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  1. Well I went with the zephyrus because the RP-15 was predicted to arrive the week i have to leave for school and on r/eluktronics people are saying their orders are being delayed. No shame on the company but I need the laptop before I leave for school.
  2. You realize we are talking about thermal paste here.. cant really be put back in That does apply to ram though
  3. That sounds a lot like yes, BTW im referring to this review for overheating info. I would rather not have to edit the registry and disable turbo to get temperatures under control. Also the chasis can get to burn causing temps..(from Hardware Canucks Video) I guess i feel like the best thing is to wait until there is more info on the RP-15.. I dont want to run out of time though until nothings in stock...
  4. wouldnt that void the warranty? RAM: only 1 stick is replaceable, if i upgrade wont i lose dual channel? The ssd and battery are both perfectly fine on the G14 Also personally I prefer the design of RP-15, you cant go wrong with matte black. While i like the white, I am not a fan of the keyboard design of the zephyrus. But honestly design isnt that important.
  5. https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/FNwrxr/entry-level-amd-gaming-build This is a good place to start, just replace the Rx570 with a $200 GPU. Or if you want a monitor too you can either: A: Keep the Rx570 in that list and get a $100 Monitor or B: Look for a deal on a used monitor(Ask family/friends, check ebay/craigslist/facebook marketplace/etc.) then use the remaining $$ to get the best gpu you can
  6. Hello everybody, I am going to be getting a laptop for college. I will be studying architecture - doing a lot of 3d CAD, modeling, and rendering - as well as some gaming. I am more focused on CPU power because of rendering, and the 4900HS or 4800H way outperform anything intel offers in and out of this price bracket. I need this to last at least the 5 years of my degree, so good customer support is a big bonus. I'm pretty tech savvy but you never know. Yes I know i could get more performance and portability by building a desktop and getting a separate thin and light, but I need power on the go, and transporting a desktop to and from campus (750mi away) via shipping or plane is a hassle. My budget is $1500 usd and I have narrowed it down to 2 models, but am open to other suggestions: ROG Zephyrus g14 4900HS, 2060 MaxQ, 16Gb Ram, 1Tb SSD $1450 PROS: Lighter, slightly faster cpu, more portable, 120Hz screen, Great battery life, USB C charging CONS: People say it has problems with overheating, smaller screen, more expensive, less upgradeable, no numpad, I've heard Asus's laptops are unreliable? Eluktronics RP-15 4800H, 2060 MaxP, 16Gb Ram, 512Gb SSD $1250 PROS: Bigger screen, Cheaper, more powerful GPU (2060MaxP at 100W vs MaxQ at 35W-60W i think), more upgradeable, numpad, better IO overall CONS: Bigger & Heavier, less storage, Unknowns(battery life, durability, brand rep, etc)* (Names are links to product page) *On paper the RP-15 seems like a better laptop, but the unknowns are holding me back. There are TONS of reviews on the G14, most of them positive, but I could only find 2 on the RP-15(one from Bob of all Trades and one from Notebookcheck). I dont like buying a product, especially something this expensive, without knowing exactly what im getting. I also dont know much about Eluktronics themselves other than that they are a small reseller of Clevo and other ODMs. They seem passionate and responsive, but I didn't really find much long term information about their customer service or products. If anyone has experience with either laptop, ASUS, or Eluktronics support I'd love to hear about it Thanks!
  7. LTT Mousepad or Desk mat When lttstore.com
  8. If you are only gaming: Intel If you do anything else: AMD
  9. Hello big brain PC crowd, My Evga GTX 780ti sc has been only displaying a black screen after it loads the Nvidia drivers. I know it is the Nvidia drivers because it works fine* in safe mode or with the Microsoft basic display driver. When the black screen first happened I had to reinstall windows to get bootable again. I have tired: -Installing the newest drivers version 445.87 (multiple times) -Using the 780ti in a different PC - same problem but after installing newest drivers I got output outside of safe mode but with error code 43 in device manager -Installing older drivers version 417.71 -Using an old r9 360 in the PC, worked fine I used DDU to uninstall previous drivers each time As I was typing this I got the attached BSOD, which appears to be related to ssd drivers. All the data on my ssd appears intact after booting into safe mode after getting the BSOD. Should I update ssd driver? *Max resolution is 768 x 800 but idk if that is a safe mode thing or the driver A preemptive thank you for help.
  10. I am in a very similar boat. From my experience, more intensive CAD (Especially 3D rendering) applications really need a dedicated GPU to run well, and a GPU is something you wont find in most ultrabooks... pretty much the only device that suits your requirements is the surface book 2, which is not close to under $1000. I would recommend getting an $800ish laptop for CAD, and a $200ish tablet for notes if you want to stay under $1000
  11. Hello LTT community! I am looking for a portable keyboard to use instead of a laptop keyboard and I thought I would put it out to people who know a lot more than amazon's search algorithm. Requirements TKL or 70/75% Cherry MX Brown, Gateron Brown, or other quality tactile switch As standard a layout as possible Not super expensive Wireless or detachable cable Nice To have Volume wheel Media Keys(dedicated or in a layer) Macro Functionality Fully Reprogrammable Smaller footprint Usb Passthrough Im guessing not all of these things exist in a keyboard under a bajillion dollars but so far I've found a few options: Velocifire TKL71WS + Basically the size im looking for + Cheap - no idea what cheap cherry clone they are using Uses Content switches, which I cant find much info about. Keychron K2 +Media Keys & function row +Big battery -Non standard shift -more expensive -can only find it in gateron red or blue I am also not against building a keyboard if it makes sense. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to share them. Thanks in advance!
  12. If you are spending the same amount of money, I would defiantly upgrade your cpu. Better to take a step forward rather than back Beep in mind you will need a cooler to properly overclock though.
  13. are you also running a gpu? if so get something at least 500W also check out the psu tiers list pinned in this sub forum, it is a little dated but still helpful. Get the best quality unit you can within your price range
  14. I am building a small form factor case from laser cut acrylic for my rig. I've narrowed it down to 2 designs: First a little background: PC Specs: Ryzen 7 1700x Asrock B450M Pro4 Bequiet shadow rock LP (May switch to taller, more capable cooler if I decide option 2) Evga gtx 780ti Cooler master masterwatt 550 ATX psu This system will be transported, potentially by plane, so I don't want to risk tsa confiscating bc of liquids in an aio. Ease of transport is part of the reason i want it small and, I am making my own case because all matx cases currently on the market are either too big or $200+ 1: 30cm x 30cm x 20cm Pros: Smaller, easier to make Cons: the psu is over the cpu(90mm cooler clearance), and no hidden cable management space(edited) or 2: 28cm x 43.5cm x 19.5cm Pros: more cpu cooler clearance, supports longer gpu, dedicated cable management space, slightly smaller desk footprint, i like the look a little better Cons: Larger (not technically sff, over 20 liters), more complicated to make If you have any thoughts or suggestions leave them below, thanks!