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  1. Is this news? is it new to any of you?
  2. Peskanova

    Windows 10 May Reserve Another 7GB For Updates.

    Yes but guess when we bought 120gb ssd , 500 ones where expensive, you dont understand that is not 20$ more , its like 60$ more now.
  3. Peskanova

    Windows 10 May Reserve Another 7GB For Updates.

    Well I have 120gb ssd for OS and 500gb ssd for games + 1tb hdd for trash, but where I work as IT there are plenty of laptops / administration computers that uses 120gb ssd as main and only drive so Its not just fuck you and update your rig, there are a lot of variables outside your house so dont be mean
  4. Peskanova

    We GOT the Chinese Game Console!!

    Windows 7
  5. Peskanova

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    1 main issue gaming on windows 10, Desktop Windows Manager (dwm) , you can see on reddit , nvidia and I dont know why its not on LTT , but having dual monitor setup (165hz 1440p gsync monitor + 60hz 1080p monitor) bugs and stutters the hell out of games when playing videos on the secondary screen(tested with amd cards also), since "Windows 10 April Update (1803)" you cant play a game on windowed while playing a video or even at full screen lags , and to fix that (since windows doesnt seem to care) you must use an old gpu driver (that uses dwm 2.2-2.3) or put windows 7 and disable aero, so I would love to praise windows 10 but microsoft is messing with my setup and trashing my money
  6. Peskanova

    Why tech is dead

    Tech is dead?, Its just a matter of priorities, I would spend 1k more on my pc to be full "techy" than spend 1k more on fashion or on a car even a smartphone, I allways tell when people tell me oh 2000$ computer (1,2k on computer 500 on monitor rest on periph) well , how much is your phone? 800$? , how many do you have per pc bought?.... mine 200$, your purse? your shoes? mines are confortable but not nike or addidas, your car? My focus on cars are low fuel consuption to spend less. Just priorities, I wont spend 5k on a OLED TV but I would do on a computer. Tech is not expensive, tech is like any hobby u take, You can be premium and spend 6k on a pc or be bang for buck and spend 600$ and there's a lot of middleground. But like all in life.
  7. Peskanova

    Exposed or hidden key switch keyboards

    If you smoke take floating
  8. Peskanova

    Monitor blacking out for 2 seconds at times on DP 1.2

    A friend had same problem but with amd card (rx 570) may be its something like a power option on energy plan or just drivers.
  9. Peskanova

    Planning to buy a new phone any ideas

    xiaomi pocophone f1, I bought it for my gf and for 300$ has the best specs and its worth every cent. The screen is awesome and spec wise you cant complain, only con is the plastic frame but dude, what a phone https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009729060225.html?wid=1349303
  10. Peskanova

    Monitor blacking out for 2 seconds at times on DP 1.2

    Some color options on the monitor or the cable, I bet for the first.
  11. And a 6600k performs worse than a 7600k and worse than 8600k but you cant raise the prices because technology upgrades and force to buy removing the previous product, Those 20X0 prices would be ok if we could buy a 1080-1080ti the entire 20series lifespan , but guess what, you wont be allowed to buy a 10gen soon
  12. Peskanova

    New build 'bang for buck'

    Low budget, If you need good e-sports performance that price without monitor or periferials , look for a r5 2600 & RX 570.
  13. Peskanova

    Apple's earning revision

    Ehmmmm USA Banned huawei and try to arrest(or extradit from canada) CFO , tell people that huawei are spying (germany says its all ok no spying) pushes to Japan and New Zeland, and you are surprised about low sales on china by an USA company? well this is another chapter of china-USA trading wars.
  14. Peskanova

    Other ways to cool this old GPU?

    https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-mosfet-heatsink.html and be sure your fans are ok , you can use an AIO for the gpu and a single fan for the vrm's. Examples of alternate gpu cooling :
  15. On gta V at high settings it consumes like 2,5gb and yes those 1060 3gb are meant to sell to non techy people? dafuk those 3gb are one of the biggest missleadings on nvidia , you see 1050ti 4gb and 1060 3gb and some people told me , well it's better 4gb than 3 ...
  16. Peskanova

    Power surges and resulting paranoia

    I work for an engineering design company and the electrician engineer that I have by my side recommend me this , https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product-subcategory/1615-acti-9-surge-protection-devices---spds/ (My problem was like yours , 1 psu / mobo per year ) , First of all take a tier 1 psu (I bought my evga p2 650w 10 years warranty at 140€) But if a lighting enters to your house , if you dont have that spd despite your house main switch turn off the lightning did the damage so its useless... So what does that spd is make a loop for high and low tension to be sure that lighning never goes through your house.
  17. Peskanova

    Is this a good budget pc

    That is a solid build.
  18. Peskanova

    Is this a good budget pc

    well Australian pricing or not, I would never spend 80% of the cpu price on the case or more price on the case that on the motherboard, and ASUS STRIXX is expensive than other brands (maybe not in australia) you are buying a high end case to a budget pc with a budget cpu and a budget gpu, with a mid mobo , thats the problem , just take a cheaper case and buy a 1060/580 and faster ram (ryzen works better with faster ram) , you can cut prices on the case and if you can the motherboard
  19. Peskanova

    New board and CPU without any signal output

    There is another version of bios 100% sure , and if you have and it shop close they could have a hardware to update bios without cpu , just call to your closest it shop and ask , maybe its done cheap and fast
  20. Peskanova

    New board and CPU without any signal output

    You can buy another , there is the same model for your cpu , same name but 350-> 450 (better stability for your cpu)
  21. Peskanova

    Is this a good budget pc

    Buy a 50$ case you will have time to earn money for a case with your computer 100% functional, (rather better gpu and worse case , we are talking to spend 100-150 more on the gpu to dont change till 2-4 years (1060 6gb / rx580 8gb) Same with motherboard , I dont like msi motherboards (seems all cheeap and bad engineered?¿?¿) , maybe an asus or gigabyte for less price with same quality (aurorus , prime?)
  22. Peskanova

    New board and CPU without any signal output

    Im 99% sure that you need to take the board to any IT shop or take a ryzen 1st gen and update bios. You will need a ryzen 1st gen to update bios and make 2nd gen work on that mobo
  23. motherboard gpu are meant only for computers without gpu , Its safe to use your graphic card to work or to do anything , that graphic card wont heat till you game (you will see fans at 0rpm till you open a game)
  24. Peskanova

    i7 4790k oc safe

    monitor setup? , I had problems with stuttering with 2 monitors distinct refresh rate
  25. Peskanova

    i7 4790k oc safe

    I had a noctua nhd15 with that 4790k and only expect to oc like 0,2-0,4? thats not worth it. Its at 4,4 by default and I achieved 4,6 without problems but I dont think it worths