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  1. So you can basically get a 1080 Ti for $650 now pretty much everywhere and a RTX 2080 is $800. So the question you have to ask yourself is having the newest tech and ray tracing worth it to you? There are other pluses like DLSS for RTX but from the leaks the RTX 2080 is basically a 1080 Ti when it comes to traditional game benchmarks. Most people will say no and I understand that, but benchmarks will only be able to confirm this
  2. Tips for buying used gpu

    Unless you personally know the guy pretty assume any used card was mined and overclocked. If this is off a listing that has multiple cards listed its almost certain they were mined cards. If possible ask him for video and or screen shots of benchmarks and of the card running. In the end I am not huge on used cards unless they are from a company like EVGA that has very good customer service and allows the warranty to be easily transferred without proof of purchase. also IMo Zotac are some of the worse cooled cards especially the mini
  3. Gtx 1080ti vs RTX 2080ti @ 3440x1440 100hz

    What monitor do you have? my Pixio is also 3440x1440 100Hz and with my former EVGA SC2 Hybrid 1080 Ti and iCX 1080 Ti both were able to get 100+ FPS on Ultra w/ GTA V. 4K cut that in half. Again no benchmarks but it has been reported that the GTX 2080 Ti will be able to do some* games at 4K ultra settings at 100+ FPS. With that being said a GTX 1080 Ti will be great at 1440P ultra settings and a 2080 Ti could be amazing if not borderline overkill. If you plan on doing 4K or in the future the 1080 Ti will be ok to even good in some games while the RTX has the potential to be very good to even great at 4K money wise yeah 1080 Ti is just the safer bet, but if $1200 aint nothing but a thang, ball baby
  4. RTX or current gen?

    New $525 has been the lowest on a random third part Amazon vendor for Zotac 1080 Ti. I recently bought the EVGA 1080 Ti iCX for $552 when Ebay adsorbed the 15% off. So a great deal for new $550 or lower, but again these were one off random sales. I don't think drastic price cuts cross the board will happen. However B&H is having a nice sale and a SC2 1080 Ti is $600, so if you can get a 1080 Ti $600 or bellow good deal IMO
  5. RTX or current gen?

    Best explanation so far 2070 up to 20% over 1070 2080 up to 20% over 1080 2080 Ti up to 25% over 1080 Ti
  6. Sure and maybe we will. Hard getting less for more money this gen but that might be the new normal which again sucks but who is going to check nvidia? AMD? Lol Point being the RTX whether we can justify the price or not seems to be at this moment really the only card that we know for a fact that will have good performance boosts. How much to be exact we don't know. So when people are saying a 2080 should exceed a 1080 Ti one maybe that's not case anymore
  7. Well I am not getting my hopes but I think there is some confusion. The 60 FPS was with the new Tomb Raider with Ray Tracing on at 1080P. So yeah Ray Tracing for high pixel density and high refresh monitors is out of the question. I should note that 100+ FPS at 4K was on "some" games which again they couldn't disclose. So yeah benchmarks are still needed. If GTA V hits 55 FPS on Ultra w/ a GTX 1080 Ti at 4K 60Hz, anything less than 80-100+ w/ the RTX is a bust IMO. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-performance-preview-4k-100-fps/
  8. Well no data/benchmarks as of yet but tech radar who couldn't reveal a lot of info due to embargo found that a single RTX 2080 Ti at 4K was hitting 100+ FPS on Ultra. They couldn't disclose what games, but I am sure they weren't playing MOBA games. So I am pretty positive the RTX 2080 Ti will be the first real 4K card and really the only card at the moment we can say for sure that has the most traditional performance gains over Pascal. On paper I am not sure you can say that about the 2070 or 2080...
  9. Prediction: RTX Cards Are Barely Faster Than Pascal

