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  1. I looked it up and what I paid and with a PCIE wifi card we are only looking at a difference of about $60 odd bucks. Although I do agree and take back what I said. Also of note tho, I forgot to exclude about $80 off that total figure for express shipping. (But let's face it, everybody pays for express shipping in a CPU failure situation.)
  2. Ended up BREAKING my budget and just ponying up the rupples. Nobody really suggested a build or an idea so I just went ham and researched for days the features I wanted and really sat back and thought about it and this is what i decided on: AMD RYZEN 7 3700X G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3600mhz (Non RGB, went for the solid red for a white/red build with a bit of RGB.) MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI Gaming MOBO (I know I DIDN'T NEED the X570 and did research and DID find some Mobo's of the 470 and 350 sets that would have worked. But I feel like I got a good price on it and the VRM is decent enough for my needs with dual extension wifi built-in. Put some bigger atennaes on it and my wifi is crazy awesome now. Also I am interested in the PCIE 4 m.2's that are blazing fast.) Seasonic FOCUS series SSR-750FM 750W 80 + Gold PSU (Got a good price on it, sort of an annoying PSU as i've never had a PSU with a HARDWIRED PCIE for the GPU but it's also a smaller sized one and allowed me some extra cable room. I went for the 750 because the 550 / 650 was literally a savings of about $25, and headroom isn't ever a bad thing.) DIYPC D480-W-RGB White (A bit of a janky half plastic half metal case. Again tho, got a good price and I was amazed what $60 gets you with it. RGB fans "cheap basic rgb fans" mind you but with a cheap but effective little RGB 4pin/5pin controller that IS aura sync/msi mystic compatible so you can add extra fans and extra rgb's without a direct mobo pin. Sizable case, decent front I/O. It's all a little cheap, but I was surprised at how spacious and open the design was, wasn't hard to build.) Even if the Fans and RGB die in a few months, still feel like it was a pretty decent buy. This all came to a grand total of Total Amount:$1,225.38 with tax from newegg. It came by UPS and they literally left it at a UPS access point that was the equivalent to a Crackhead Quicky mart, but surprisingly no DOA components thus far. Keeping the boxes and everything for a few weeks just to make double sure. Don't think I did too bad as it was only a few hundred over my budget and was a total make-over. 1070 I had went in, all the drivers and etc got done. Stock cooler (Wraith) is pretty decent actually but I did have an issue with the bracket and smudged a bit of the stock paste so i'm getting idles of about 40C -- little hotter than I would expect. And so I'm blowing the budget a bit more and ordering the following that I feel like I require to "Fully complete" the build: Tripp Lite 1200LC Power Conditioner (Because screw the power and I move a lot so It's probably gonna be a good safety measure. All my equipment (Monitor, etc.) should only have a MAX load of about 600w I have calculated, and that's using everythings max wattages. Should be plenty of headroom.) a hyper 212 RGB black edition CPU cooler Extra fan for exaust of CPU cooler 4 4pin fan extensions to cleanup my horrendously short cables. a 1x4pin 1x3pin Y splitter to connect the second fan to the CPU header. Made sure that the 3 pin only gets the RPM of the 4pin and did not send data on both fans, which would lead to bad RPM readings. Artic silver AS5 TIM. Cause cmon'. Grand total of this second order is gonna be about $280.00 - $160 for the Conditioner (That's just a me thing.) So we're sitting at a full price of about $1345 and if we add the 1070's current value if I were to get one new, around $1700.00 for this build in Canadian Rupees. Could I of really really penny pinched? Yeah, coulda saved $100 on the MOBO, probably a bit on the PSU if I went for something more jank and yes, I defninitely skimped on the case but it's working better than my previous Coolermaster case I bought for $200 6 years ago. I plan on sinking another $300, $400 into a PCIE 4.0 m.2 ssd in a few months and use some of the full features of a x570 mobo. Also decided on x570 for a bit of "Future Proofing" based on AMD's layout and seeing how even old 350 boards can run the new ryzen I am assuming I can maybe get another generation or two out of it. For online ordering this time of year, I feel like the money was pretty well utilized and spent outside the MOBO and PSU, but we're probably only talking about $150 of "dumbmoney". The Wifi has been fantastic thus far, I am getting almost double the normal speeds I would previously with a standard PCIE network card and single antenna. Gonna get that stuff near the end of the week, take it apart and fix my wrong doings with the cable management as well as I can. But I am satisfied. Thoughts? Maybe somebody out there who was in a similar jam can find a good place to start with what I've provided. Not totally skimpy, Not totally fullonout on the wallet. It's a medium. But seriously, unless your gonna do the PCIE 4.0 or you want to do some crazy OC's and need the extra 4pin CPU power. I think a 470 would be a better spend of money.
