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    I like long walks on the beach and love to feel the sea breeze in my non existent hair.
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    I was born. I went to school. Now I'm in college. Please help.
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    i7 4790k @ 4.3ghz
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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    Something Something DDR3 16GB
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Hybrid
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    Cooler Master Storm Stryker
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    A lot
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    HTC Vive
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    Logitech G903
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    HyperX Cloud Revolvers
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    Windows 10

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  1. I really don't care about microtransactions if they're only cosmetic. Even if they're weapons I don't think it matters as long as you give players a SANE way of getting them through other means (AKA Not bullshit). Microtransactions are a plague but I don't see them disappearing anytime soon and as long as its tasteful there isn't really cause for much concern.
  2. Thanks for the title change, a little less misleading now. It seems that this is just a result of user error in not keeping up with data breaches to know if their passwords have been leaked and constant reuse of passwords across sites.
  3. 4 billion? Jeez was Honey really that popular?
  4. Do users not have the right to delete their accounts? I feel like you should always have the right to delete your account from a site.
  5. Is Project Veritas a trust worthy source? A lot of the content I see from them seems sketchy
  6. Hey guys I've stopped listening to your conversations so feel free to go back to talking about all of your private information again!
  7. "Look son! You can see the big dipper! And right next to that is the little dipper! And if you follow the handle of the pot you can see the great constellation of CocaCola!" Yeah let's not do this. I'm thinking that polluting the sky with useless ads is going to result with nothing good. Like whats going to happen? You see a giant ad in the sky and go "oh yeah I'd really love a coke right now"? I really don't think this type of unimpressive ad is going to do anything for revenue.
  8. Happy to be able to upgrade my computer to the 3700x when it comes out if the reviews show good results. Here's hoping.
  9. I feel like the number of numbers on this 10th gen series is going to get annoying. Imagine telling your mom "NO Mom! You don't want the i7 Seventy Seven Hundred K! You want the i7 Ten Thousand Five Hundred and Ten U!!"
  10. Is there anything China doesn't get offended by? Didn't they just review bot Dota 2 because a pro player said something like "good luck ching chongs" to a Chinese team? Do they not realize how stupid they look when they get offended at the drop of a dime to little shit. Imagine if Trump got offended every time he saw a meme game about him.
  11. Forcing Youtubers to moderate their own communities? Wouldn't that be like... a really stupid idea? Like imagine moderating a 9,000,000+ million subscriber community
  12. SMH, all those Caterpies, Squirtles, and Jigglypuffs are triggering Youtube's Algorithm
  13. I just imagine someone at Blizzard going "Aight guys! We did amazing this quarter! Keep up the good work!... oh but I'm gonna have to fire 700 of you. Starting you George."