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    CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3000
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 0 Ti SC2 HYBRID
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  1. put it this way a year ago I saw an Alienware 13 for $150 off MSRP but it had multiple scratches on it. It was the same price of a "New" version from the Dell Outlet, but the Outlet always has extra coupons or the sales reps have always offered an extra 10%-15% off. So buy directly from the manufacture and get a new item that is 10%-15% lower than Best Buy.....
  2. Yes and I would say avoid. I was told by Best Buy employees that since the item has been used the manufacture warranty is not transferable, I don't know if that is totally true. Either way Best Buys return policy is very liberal and merchandise can range from missing chargers, scratches, or defects that the return department doesn't catch or is too lazy to care about. I know it seems sketchy but my wife bought a Apple Watch last year and some how scratched the glass and went to return it for a new one claiming massive battery drain. They didn't even glance at the top but rather the bottom sensors. They took it back and but it in the open box return cage for a whopping $15 off! Which brings me to my last point, Best Buy returns are terrible values. I'd rather go through the manufacture directly and try to get a refurbished product if available. However If you don't care about cosmetic damage or want to gamble on the item working out since you have Best Buy's return policy working for you go for it
  3. GTX 1080 or 1070 ti

    Performance and price are so close for the GTX 1070 TI/1080. I would only go 1070 Ti if it was significantly cheaper but usually it's only $70 cheaper. As per a 1080 running a 4K monitor, sure it can run most games will run 50/60 FPS on high/ultra and on games like GTX V you see 30 FPS while a 1080 Ti gets something closer to 40 FPS. The Witcher 3, another tough game to run a 1080 in 4K will get around 45 and a 1080 Ti around 60 FPS. IMO save up get $200 or so more and get a 1080 Ti if you plan on gaming at 4K
  4. mmm for most college students this would be great for it's light weight, durability, and massive battery but if you are doing CAD I would say try to get something with a DGPU even a MX.
  5. Best high end 15" ultrabook?

    LG Gram if you don't need a DGPU XPS 15 9560/9570 if you want to game moderately 1050/Ti Gigabyte Aero 1060/1070 but basic question what is your price and usage
  6. Buying a mac

    Yeah the difference between the 13" TouchBar and non are pretty insignificant since we are still dealing with dual cores. Same with the i5 versus i7. I will say having owned a 2017 i7 non TouchBar this was one of the few Macs I simply hated. Only 2 TB3 ports, or just two ports period on the non TB MBP 13, the 13" TB has four TB3 ports but again nothing else. The TouchBar is useless IMO. The keyboard is by far the worse keyboards I have ever used. I know keyboard feel is subjective and while I even enjoyed the clicky clacky Butterfly 2.0 keys they constantly would be getting stuck and would need to have compressed air blown in them. I never ate by my MBP so maybe just normal dust that no one can prevent caused this. Also some keys annoyingly had sounded like a plastic bottle popping, while others would just randomly fail to register inputs. Such a maddening experience. Apple basically told me this is the nature of these keyboards and if I wanted to try to have it fixed basically the whole computer would need to be taken apart and from what I read on forums many people had this done and nothing changed (for the better). With this being said current gen Macbooks are not something I would want to own out of warranty since they will cost you an arm and leg to fix. So if you do get a refurbished get AppleCare to extend the warranty.
  7. Torn between the two

    Why not a Xp? kidding aside yeah the GTX 1080 Ti would be awesome but there is a huge price jummp at the moment between a 1070 Ti/1080 to a 1080 Ti. But yeah if it were me I would try to find the extra scratch and get a 1080 Ti since when the 1180s come out at least the Ti should still be relevant. I would buy whatever system, sell the card and just get whatever 1080 Ti you can find at the lowest price. Maybe Nvidia will have the Ti back in stock for $700 again...
  8. XPS 13 or Blade Stealth?

    Go with the Dell XPS 9370. I would say gamble on the Razer but I would only do so if you bought it at a retailer that has an extremely great return policy or extended warranty option. IE someone like Best Buy is pretty liberal on returns and their extended warranties usually just replace the item in my experience. Otherwise the Dell will have probably the best manufacture warranty for a PC plus the Windows Store is amazing for returns and exchanges, they also usually just replace the computer rather than fix it in my experience
  9. Surface Pro 4 ?

