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  1. EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 Platinum so I don't think it's that (I hope)
  2. Hey all, Having some issues overclocking my 2080ti HC (i9-9900k @ 5.0ghz) and was looking to get some help. I'm running +1000mhz memory, +135clock, +100 voltage, +130 power right now and the card doesn't seem to be able to get past 2050mhz without crashing. Precision X1 (during Heaven benchmark) is showing between 275-285W at ~100% power. GPU temp is around ~55'c. I've seen multiple posts where people are getting their clocks up to ~2200mhz, etc. but can't seem to get past 2050 (at all). Am I missing something here? Edit: Can't get a score with Time Spy, even at default settings reads 0.
  3. Thanks! Fixed it and there's beautiful, no bubbles at all from the waterfall effect.
  4. @Dissitesuxba11s So I just realized that I built the reservoir wrong... I had thoughts about it a few times but was so excited that I forgot about it. I put the sled tube into the wrong top port of the reservoir, which is causing me to have a ton of unnecessary bubbles in the res. To fix it, really all I have to do is drain the system, remove the reservoir, move the sled tube to be under where the liquid comes in from the top, and reinstall the reservoir, fill it, and I'm done. Would you happen to know, if I drain the entire system, do I need to clean it again considering it's only one month old, or can I just add new coolant and be done with it?
  5. A lowly 27" VG248QE; however I do have it calibrated and set to 144hz
  6. Hey all, Built a new computer about a month ago but have been noticing some weird issues while gaming - specs are posted at the bottom. For example, games will randomly freeze for a split second, I'm talking .1s, just enough to matter in high-stress situations. I have XMP enabled on MSI, and open Dragon Center when the computer starts. I haven't overclocked anything manually, only through the motherboard / Dragon Center (gaming mode). CPU-Z currently reading 1.162V-1.17V at 4722.9 MHz. 32GB memory at 4321.0 MHz. CPU temp ranges from idle ~35'c > 62'c under load, and GPU is around the same. Any suggestions? Thanks! EDIT: It's never been this bad before, but now the computer is constantly freezing for <1 second at a time, if i go to X out something mouse doesn't move then zooms to where it should be. Any ideas? Specs: Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X ATX CPU: Intel i9-9900k CPU Block: Heatkiller IV Pro Copper Ni 18001 Motherboard: MSI MEG Z390 Godlike LGA 1151 Storage: Samsung 970 EVO 2TB m.2 GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming GPU Block: EVGA Hydro Copper Waterblock for EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 RAM: TBD Cooling: Custom loop (99% Bitspower)
  7. Yea so I saw that – my front case JRGB is plugged into the JRAINBOW2 right now, and I can control it from the Mystic Light software. There's no other cables not plugged in though other than those 2 from my original picture. On that 4th image you're talking about, the female plugs into the motherboard, but that then leaves 2 male 4pins that have nowhere to go? BIG EDIT: EUREKA! Apparently all my setup was correct, but one of the cords was loose.. Figured this out by tightening everything i saw in the back of the case. It was weird though because the plug was already fully tightened.. a little wiggling made it work though. THANK GOD lol
  8. Yeah that's the issue though, the diagram on page 23 is not the cable that's disconnected right now, the diagram is a female
  9. That's it – just the male and female portions, it's a splitter I think4th image is what's already in the case. Also, I have the front portion plugged in, but it's not showing up on the Mystic Light, maybe I have it plugged in wrong somewhere?
  10. Negative, there's no female cable that came with the case. That's why I'm so perplexed .. These are the cables I have: https://imgur.com/a/a1ESy1j
  11. Hey thanks! Having one slight problem with the case RGB's.. https://imgur.com/a/LHidUqn So I think those are for the side led's on the phanteks case , but those cables don't have anywhere to go.. (motherboard manual here - page 28) Any idea? Also, do you know how I would go about controlling the case led's along with everything else? I'm only using 3 softwares for RGB (MSI Mystic Light, Corsair iCue, and EVGA Precision X1)
  12. TYSM! Made an edit on last post not sure if you saw: Edit: Also, going on vacation for a week. Do you know if there are any best practices about what to do with the system?
  13. Thanks! Quick question - what software to monitor component temps? Edit: Also, going on vacation for a week. Do you know if there are any best practices about what to do with the system?
  14. Updating with final pictures: https://imgur.com/a/cHxc0yQ Came out amazing!
  15. Wonderful, thanks so much! Going to bang it all out tonight so I can finally boot this beast and crush nerds in PUBG. It's been too long XD