want to buy on their site. So, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Corsair VENGEANCE® LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz C16 Memory Kit is compatible with my ASRock - AB350M Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard? Thanks for all your help!
  11. winters\

    MSI B350 PC Mate VS Tomahawk

    What kind of issues are we talking here?
  12. Hey Guys, I am building my brother a new PC for his graduation from basic training and I have just about everything pieced together. The only problem I am coming up with is to go with the MSI B350 PC Mate VS the Tomahawk. Besides the differences is visuals and capacitors can anybody else tell me if one has any advantages over the other? I have spent a few days analyzing posts and specs from various websites and the two differences I have mentioned are the only things I can find.
  13. winters\

    "Never again" products

    Apple products. I don't hate the brand. I just hate that they are not compatible with anything and their products have to steep a price tag to make it worthwhile to utilize everything they have to offer.
  14. winters\

    Back to the Bong

    I'll definitely be putting pictures up once I have finished! Still finishing up some plans and working on obtaining what I need.
  15. winters\

    Back to the Bong

    Yea, I have a system developed to watch my liquid levels as well as insure that as few contaminants will get in from the outside. I will also be running a subsection of the loop through a filter/kill coil to help maintain the loop.Thanks for the input W-L!