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  1. I had an amazing time last year, but I couldn’t participate in a booth without missing what was going on the stage. I had a great time taking to the developers of Lumote, really nice guys, and I’d love to see more game demos and get to talk with more developers.
  2. I just don’t understand these kinds of recommendations. What about all the people who live in the Vancouver area? They would have to fly. Save your money and buy flights as soon as you can.
  3. It’s based on Zen 2/3000 series CPU’s so I’m not sure I would call it fast.
  4. I'm so glad you were wearing an LTT shirt. Hope you liked the North American version of a biscuit.
  5. I didn't mention my new friend David was in the car as well. So 2 vs 1
  6. BobbyPdue


    Oh hey! I was the guy at the end of the table diagonal from you with the blistered feet from walking so much. I got you coffee while you were volunteering and our group went on a field trip to A&W to get some snacks Saturday night before I wussed out and went to bed. It was such a good time! I hope our group gets to sit in the same area again I had such a great time!
  7. I think congratulations are in order: Congratulations Nick Samoli! Well done!
  8. My experience was a little different than some of the other's in that I was pretty late. I missed the tour given by Linus and that shortened the experience by a half hour or so. We did get to hang out with most of the people from LMG at least those who weren't busy setting up. Tyler from LMG was nice enough to show me around the compound and it was a great experience. As far as "all the creators" no it was LMG only. There isn't enough room for the VIP people, LMG staff and 4-10 creators. It would have been nice to hang out with other creators during the VIP experience, but I can understand them not being there. The food was awesome and unexpected. Pizza and Indian food, both very good. I wished there was some group activity to help break the ice, thought perhaps there was an I missed it. The best part of the trip for me is when the limo didn't wait for Linus to go back to the Convention Center and Linus asked if I would drop him off there on my way back to the city. It was a rare chance to talk with Linus without a whole bunch of people vying for his time or him doing something for LTX or his staff. He's exactly like he is in the videos you've seen. He's not putting on an act. He's genuinely excited about these events and cares about the fans. To me it was worth it, but it all depends on you. I spent around $8k on the entire trip, but it my one chance a year to get away from work and it was nearly three weeks long. I think the experience is just like a lot of things in life it is what you make of it.
  9. Jet lag is no joke. I got here early enough to get over it, luckily. I didn’t check my e-mail or anything since Saturday morning. So sorry I didn’t check until just now I hope you had a great time. We got a table for four, but without telling anyone what we were wearing no one would know if they could come in and find us.
  10. Get there before 0800. There will be a line. I’ll be in one of the LTT shirts. The food is awesome there I’ve had it for the past three mornings. 0725 I’m up and on my way. 0745 I’m in line and waiting to get in. The line is getting long, but I’m getting a table for four.
  11. I wanted to know why you thought VRM’s mattered on a budget motherboard for a stock 9900k. Your answer was simply “absolutely”. I can’t understand someone your view without asking for it, but I should have been more specific which is what my reply should have been. Will any budget Z390 motherboard work with a 9900k? Yes. Is it a good idea? No. The VRM’s on the budget boards will likely be quite hot and it may affect longevity and slightly effect performance. Anyone building a high end system shouldn’t mix high end and low end components. It’s worth spending $50-$100 more on a quality motherboard designed to handle the 9900k. I totally agree with that, but that’s not the point I’m trying to hard to make. Don’t buy a 2070 today and then a 2080ti in 18 months. It’s way too soon for an upgrade. If there is such a big difference between a 2070 and a 2080ti on a 1440p monitor why buy the 2070 in the first place? Buy the 2080ti in the first place and enjoy it for longer before needing an upgrade. Or buy a 2070 super and then skip a generation before upgrading to the XX80ti card when they come out. It will be a noticeable difference and worth the money for the upgrade. Upgrading just because the person wants an upgrade is what I’m taking about. A person who bought a 2070 for $500 isn’t going to get $500 when they go to sell it. People are going to be expecting a lower price because it’s a used card. Anyone who’s going to sell their 2080ti in this generation won’t be offering up much of a bargain. Upgrading after a couple of generations when it’s actually a very noticeable difference is what I’m suggesting rather than buying a new card at whatever price only to upgrade unnecessarily or buying a card that isn’t good enough at the time only to upgrade soon. I can’t argue with that I’m just trying to save someone some money and not make the mistakes I’ve made. And I do like to argue it helps improve my writing, critical thinking skills and expressing myself which I’m all terrible at. I put together an ITX computer specifically for LTX19 (8700/2060) which was a huge waste of money as I already have a perfectly fine gaming laptop. Furthermore when I saw a 9900 non-k for $399 I bought it and then planned on buying the 2080 super as it would be a good paring for the 9900, however i finally realized, over the course of this conversation, it’s a total waste of money and I won’t notice the difference on a 15.6” portable monitor. I won’t be upgrading until it actually makes a noticeable difference and not just numbers on a chart. As good as the 2060 is it could be two generations or more unless portable monitor technology really improves.
