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    Intel Core i5-7200U
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    8GB DDR4-2400
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    NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB
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    Acer Aspire E5-475G-560B
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    1 TB HDD + 120 GB SSD
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    Logitech K-120
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    Elephant GR WEM-1015
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    Windows 10 Single Language x64

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  1. Differences are about 750-800 mAh tho, Samsung wins the battery, kinda significant but with 11 nm fabrication that Note 8 use, will it actually use it more efficiently? despite the higher clockspeed tho. i dont really do game on phone tho, mostly on my laptop here lol. so probably samsung is good? price differences (in 64 GB variant so it will fair enough) are between Rp 1.200.000 - 1.600.000, roughly US$ 84 to 113. Redmi Note 8 price are actually REALLY depends because the sales here depends on flash sale, and the stock always limited into few hundreds a day, which actually sucks because it made the prices in offline retailer a lot higher than the official price.
  2. Been using my Redmi 5A for a year and 8 months, and needs to change because the performance deteriorates already. Been searching since yesterday, got both Samsung Galaxy M30 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (or the upcoming 8 one). My daily usage are just for social media, like Twitter or WhatsApp, and LINE. Usually opens 9GAG either. And I really do a lot of multitasking in between apps. Sometimes I do some gaming, only for 2-3 hours a day when I'm bored, not that game freak on mobile tho. Samsung's M30 got a nice battery of 5000 mAh, that's why it's my primary choice, and it's got AMOLED, which I will use dark themes and wallpapers, but I got interested in Redmi Note 7 or 8's SoC that got a better perfomance. Redmi Note 8 won't be released until next week tho. Here's the comparison in GSMArena. Need help to choose between both phones tho. Or any kind of suggestions are appreciated either. Or if someone actually have the phone, u can tell the experience using it either.
  3. USB and SD cards are using different controller. USB for universal things (your mouse, keyboard, thumb sticks) while SD card controller is designed only for storage. So, yeah. No.
  4. Actually this is what I use for replacing them for my old laptop, and it still works flawlessly. Laptops won't even reach the heat of a boiling water, anyway. Just make sure to use the high-quality ones.
  5. This. Is a yes. It will run on the slowest maximum speed of all module that you install. Ex. Corsair 3000, mixed up with Gskill Trident 2444. All of it will run on 2444. And if that Gskill Ripjaw got the more lower max speed, it will follow. Suggesting using HWInfo for checking the max speed, tho. Then set all of the RAM on UEFI on that speed. I'm mixing two brands here (Micron and TeamGroup) and it barely gone (only happens for 2-3 times in this lifetime of laptop, which about 2 years) for BSOD. Point is, still stable af. But tbh dunno on your case. It's two brand (and three models) of mix. Might all of the three CAS latencies are different for each other, and might got some instability. Best case, just test it. Get experiment from it. And yes as @Herman Mcpootis just said, if it does't POST, it doesn't work.
  6. Nevermind, what I done is basically just deleting things that I won't need anymore, then migrating the C using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Now enjoying my (for finally) faster apps loading time and boot time. XD
  7. Well, but how about the OEM license? Will it gone if I do the fresh install?
  8. Hi, been recently purchasing a 120 GB of WD Green M.2 SSD for a little upgrade, which will arrive soon either, can't wait to feel dat Sonic on my laptop But, problem is. My C partition got size of 160 GB. Yes, it is 'easy' if I do a selective removal of data on my C, but it will consume a lot of time. (a lot of unorganized data lel) I planned to do a reset my laptop's Windows 10 (since I want to either, it's 2 years since I bought this and never did any kind of 'cleanup', tbh still feels a lot more smoother than Windows 7, that I need to reinstall every 6 months). I only want to erase my C partition, I don't wanna erase my D (which on 629 of 770 GB). And tbh dunno, I don't wanna do a full reinstall by using USB stick, since this Windows 10 is original from OEM. Just can't risk losing the license lol (or correct me, can I actually do a full reinstall and won't lose my license?) I did research on Google, which is confusing. Some says, some data in C will preserved with only apps deleted (data on Documents, Pictures, etc won't be affected). Some are... Point is, confusing. And extra question, what's the good software for me to migrate the partitions (after the reset) to the SSD? Suggestions? So, the point of this post is: Reinstall Windows 10 so it can have fresh C partition (hoping the fresh partition usage won't even reaching 40-50 GBs) Putting the SSD on it Migrate the C partition to the SSD Thanks, any suggestions will be appreciated.
  9. Tbh I dunno exactly where I should post this topic lol, so I post it here. Sorry for mod if it's wrong lol I wanna move my laptop's stickers (the small brands sticker that usually resides on left side, bottom) to another place. Any kind of solution for this that makes sure the sticker will placed again nicely?