  3. Thanks to everybody posting, yes I tried reinstalling OS. There is definitively something wrong with the CPU. I can't even boot it anymore. On the topic of 3xxx working on b450. I have done research for the last 6 hrs. I am a little afraid of 3600mhz memory perhaps not working on those boards? Also, I believe most of these b450 and x470's require a USB flash to a new bios version to even post? I thoroughly looked through x470 boards and just could not for the life of me see why you would get a x470 when the x570 are essentially the same price. And I dug through pretty much everything I could specifically through amazon (will need to do some price checking.) And I have almost got this below 1k. I threw the psu in simply because at this point I wanna just prevent this entire failure from happening again for another 5 years if possible. Still in comparison, this x570 is basically the cheapest with integrated wifi, cheaper than most of the x470 wifi boards while still seemingly being alright with a decent vrm. I would go with a cheaper 450 board, but I fear the bios update, I fear the lack of 3600mhz ram support and I fear instability as I had some experience with the early b450's. What I got thus far: Msi performance gaming wifi (292.61) 3700x (483.30) 16gb corsair vengeance rgb 3600 mhz (137.99) Seasonic psu 650w ($140.98) At base before taxes we are at 1050 and some change. I gotta shave roughly $130 off this I'm thinking get ram elsewhere and get a non rgb set (save 40) potentially get a b450 based on what you all say, bios update?, 3600mhz ram? I really like the idea of onboard wifi atm tho. Potentially shave the psu a bit, but the thermaltake psu reviews were pretty YIKES in the price range. I know I could just build a 2600,2700x build and just be happy... maybe I really should just do that? At 1080p I can probably rest easy. Previous mentions of bottlenecking was towards "if I have a 1070 only at 1080p, would I really notice the difference between a 2700 and a 3700?" Newegg is about 20% more expensive across the entire selection with shipping. And most of these build sites are all linked to their shop api's in America. And that was my day of research and thoughts. I am not sure how to feel.
  4. I'm open to either platform... the equivelant just seems to cost more in my vancouver region... honestly I'm probably looking at needing to get CPU Mobo Ram Cooler (but i could probably use my current arctic cooler.) PSU (possibly? Idk. Probably?) Case (probably but mah budget.) For 1000 cad with the idea of it working around the 1070 I have and gaining ddr4. I just wanted some answers to this. I'm all for ryzen. Built a ryzen build for my bud when the 2700x's rolled out. The 3700x + mobo is just more expensive for me in my region... but I guess I dont need to be going so CPU intensive? I really just have no idea where we are here in 2019.
  5. After three days of freezes, horrible head racking and turmoil. I think my 2014 i7 4790k has kicked the bucket. I've been real happy even today with a 4790k, 1070gtx setup. I just do 1080 144hz. Seems a combo of my mobo and CPU began failing, huge spikes 5 minute freezes.. days of troubleshooting, diagnostics of all forms.. bios edits.. etc. Discerned it wasn't drives, memory or GPU as with integrated graphics the issue persisted. Voltages, temps are fine.. just huge "iamadedboy" cpu spikes. Now it barely boots, 5 days ago it was as good as ever: So, from what it seems these are my current parts I want to put into a new build: 1070 gtx card 5 Sata ssd's (Samsung ofc) My old beat to crud coolermaster k350 atx case where i tape my ssd's snugly. Coolermaster silent pro 2 1000w psu (original 2014, should I replace? Probably.) My budget is $1000 Canadian rupples and I have looked at two ways of going about this with my old man knowledge from 2014: Intel 9700k w\ noctuah 15d cooler ($600 amazon, cheapest I can find.) Aorus wifi pro mobo (I run on wifi atm with fibre. I assume this new format of wifi has some form of benefit to me.) Some g skill 3200mhz 2x8 dimms We with this path are basically at just shy of 1000. And I am probably really overdoing it here with the 1070. 2. I was looking into doing A 3700x ryzen build but at this moment a 3700x is 40$ more and the mobos I have looked at make this break the $1000 CAD broke budget with everything. So it seems my budget just isnt exactly getting me with my knowledge -- where i would like. And the truth is, for a 1080p setup, I think I'm bottlenecking with the 1070 with either the 9700k or the 3700x and need serious help with figuring this out with my budget. I got a case i oughta replace and junk heap and a power supply from 2014 with a 1070 I paid 600$ for on release... please help? We're going straight 1080p, some occasional davinci resolve renders. Can i spend $1000 or less and have the same -- if not slightly better performance? I'm willing to hear any advice in this situation as my choices all seem to break the budget. Also, I take it 2x16gb hyperx ddr3 and my psu are about as useful or resellable as the pocket lint in my pockets. Let alone a mobo from 2014 with a few broken usb's. I'm on my phone man. My galaxy s8. Sitting here with my dead computer, a blank TV and a blank monitor. Please send the internet build emergency squad. It is a sad, sad day. Plz halp.
