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    i7 4790k
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    Asus Z97 TUF MARK S
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    16Gb Gskill 2400mhz
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    Gigabyte gtx 1070 g1
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    Corsair 760T
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    OZC 128 Gb SSD / 1TB WD
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    EVGA 600w Bronze
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    dell s2417DG 1440p Gsync 165hz
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    Noctua Nhd15
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    Corsair k95 Rgb Platinum (cherry Mx Speed)
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    Razer deathadder elite
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    Razer Kraken 7.1
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    Windows 10

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  1. Gamer Opinions - Best Peripherals (2018 or before)

    I can knock with my k95 a guy
  2. From another post you only say that is your only monitor ( so do you see windows ) 144hz needs display port cable not hdmi, conect via displayport and on monitor settings (even is a general monitor) you can change refresh from 60 to 144 (must be conected to the display port)
  3. is not windows fault, probably you conected your secondary monitor to your igpu and need to activate first from bios... thats the common issue but if you dont say anything from problem we cant do anything. 1º monitor works with other devices? 2º Its a single monitor or you have 2? 3º where do you have conected (motherboard or gpu) 4º what gpu do you have things like that can solve your problem...
  4. Gamer Opinions - Best Peripherals (2018 or before)

    Well if my k95 rgb plat is low quality your keyboard must be made of diamond
  5. Mac section?

    This question remembered this chapter from family guy Where's mac section? yeah it's back the way you came!!!
  6. I need help with cooling my system.

    https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/accelero-s3.html This with 2 spare fans and say goodbye to your problem Is your rx480 blower style? I think I'm right since my rx480 has the same problems (doesnt matter too much your airflow),
  7. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    Just google top countries to live and look every web canadá are avobe us, dont belive us belive google.xD
  8. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    What are you saying? war zone toronto? are you trump in disguise? Go watch american gladiators you gov has everything solved!
  9. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    ????? Well I'm from spain and if I would move to america it would be canada, being in one of the best healthcare services, a no public health country is a no-no for me, so I think anyone living in canada would think the same(and there are so many things....)
  10. Quadro P1000 VS GTX 1050 (TI)

    So the real question here is Quadro P1000 vs GTX 1050ti , will a quadro perform better? compatibility will be worse but if performance is better its ok.... but I dont think so...
  11. Looking for a new case

    Mine is old but you have space to fit a body 760T from corsair
  12. Looking for a new case

    Look for Sharkoon TG-5 Its a cheap brand but that case omg , I was searching for a friend for a cheap and big case(to fit noctua nh-d15) and this case seems to have all , its big , I THINK the airflow will be good (big + ventilation) , 4 fans included, tempered glass front and side, if anyone knows more about this case (but seems to be on european market only , not on usa or canada), I dont saw cases with this cpu clerance (16,7 cm)
  13. Is an RX 580 worth it?

    580 will give you 1080p experience at med/high without problems, like a 1060 but with 8gb vram. Better than a 1060 if you think on gpu+monitor combo (freesync use to be 100-150$ cheaper than any gsync panel) So for mid budget a rx580 is a really nice choice.
  14. First build, Tech support inevitably requested

    100% gpu usage is fine dont worry about that , disk usage is not, but I think that if your pc dont shut down only black screen, for me Im 99% sure that is driver issue. (cause that black screen is a gpu driver crashing...) so maybe its program-driver related not hardware. 3000 mhz ram? some overclock to achieve that?, ram can be inestable at that speeds.
  15. Beyerdynamic dt 880 pro or AKG K702

    I'm buying today/tomorrow (when my schiit stack arrives) akg k712 pro (199€) and people say that are more accurate than any (I was indecise between those and fostex t60rp since I bought a schiit stack)