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    Yasin40 reacted to WambleCropped in Keyboard and mouse for 11 year old   
    yes i would assume so, I believe they use the same sensor the  Pixart 3389 but i am not sure. I use the mouse i just sent the link to and it works wonderfully well. The other ones in the series are probaly great too just check out some online reviews too
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    Yasin40 reacted to WambleCropped in Keyboard and mouse for 11 year old   
    yes it is rated the best bugdet mouse by IGN and other various sources
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    Yasin40 reacted to jonnyGURU in TX650M V2 loud fan speed high   
    Ok.  If it's "clean" (not clogged with dust), it shouldn't be getting "louder with age".
    If it's only a year old, you should just contact Corsair and get it replaced.
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    Yasin40 reacted to H2B in 3900X cooler   
    I have a 3900x on an MSI pro carbon AC B450 with the Scythe Mugen PCGH and 6 case fans (3 side intake ML120, 3 top exhaust Noctua 120mm redux 700rpm) in a Lian Li O11 dynamic case.
    All core OC at 4.2 GHz @ 1.25V leads to idle temps around 46C and sustained load temps of 80 to 81C with AIDA64 stress test for 10 minutes. It's good enough for a quiet cooler although at full boost the ML120s make a bit of noise but nothing too bad.
    I would consider a 360 AIO for lower temps at load but the Mugen PCGH is running quite nicely.
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    Yasin40 reacted to seon123 in TX650M V2 loud   
    It's not a very quiet PSU. You can find testing results on Cybenetics.
  6. Informative
    Yasin40 reacted to Juular in TX650M V2 loud   
    It's not quiet by any means, 30dBa idle. Partly because it has unoptimal fan housing. To quote it's designer, @jonnyGURU :
    If you're really bothered by noise i guess you can try to return it and get RM\RMx instead, they are quiet. Or possibly wait for TXm refresh Jon are talking about and try to swap it for newer revision when it would be available. I doubt Corsair support would do either tho, noise are usually aren't regarded as a good reason for RMA especially since this is normal operation for this particular unit.
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    Yasin40 reacted to Oswin in Laptop for school   
    are you open to more opinions? if so the nitro 5 is a great deal here are some options
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    Yasin40 reacted to fredrichnietze in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    oc and inb4 "we hired her but had to wait 90 days" 

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    Yasin40 reacted to Pela bolings in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    "when you are playing an online game, and your Chinese partner starts coughing uncontrollably"
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    Yasin40 reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   

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    Yasin40 reacted to EYCEthebest003 in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Oh people are going to have a field day with this competition.



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    Yasin40 reacted to IPCharger in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Misunderstood Linus

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    Yasin40 reacted to Stu_Bear in Wall mounted LAN friendly PC   
    I've been thinking in a similar fashion.  Personally want to buy a few grade A pieces of walnut, ceder or cherry...build a wood case.  Thinking of doing that to match the decor of my 1930's home.  
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    Yasin40 reacted to LogicalDrm in New CPU and GPU cooler advice needed   
    Fuma 2 is best of those Scythe ones. As for GPU, have you tried to tweak fan curve? 80C is still good load temp for GPU (mine maxes at 83C with fan speed limited to 60%).
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    Yasin40 reacted to Whiro in New CPU and GPU cooler advice needed   
    I’ve done it before with my old gtx 970 which had two little fans. So I took out the shroud and just attached two 120mm fans to the heatsink, using cable ties. This worked like a charm, dropped temps by huge amount. 
    As of which fans to use it doesn’t really matter, you can get something like Arctic p12’s which are cheap but still decent. 

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    Yasin40 reacted to Windows7ge in Noob needs help with NAS   
    With specs that low you're going to want to roll with a very light-weight distribution of Linux or something like FreeBSD (what FreeNAS is based off of).
    I wrote a guide on setting up Ubuntu server but the recommendation is 4GB of RAM. It may work with 2GB but you could probably pickup a little more for really cheap or find a lighter distro of Debian. Otherwise the instructions should be near identical.
  22. Agree
    Yasin40 got a reaction from Hack3rPT in GPU Bottleneck   
    I agree.
    For right now, an RX570 and sandy bridge or ivy bridge i5 would work very well and has the best value, but I also believe it's a better choice to get a ryzen 2200g with a b450 board and upgrade later when you need it, without needing to replace your motherboard and ram.
  23. Informative
    Yasin40 reacted to DoctorNick in HP XW4400 RAM upgrade   
    Yes according to this: https://www.serversupply.com/MEMORY/PC2-5300/2GB/HP/398707-051.htm
    (its a wrong picture though, same part number P/N)
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    Yasin40 reacted to DoctorNick in RAM upgrade Core2Duo   
    Heat, hahaha, It was cool as a breeze.. 65nm. It ran on stock voltage, so not much more than stock 2,4ghz.
    8800 ultra was. Running crysis on max settings @1440p would heat it up to 105C with stock cooler changed it for a accelero xtreme 8800,
    ran about 80c if I recall correctly:

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    Yasin40 reacted to SavageNeo in RAM upgrade Core2Duo   
    Yes 4gb of ram is minimal for running windows 7+, for me atleast. 8gb is good to have and good for light gaming. The cpu is not the best, but it can run windows and light games fine with good amount of ram