    No benchmarks yet but Tech Radar said: "We also played a variety of other PC games that shall not be named, and saw performance run in excess of 100 fps at 4K and Ultra settings (this is with the RTX 2080 Ti)". With that being said yeah the 2080 Ti looks like a beast of a card at 4K w/ non ray tracing games. They did note that they didn't know if the cards were being overclocked in order to reach this and couldn't say which games they played. But it's apparent at least for ray tracing on the RTX 2080 Ti that the tech is just not up to snuff for today's high FPS and 1440P/4K players
  10. I agree and unfortunately the 2080 Ti meet be the only RTX card that sees decent traditional performances increases over Pascal, albeit at $1200 MSRP. I don't mind spending $1200 if I know that the RTX 2080 Ti will be the top dog for the next 18-24 months, but it seems this gen might be a place holder at best even though it has a whole new moniker dedicated to it
  11. I think you are right that something within the next 12 months will be released by Nvidia. This version of RTX was really to launch a new tech feature that will hopefully be the baseline of all future cards. The prices and traditional specs make it clear this was kind of an iPhone S type of gen in hopes of maybe funding ray tracing development, getting rid of huge amounts of Pascal cards, and just testing how far the demand for anything new is even with huge MSRP premiums. There are a couple issues. AMD should be launching 7nm next year and for a company like Nvidia that has so much hubris they will not let them have any kind of win. I guarantee Nvidia strikes back and issues their own 7nm or a updated Turing that have "X" more performance which will probably send anyone spending $600-$1200 on this version into a crazed furry. More than likely AMD's cards will have no shot in competing performance wise however if AMD follows their own company history they can undercut their competitor significantly by releasing cards for hundreds of dollars less than the current gen Turing cards. Oh and then you have Intel in 2020, so without a doubt Nvidia is saving a few tricks for down the line. I believe they thought RTX would wow us and we would accept it without asking performance numbers with or without RTX enabled. It's pretty clear even the $1200 RTX 2080 Ti can't handle ray tracing well for 2018 standards since it only managed 60 FPS w/ ray tracing on while playing the new Tomb raider 1080P at 60Hz. Simply RTX is more of a half baked idea like the original Siri. It will takes years for developers to catch up and really it's more of a talking point than an actual useful feature as of today or even possibly years to come.
  12. Which graphic card to choose RTX 2080 or GTX 1080 Ti

    I wouldn't buy a card for ray tracing today but only for the added traditional performance benefits over Pascal, but what those gains are are very unknown at this point. The only one on paper that looks like it will have a nice traditional performance increase is the 2080 Ti but then you have that $1200 MSRP. But the recent news of the RTX 2080 Ti only being able to get 60 FPS w/ ray tracing on at 1080P for the new Tomb Raider pretty much cements the fact that whether you believe in ray tracing or not, it's NOT currently ready today or even years from now to meet gamer's current high FPS and 1440P/4K needs. So no one should be buying a RTX card for future proofing. Buy RTX because you want bragging rights or hopefully traditional performance boosts. However I a lot of people are going to be disappointed with the 2070 and 2080 performance compared to Pascal counterparts TDLR RTX 2080 Ti or just stay/get a GTX 1080 Ti
  13. Yeah I am a little torn about waiting or not. For one any RTX 2080 Ti is a lot of money but really it is the only card that might see decent performance increases via non ray tracing titles. I got my order in through Newegg for an EVGA card since EVGA is my preferred brand and for $6 I have 3 day shipping and you aren't charged until it ships, hopefully going out on or before 9/20. So why did I pre-order even with no benchmarks and a huge price? Well I figure even if the card falls bellow expectation at the very least I can sell it for what I purchased it at if not more. Or if I totally change my mind I can just sell the card since cards are either sold out or pre orders are ETA October even November now. I checked this morning on EBAY and pre-order RTX 2080 Ti are being sold as high as $2000. Do I think someone will buy it for $2000? Probably not but living in NYC there are tons of rich and desperate people who could care less if the 2080 is only "x" times better than a GTX 1080 Ti and will pay anything to say they have it before anyone else. Not an Apple Fan (Youtube) makes the point that the 2080 Ti was really the only card that didn't take a step back spec wise barring the switch to DDR6, which is why in theory the 2080 Ti could be the only card that sees good increases, but hey also makes it clear that anyone paying $1200 for a graphics card is a moron lol