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  1. Ok so for the past 4 months facebook on any of my phones (android) on the mobile web version does not open the hamburger menu, it just wont do it, I click on it and it just drops down a white box but never loads, and this is on EVERY browser ive tried so far, I would love to be able to change settings from my phone again because I absolutely refuse to use the facebook app...
  2. Is there any way to intensify the vibration of the pixel XL? , I cant even feel it vibrate in my pocket, and having had Samsung phones in the past with a very strong vibration is bothering me, I miss calls and messages
  3. From all the hype surrounding the g4560 i was sure i was getting somewhat of an upgrade, guess ill go back to AMD budget too tight for Intel
  4. wasnt that, im 100% its this CPU
  5. When I drop the settings to normal which is as low as gta v gets it still does the same thing, 99 - 100% cpu usage, if you ask me i'd say this g4560 was a extreme downgrade
  6. I was referring to being able to upgrade to something better in the future as opposed to being stuck with FX. Im running on a mix of normal, high, its not that i get bad performance i get constant 55-60 fps but the fact that the fx ran much better on the same settings without the maxed CPU usage and a less powerful GPU
  7. Alright so I'll get straight to the point, ive recently upgraded my pc to be future proof, I had a setup of fx 6300 and r7 250x 1GB , and i played Ark Survival and GTA V as my two most demanding games, my new pc which is a g4560 and 1050 2gb run ark better but Gta worse, i get a constant 99 - 100% cpu usage and texture pop in accompanied by massive lag unless i set it to high priority, which then makes all my other applications lag and its really bothering me, is there any fix for this or did i actually downgrade?
  8. Alright so I switch phones alot, in the past it was a hassle, but now I strictly use google voice for calls and texts, I know i can use my phones integrated phone app to make calls, but is there any way to use android messages or any other sms app for that matter to send and receive google voice text messages?
  9. Alright so as some of you may know ive recently bought a pixel xl cause it suits my needs , but the battery life was TERRIBLE coming from my other phone, after being recommended to try the android beta program i installed and after 1 day had my avg battery life jump from around 17 hours to 1 day and a half, but heres the catch, im not sure when exactly it happened, but my phone dosent vibrate ONLY when getting notifications, but it will for calls or alarms, i know this is probably something to due with the beta of course, but im looking for a solution without having to revert back to oreo, i cant use a phone with battery life that dosent last me a day of heavy usage
  10. Im more geared towards something i can listen offline with
  11. Looking for a music app thats reasonable and also has the new releases
  12. Switched to the beta and battery life estimate went from 17 hours to 1 day 3 hours, I believe Oreo was the culprit
  13. i reduced the screen res to 1080p through adb , helped maybe 4% give or take