  6. Holy crap. you guys had a conversation about my review? That's pretty... Sorry, surrey speaking here but. G. That's G. Linus Lambo G. I just want to reiterate and clarify a bit here. Audio: I totally understand this is your guy's first self-done live event and i remember too as somebody who used to live events that this is something that can only truly be learned from personal experience and having something bad happen. So no problemo and i assumed as much that it was the venue. Food: This also makes a lot of sense to me, i remember many times you guys speaking about foodtrucks and ETC and that's such a simple thing to convince such to happen as it's business for them, happy attendees for you. It seems it was the venues fault for most of these faults, and i hope in the contract you guy's... had some kind of grounds when it came to satisfaction of the quality of the venue to recoup some of the likely heavy costs. Vendors and Tech Demos: I get what your saying, and yeah, i'de agree that in terms of swag and i guess the sponsors own uncertainties to the actual quantity of attendance and thus exposure. What was brought was still really cool and they are heroes for providing some lasting, cutting edge products that made QUITE A FEW people probably extremely happy, and will never forget the event. (I'll be wearing the LTT Lanyard for life, even in my own business meetings with my staff and clients, and i poly clear coated linus's signature on my phone case. It's permanent.) TL;DR; these are completely fair reasons for the cons i provided, and given it's your first event and the nature of the event and size of sponsors and the uncertainty that surrounds a first event of this caliber and size with such a different idea. You guys get a full pass from me, and i was simply emphasizing for a good, unbiased review. All i can say is that, as a 21 year old with nobody to come with, without a total vested interest in being there for the whole "Whoa it's the LMG crew" and more of a "WHOA ITS THE DISGUSTING LAMBO, KICKAZZ." and i won't lie, i'm actually a pretty hard person to get to have a good time at this sort of thing; that the fact i had a mostly positive experience, and had nothing but praises to say about the meat of the event. Says a lot, and you guys should be very proud that this was your first event, and even although you guys were stressed and in new territory, i want you all to know you did a fantastic job. And i would probably look at that contract real close when it comes to provided staff (Because i even noticed most of the gate guards even left after the initial wave.) and the provided gear if that's in there and taking a good look at it on a legal front as i have a pretty good idea how costly such a rental is. If a small venue can't get away with it, i'de definitely say a bigger venue cannot get away with it. (Business is business.) Glad to hear the crew agreed with much of my review and i wasn't off basis in any major ways as an attendant. P.S: I think the dickbutt actually adds some flair, it shoulda been a different color tho. And Linus should get a dickbutt air freshener or something instead of the birdie. P.S.S: For next year, could we get a busted Razer 4K Hung from the ceiling as a memorial of LTX17? I mean, you did the Ball It, you can do a Ball It with a hanging broken Razer 4K above it. Good to have clarification from the source! Although i'll still believe it was your backpack, and you were just being a studmuffin hype master Dennis! Thanks to @nicklmg and @dennisliao and everybody at LMG and of course @LinusTech for holding his cool, and handling things in a funny, interesting and understanding way even when things went a little less than ideal. If anybody has anymore questions about how the event went, or just comments, i'll be around! - Raymond out!
