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  1. Now that I think about it maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Maybe instead of trying to get that older system to work with XP I should just put that XP boot deive in my main rig which already has widows 10 and 7 boot drives. It has a phenom 2 x4 955 and 16gb of ram with a 4gb radeon 550. That'll damn sure run it
  2. it's legit as far as I know, I'd installed this same copy of XP on a 32 bit system awhile back and it worked fine. I uploaded the video to youtube as well so it'd be easier to watch. as far as system resources nothing seems to be taxed in the slightest. the CPU idols at 0% and the ram is idoling at 116MB. I suspected the problem might be the power supply not being powerful enough to work with the graphics card,(partly anyway), as when I took another look at the box it says it needs a 450W psu and this computer in question has a 400W PSU. Removed the graphics card and using on board video the jumping isn't as bad as it was,(still there though), and the sims seemed to run a bit smooth Just moved the task manager window around to see what the CPU numbers would do and when I did that it maxed out. Now I'm wondering if it's just something that'll go away once I put the quad core in it.
  3. I also just uploaded the video to youtube
  4. i posted a link to a video, it wouldn't let me upload it here, it was too big
  5. Okay so I installed XP on a system with a 2.6 ghz AMD Atholon 3800+, 4GB of DDR2 ram and a Radeon HD 6450 graphics card with 2 GB of Vram with a biostar a760g motherboard and a 120GB SSD for the boot drive, all of which should be more than powerful enough to run windows XP. Had to find drivers for the graphics card and install audio drivers as well,(still haven't figured out how to get the audio to go through the HDMI port but at least it has audio from the motherboard), when I run the system things are strange, it acts like it doesn't have enough memory or something. dragging menus around makes them disappear and reappear, I ran the Sims on it,(something I knew would easily run on this system), and while installing it said it needed at least 64MB of ram to run properly and that I didn't have that much,(seriously? I have 4GB). I made recorded a video of what it's doing with just dragging windows around and uploaded it here
  6. So this might be a bit of a challenge. I've installed windows XP into a system with a single core Athlon 3800+ CPU,(which will be upgraded to a quad core phenom 2 X4 955 CPU when I buy a FX CPU and motherboard for my main rig), with 4GB of DDR2 ram and a 2GB Radeon HD6450 graphics card. I'm trying to figure out how to get audio to come out of the hdmi port into the television I have it hooked up to. I know this card is capable of doing this as I had it in a windows 7 build. The installation disk that came with the graphics card doesn't seem to work with xp even though on the box it says the card is compatible with XP. I did find some video drivers for this card for XP online and installed them but I still can't seem to get the system to utilize it as an audio output device,(even though the device manager recognizes it as one). My only other option that I know would work would be to install an audigy 2 sound card I have and run separate speakers for this system,(had used it in a computer with a pentum 4 with XP when I couldn't get mobo audio to work), but I'd like to be able to just run the audio to the television for convenience. I don't know if it'll help to know but this is the motherboard I'm running in this system. I'm thinking if I can sort out the audio issue and the 955 CPU goes in it, it'll be quite a nice little retro gaming PC
  7. Okay so new question. I have a system I can build with parts I have laying around, all I'd need is a PSU and boot drives, that I'm thinking of turning into a Windows 7/Windows XP machine. I know how to set up the boot system for each drive,(one for each OS), but am wondering how well I'll be able to run XP on it.


    I have a Biostar DDR2 AM2+ board, Atholon 2 dual core CPU, 4 GB of ddr2 ram and a HD6450 Radeon graphics card. Are there any issues I might run into with running XP? I know this system will run 7 but am wondering if XP will be able to run on a system like this.

  8. I have a question. I have a HDD with window 7 on it and would like to put it in my computer that has an SSD with windows 10. How do I set it up so that the computer asks which drive to boot from when I turn it on? I have a msi 870u-g55 motherboard if that's important.

  9. Hello I have a question. I just upgraded to a newer board and am not seeing an huge increase in gaming performance and am wondering if a better Graphics card would improve on it. 


    I have currently a RX 550 Radeon with 4GB of VDDR5 ram


    MSI 870U-g55 mother board


    A Phenom 2 X4 955 quad core processor,(thinking about upgrading to a Phenom 2 X6 as well. I would consider going with an FX chip but I'm not sure this board supports FX CPU's)


    16GB of crucial 1600mhz DDR3 ram


    240GB SSD boot drive


    with this set up I can run XCOM 2 on medium to high settings pretty easily,(runs a bit smother on the medium) but would like to get it to be able to run on ultra settings as this is an older title and not super demanding graphically from what I can tell. I have concidered also trying to do crossfire with the current card though I don't think my card is capable of cross fire as i didn't see a plug for a cross fire cable,(hell the card didn't even need power from the PSU)


    Also I'm wondering if there are RGB lighting options for my current motherboard as well as I would eventually like to buy a mid tower tempered glass case and use the gigabyte aura 3d case I'm using now for the old board I replaced as a video capture system. That is a Bio-star AM2+ board with 4GB of DDR2 and I have a dual core atholon X2 CPU and HD 6450 graphics card I can put in in if I don't replace the CPU and graphics card in the main rig of which the current CPU and graphics card in the main rig would work with the older board,(AMD is pretty amazing when it comes to interchangeability.


    Thanks in advance





    1. imreloadin


      Just save up for Ryzen and change platforms all together. Definitely do NOT buy FX...

    2. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Yeah even ryzen 2200g or even 1200 is better than any fx chips.

    3. bds48312


      I have considered Ryzen as well. My roomate has a Ryzen 5 machine he uses for podcast editing and streaming and that thing is an absolute beast at video rendering,(which is another reason i had considered a Phenom 2 X6). I'm pretty impressed with Ryzen 7 and drool at the thought of a threadripper system paired with two of the 5,000 dollar 24GB nvidia cards in SLI,(which I know is total overkill as the Ryzen 7 with something like a rx 560 or 1060 would be more than enough but if I ever won the lotto, well why not). I might just do that though as this current system does most everything I do better than the old system,9and it runs XCOM 2 much better at medium and definitely high settings).


      might be worth it too if I'm going to spend money on a fancy tempered glass case and all to wait till I can either save up enough to build a Ryzen 7 system or the price of components comes down enough to be affordable,(maybe even build a threadripper system once those come down to less than I'd reasonably be able to afford for the whole build)


      thanks for the input as well

  10. Hi I have a older system with a Biostar A760gM2,(which was free) motherboard running DDR2 ram and an AM2+ socket. Currently it has an Atholon 2 250 3 ghz dual core that I'm planing to upgrade to an AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 and 4 gigs of ram I'm planing to upgrade to 8 gigs as soon as the chips arrive in the mail. What I'm wondering is what would be a good graphics card to put in a system like this to do some light to possibly moderate gaming as well as some video editing. I'm not expecting to go over 1080p with anything on this system but would like to make it the best system I can because I can't afford to build the system I want at the moment. I put a Radeon HD 6450 video card in it with 2 gigs of VRAM that I bought for around 50 dollars just to have an HDMI out to plug into my TV but feel that I could probably get more out of this system with a better graphics card, especially once I upgrade the CPU. I've seen people recommend gaming cards with around 4 gigs of VRAM for systems running Phenom 2 X4 CPU's but I'm not sure if they were running that SPU on a board with DDR2 or DDR3 as that particular CPU will run on both,(googled and found that the processor has controllers for both). I would prefer to stick with a card that has an AMD chip set as I would think it would work better with the AMD processor but wouldn't be opposed to an Geforce card if it would work better with the system I have. Thanks