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  1. Do you know of any good vendors where I could buy a code. Any downsides to going this route instead of going officially through t-mobile.
  2. Ok so if I verify that the esn and imei are good I can unlock it even if I'm not the original owner. The reason why I'm asking is b/c the online form for unlocking a atnt phone asks for the account holders name, ssn and a bunch of other stuff that I wouldn't be able to provide if they asked me that in the t-mobile store. Don't want to get stuck with a t-mobile device. https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/?#/unlockrequest
  3. What is the easiest way to do this. Bring it to a local t-mobile store or do it myself. Will they charge me in store?
  4. If I buy a used tmobile iPhone 6 in the US, as long as the ESN/MEID/IMEI is good, can I still unlock it even though I am not the first owner?
  5. Yeah definitely. I had a acer a couple years back and it was kinda crap. The new ones are much better. If you look at the acer r7 you can see a change in the company. The thing is impractical and not an ultra-book but shows direction the company has headed in. A ton of engineering had to go into it and it is built well.
  6. Seriously considering getting one myself if only for smash 4 and mario cart.
  7. These pranks on yt are getting out of hand. This video wasn't clever at all. Someone's going to eventually get hurt.
  8. I agree. It's definitely entertaining but comes nowhere close to the perfection that is The Wire.
  9. For an mp3 player the ipod touch is huge. I would get the nano 6th gen if you going the apple route. I find itunes annoying so I wouldn't do it personally.
  10. Well you could pay attention. If not just don't go.
  11. At this point I think they would be milking the series with a third installment. There is a ton of really good maps and content in the workshop if you want to return to the game.
  12. Too awesome: http://youtu.be/2ep6s6bcbZs http://youtu.be/VUX0g1ud1vU
  13. I want to maximize by laptop battery life while at school. I've used Ubuntu in a vm for a while and I enjoy it alot. Will dual booting improve by battery life or is it a case by case basis?
  14. Take a look at this article from a while back. Sony could completely drop electronics and still be a huge company. They are not going to go bankrupt. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/28/business/global/sonys-bread-and-butter-its-not-electronics.html?_r=0
  15. Good option at that price. I might try them out if. I really don't like using 100+ dollar headphones when working out.
  16. Anyone here going to try to run it in a vm?
  17. For tv shows I don't use any software but maintain nicely organized folders and just use vlc. I play all my music through spotify. The few songs that I want but aren't online I will download and they will show up under local files.
  18. It looks better than the 24k version that came out a couple months ago, in pictures at least.
  19. Hopefully some of the features found on the top end will make their way down to things most people can afford.
  20. vim, sublime text and eclipse for java
  21. What about a chromebook? They do everything you really need for school and their really cheap.
  22. not going to happen. The thing that drives this stuff is the community not the platform. There has been too much work put into cultivating it that it's sure not going to just move to another site. I think things like LTT could surve elsewhere just because linus has more than just his youtube page (mainly this forum) but most other creators don't have the same depth to their channels.
  23. not enough. Maybe 4-5 on weekdays and Saturday. Maybe 10 on Sundays.