    Well a couple issues if it's a Surface Pro 4 there is no discrete graphics. If it has 16GB of RAM Microsoft only made 512GB/1TB options. The cheapest SP4 with 16GB was over $2k. Also no offense but your Acer isn't worth no where near as much as his UNLESS his computer isn't what it is described or something is wrong with it
  10. What's your opinion about CyberPowerPC?

    mmm I disagree. It's not necessarily cheaper with the cost of RAM & GPU. Easier? Depends on who is building it and their skill level but also it heavily depends on if they just want to hit the ground running and have a manufacture warranty that covers most issues. More fun sure if you enjoy building pieces or tinkering which most people on here do. Better performing, well that is debatable. Technically Origin is a prebuilt system and those perform as good if not better than your typical build however they do cost a ton. Now if you are saying a custom built performs better than a HP from Staples, sure. In the end it comes down to the user and what they want.
  11. Well I bought the XPS 9560 less than a year ago when I wanted a laptop to be my one and only device to do ultrabook tasks and light gaming on the side, but with good battery life. The XPS 9560 and future 9570 fit those needs, but this winter I built a mini ITX i7 8700K GTX 1080 Ti desktop and I did zero gaming on the XPS afterwards. I started basically using my XPS 9560 as a glorified netbook and it started becoming a pain lugging it around. Yeah 4.5 lbs isn't heavy for something with a dedicated GPU and a 45 watt processor but now owning a desktop I mainly use my laptop in bed, at coffee shops, or when I travel. Having a thick/heavy-ish laptop wasn't ideal so I gave it to my mom since she didn't have a computer. Way overkill for her but the 15" screen is great since she has poor eyesight ZM Fong is right the Thinkpad T series would be better if you plan on hooking up an EGPU due to better cooling but T series aren't cheap and will not fit your budget. If you can get over the thickness, weight, and footprint of the XPS 9560 at least compared to the X1 Carbon, I think looking for a leftover 9560 would be an awesome option. I don't know if Dell has a European Outlet but I got my XPS from their Outlet last August "New" for $1260 shipped.
  12. I believe the X1 Carbon, at least 6th gen will blow past the £1000 budget. In the US it starts around $1600 but is constantly on sale for $1300 or so. A course you could target a last gen Carbon but the 8th gen quad cores are a huge performance jump for 2018. I have a 6th gen X1 Carbon and IMO it's the best ultrabook on the market if you don't need a dedicated graphics card or want to strap it with an EGPU. Yes the suggested retail is outrageously high, but at least in the US there are constant sales. As an alternative a LG Gram 13 or 14 specifically the 13Z980-A.AAS5U1 13" model, touch screen, i5 quad core, 8GB, 256GB, back-lit keyboard, weighs 2.12 lbs, massive 72 watt battery, fingerprint reader goes for $1000-$1050 US. The build quality just isn't up to par with a X1 Carbon but it's much cheaper and lighter.
  13. 1060 now or 1070 ti them

    We are at the point where used GPUs are becoming very abundant, yes the prices on them haven't shifted downwards but I don't recommend buying a GPU today thinking when the 11 series comes out that you will be able to sell your Pascal card for what you paid for it, MSRP, or not take a loss of some sort. The 2nd thing to note is the rumored* specs of the GTX 1180 seem to be so so, in that they are projected to be somewhere in between a current gen 1080 Ti and Titan Xp. It seems Nvidia intends to give us less and less for our money. A 980 Ti was around a GTX 1070. I own a 1080 Ti and there would be very little reason for me to personally upgrade when the 11 series comes out. Maybe when the 1180 Ti comes out sure. If you are looking at a 1060 or 1070 Ti sure the 1180 should be a nice upgrade but many project the 1180 to be at least $700. So to answer your question buy the cheapest Pascal card you can find if you truly intend on upgrading later this year
  14. Laptop for Work and Play

    If you truly plan on gaming on the thing with an external GPU I would recommend the Dell XPS 13 or dare I say the Razer Blade Stealth since they both have dual fans. I personally looked at the LG Gram 15 2018 and the 6th gen Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon and went with the Thinkpad for its feather like weight similar to the Gram but with a much better build quality. I would only recommend the Gram if you need to game in a pinch, want/can afford the 15" model, and want the best battery life with the lowest weight. Like the Gram the Carbon would only be good in a pinch to game on with an EGPU, but buy it for its amazing 2K HDR screen, best keyboard, build quality, and serviceability/enterprise. Simply the Gram and X1 just don't have the cooling compared to the XPS or Stealth needed to do long gaming sessions without throttling or burning yourself.
  15. mini pc

    Are you thinking for Lan parties or something? Yeah otherwise laptop is your best bet