  12. What’s coming in 5 years is there anyway to know how much power a 14 gen intel or 8th gen ryzen is going to use or what other things will change by then? Sure if you want to buy a £65 PSU that’s going to be used for 5-10 years and thousands of dollars worth of computer parts go for it.
  13. The 9900k has dropped down to $474, but their other CPU’s haven’t also you first mentioned getting an 8700k and then getting the 9900k later. I assumed it wouldn’t be upgraded until the next generation at the latest and intel’s CPU prices do not go down after they stopped being made. I asked if VRMs matter if you aren’t overclocking and you never explained why VRM quality matter on a stock 9900k. I don’t know how you are taking everything I said in another way than what I meant. My whole point in the z170 statement was talking about why 7700k prices haven’t dropped. I don’t know how you think that had anything to do with any other point I was making. When intel goes to new motherboards for the next gen CPU’s the CPU’s for their older boards aren’t going to drop in price because they won’t compete with the new CPU’s for people with older motherboards. I don’t know how you could assume I was against upgrading a computer. I never said I was against upgrading. I’m against upgrades from a mid tier card to a top tier card in the same generation. Let me threepeat myself. Buying a 2070 only to buy a 2080ti in 12 months is a huge waste of money. If it takes someone 12 months to save up $1700 they would be better of just waiting 8 months and buying the top tier card in the first place. Buying an 8700k for $350-$400 today only to buy a $490-$510 9900k in a few months doesn’t make any sense.
  14. You are still missing the point if a person can’t afford a 2080ti today but will be able to in a few months buying a 2070 is the slowest way to save up for the 2080ti. Upgrading is buying a better part a generation or more later not buying with whatever money you have in your wallet now then buying better components next week. Old intel prices are exactly my point. A 9900k isn’t going to get any cheaper after intel stops making them. That’s why the 7700k cost as much today as it did two years ago. It’s not like a person can buy a z170 motherboard and use it for five generations of CPU’s like AMD. Once a person has a Intel motherboard they have limited options for upgrading. That’s another reason AMD CPU prices have dropped on older CPU’s. Why would anyone buy a full price ryzen 1700 when they can just get the newest CPU for the same price. A person who has an i5 6500 and a z170 motherboard can’t buy the latest intel CPU and drop it into their current motherboard. Again that was a minor point the main point, again, was separating the OS from the data drive so the OS drive can be accessed at the same time as the data drive without any drop in drive performance on the data drive. All budget motherboards suck for the 9900k That’s was the point I got out of the video. And I certainly don’t disagree. No one should buy a budget motherboard with a 9900k. If a person is going to buy a new computer today they should probably consider the 3700x instead anyway. I’m well aware of what a VRM does. If a person isn’t over clocking a motherboard from any major manufacturer that supports the 9900k will support it budget being more important than overclocking headroom at that point. And really just like I said earlier no one should be buying a budget motherboard with a top tier 9900k so the differences in motherboards really come down to price and features and not VRM performance since a cooler good enough to overclock will well exceed the cost of a much better motherboard and if a person has the money for a $100 CPU cooler they should be able to afford another $60 for a mid grade motherboard.