  7. I think that it was fine that children were there and younger individuals and didn't have an issue with a mass majority of them. And i agree with this incentive, but i remember a time when i was under 19 in this Province (19 is our age of drinking, cigarettes and unlike the U.S if an event is marked as an age requirement it MUST BE 19+) and i remember many bands i liked coming through canada before i had a passport, mostly their last tours / very rare they come to canada and due to our laws of age restriction, despite being 18 and not even drinking i wasn't able to attend. So, in a way i agree, but the way canada is with this sort of thing. I think it'd also be a shame and many kids would feel left out, but that's sort of just the nature of Events in B.C. (Although we could have a 19+ area with a little bar or something like that (A legal beer garden is fine if separate but, 90% of events don't have a separated garden but a full 19+ rule.) but this event was clearly a "For Everybody" event and alcohol was absolutely banned.) In one way, i'de like to see a more adult-orientated, tech-related event. But a good portion of the team are family people, and in the same vein, i'de hate to see the responsible / behaved children be banned or barred for the acts of a minority of children whom's parents clearly didn't give a single ****. There were a couple groups of very young children whom were very well behaved, and it seemed like the funnest thing to them since sliced bread. But then there were kids almost squashing themselves trying to grab toasted slices of bread. I will note another thing i seen at the event tho that was a bit disturbing, not really related but it's something that's bothered me, a large, obese woman with a stroller was in the back rows of seats at one of the panels and had a small child like the age of 3,4 and the child was moving in the stroller and the big obese lady started violently yelling at their kid about how she took all this time to come to LTX and she wasn't gonna let the kid ruin it for her. (I am assuming some of the older children were her kids as well, also going to assume they were apart of the few groups of kids whom were pushing, shoving and being rude during swag tossing and etc. I guess it's no surprise.) I think the few people around who heard this, much like i, all gave her a pretty evil look. I personally, just gave her an evil, evil look with a sigh, and walked to the other side of the audience. But on the flip side, there was a lovely mother who a young child in a stroller, with another young child around 3,4 and the kid went running over to the Ball IT and jumped right in and had a blast as the mother was supervising. It was a pretty heart warming thing, the kid thrashed a couple balls out of the Ball It and Teran came over with the balls and handed it to the kid and had a conversation with her about how it's just a joke, but he was happy somebody was truly enjoying it. Teran came over to me and a couple people i was chatting with in-line about some audio products and told us about a fish that apparently eats things and poops out sand. Of course, i had to say that the best coffee beans in the world came out of Cat Poop, so anything was possible. Then there were a couple Dad/Kids teams, and those kids were very well behaved and there were many moments where they'd all do a certain activity together, very well supervised and controlled, very respectable. So, i think the issue here wasn't that there were a lot of kids, but that there were SOME kids with SOME parents that... well... Y'know. You'll see these things at any kind of family event. And i think the idea of having a "For Everybody" policy at this event was mostly positive, it made a lot of kids extremely happy, gave them some activities to do and it really wasn't that bad at all, never even heard a single kid or even baby cry at the event or have an outburst the entire day. And given the nature of the non-tech related activities and games, the very very basic demo activities, like the Watertube shaping at the BS mods booth. I think it's safe to say this was made from a family orientated place in the team, and the event was centralized around more of a carnival sort of atmosphere. So, to fix this one thing... It's a very complicated thing that i don't think is feasible to fix without banning people of a certain age, but then there's a lot of consequences of that. And then it was also a very friendly, open environment, it was like you were just hanging out with the crew and booth people over anything else, i didn't see a single confrontational dispute, or any confrontation in any ways. Just lots of love, lots of friendliness,and lots of nerds, kids, mostly good parents and... Yeah, i don't think for this in particular event, a ban on age would of been positive. However, i think a bit of a different theme if they go a more tech-orientated direction would of probably lessened this one tiny con of the event. Those are my ramblings on the subject, no easy fix, the easy fix of banning people based on age would of probably been detrimental.
  8. I do imagine the audio and visual issues of the screen was a result of the centre, my critique isn't really that LMG brought bad tech, but simply that they didn't really think to bring out some backup gear / event gear. Long & mcquade is about 10 minutes from the event, and could of been resolved even on-site, projectors / screens are a bit trickier, but i was surprised simply because of how much hype they raised about it that no plans or a pre-event walk-through of the provided gear was done. Obviously this wasn't planned, i doubt they would willingly use that sort of a setup lol And cool to get some clarification on the Dennis Backpack, but either or, it was super bad azz. Either or, i'm sure that lessons were learned and i remember many times playing music in this province and into the states that you just can't trust venues to provide you gear in any situation, when it happens, it's incredibly nice when it works, but you always bring spare gear encase of disaster. Hopefully they are able to cut their rental of the centre down due to this, cause while it didn't botch how awesome the event was, it did prevent it from being that much more awesome. It was a pretty good event.
  9. Yeah, i am actually 99% sure they just went through the house speaker. Unknowing to them how bad it really was. They knew it was an issue tho' and likely will be prepared next time.
  10. For those whom didn't go, i have pictures and a review posted over at https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/814684-ltx-2017-event-review-x-pics/
  11. Raymond TSM

    LTX Tech-Conival


    For those whom didn't go, i have pictures and a review posted over at https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/814684-ltx-2017-event-review-x-pics/
  12. For those whom didn't go, i have pictures and a review posted over at https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/814684-ltx-2017-event-review-x-pics/
  13. For those whom didn't go, i have pictures and a review posted over at https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/814684-ltx-2017-event-review-x-pics/ Used your image AcidReign, with credit.
  14. For those whom didn't go, i have pictures and a review posted over at
  15. For those whom didn't go, i have pictures and a review posted over at