  10. Nevermind on both. Already make it works by assigning the files to a project on CodeBlocks. Thread solved, then. Thanks a lot @Unimportant, you really saved my time and day (presumably my programming practice score either lol).
  11. Another one, either. When I try to compile main.c, it seems it can't read the header file. Because of: Already changing the name, but still no any good response. Any ideas either of this?
  12. I read it, and actually understands now how it actually works (thanks a lot btw!), and trying to debug but still no success because of "Undefined reference to WinMain@16". Did restart Code:Blocks, restart my laptop. Even changing my IDE to Visual Studio Code, still nothing. Any ideas of this?
  13. Hi there, currently struggling with C programming with command line arguments, header file, and how can I call them here. To be honest, still gets a lot confused for even the code that I write. I've got some progress already, here: (some in Indonesians, but should not be a problem since it's only the output texts.) complex.h header file #ifndef COMPLEX_H_INCLUDED #define COMPLEX_H_INCLUDED complex getcomplex(char *input); mag(complex a); phase(complex a); complex sum(complex a, complex b); complex substract(complex a, complex b); complex multiply(complex a, complex b); complex divide(complex num, complex denum); #endif // COMPLEX_H_INCLUDED complex.c (still incomplete though, I struggled to how can I extract the real and imaginary numbers out of a string when using command line arguments, so I can do the operations.) #include <stdio.h> #include <complex.h> #include "complex.h" typedef struct complex { double real; double img; char input[20]; } complex; struct complex a,b,c; complex getcomplex(char *input){ char input[20]; complex a,b; scanf("%s",&input); sscanf(input, "%lf+%lf", &real, &img); } complex sum(double real, double img){ complex c; c.real = a.real + b.real; c.img = a.img + b.img; printf("Hasil operasi penjumlahan bilangan kompleks = %d + %di", c.real, c.img); return (c); } complex substract(double real, double img){ complex c; c.real = a.real - b.real; c.img = a.img - b.img; printf("Hasil operasi pengurangan bilangan kompleks = %d - %di", c.real, c.img); return (c); } complex multiply(double real, double img){ complex c; c.real = a.real*b.real - a.img*b.img; c.img = a.img*b.real + a.real*b.img; printf("Hasil operasi perkalian bilangan kompleks = %d + %di", c.real, c.img); return (c); } complex divide(double real, double img){ complex c; x = a.real*b.real + a.img*b.img; y = a.img*b.real - a.real*b.img; z = b.real*b.real + b.img*b.img; printf("Hasil operasi pembagian bilangan kompleks = %d + %di", c.real, c.img); return 0; } For getcomplex() tho, I've got it from my previous topic in this forum, here. It works when I'm separately compile the extract program on another file, but I'm confused how to implement to the program here. With struct, and pointers, but to be honest I'm still confused with pointers. main.c #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include "complex.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { if (argc < 4 || argc > 5) { printf("Tolong masukan minimal 4 argumen. //ex. namafile arg1 arg2"); return 0; } char ch,p,q,r; p = argv[1]; q = argv[2]; r = argv[3]; switch(ch){ case 'sum': sum(getcomplex(q),getcomplex(r)); break; case 'substract': substract(getcomplexA(q),getcomplexB(r)); break; case 'multiply': multiply(getcomplexA(q),getcomplexB(r)); break; case 'divide': divide(getcomplexA(q),getcomplexB(r)); break; } } I can somewhat get the main.c albeit working for the 'if' statements. But not on the case one (or did I actually using the wrong one?) In case you're wondering, the job is make a complex number operations program that using command line arguments. For example, I'm running command prompt from the program folder, then input "main.exe add 3+1i 2+3i" to the command prompt so the output can be the result of the sum of the complex number. Needs your guys help and references, quick reply will be very appreciated, I'm already stuck at this for be like a day.
  14. Exactly what I need. Not yet functioning as intended, but thanks a lot! EDIT: got it works. Might be useful for another beginners around here. #include <stdio.h> int main() { double real; double im; char exampleString[20]; scanf("%s",&exampleString); sscanf(exampleString, "%lf+%lf", &real, &im); printf("real: %f, im: %f\n", real, im); return 0; }
  15. Your media server is using normal HDD, yes? As far as I know, the speed of an HDD only maxing out of 100-ish MB/s. Can check it up here. And it seems your gaming maching already using SSDs so that's why it can reach that fast. I forgot to mention if I ever did the same exactly test, and what I can get is 70-80 MB/s max, because of the HDD bottleneck itself can't reach higher than that. Except if you're using RAID on your server, then it's different story.