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  1. 400 dpi on 1.1 sens = 440 eDPI Ex Global Elite that real lifed for too long and now don't have a rank. Call me sloth.
  2. Download from this m8 GeFroce Drivers
  3. Computational Theory exam from 7-10pm I made that test my bitch. Time to do nothing weeeeeee

  4. Fan controller will only allow connections for the fans so the ideal setup in your case is to just use fans on the controller and leave the power for the cooler to the motherboard
  5. Neskia

    CTRL + V Game

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8y000CCW1Y i'm still alive woa
  6. Twitch.tv gets more internet traffic in the US than facebook does on a daily basis ;D
  7. So basically it's re-reading your heart each day, its kinda like its changing your password everyday.
  8. Time that you guys actually read the article presented, because it's clear you didn't. tl;dr Your heartrate isn't what determines your password. It's the heartbeat that determines "the size and shape of your heart and the orientation of your valves, your physiology. It doesn’t change unless you have a major cardiac event like a heart attack."
  9. http://innovationinsights.wired.com/insights/2014/06/heartbeat-may-soon-password/ I think this is a step in the right direction for tougher security. Truly puts that 'unique' aspect to your password. I'm going to be attending UofT in the fall and was excited when I saw this. What do you guys think is the best way to advance security?
  10. I have yet to find a PC game that can't be modded rofl
  11. Neskia

    CS:GO Comp Anyone?

    Master Guardian Elite Steam is: aPowerToaster EST/ GMT -4 I'm a really friendly guy
  12. This looks so sexy my eyes want more
  13. Way to stick to your beliefs man, good on ya Jan. I think it's great to see smaller developers not giving in to facebook such as Instagram did, what do you think? Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2014/03/17/whatsapp-founder-defends-his-commitment-to-privacy-after-19-facebook-deal/
  14. I can see where this guy is coming from, loosing an account worth that much is kinda scary and shocking
  15. Going out to eat. wat2eatz

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. wng_kingsley7


      Cereal..Dunno what's on the menu?

    3. Neskia


      Any kind of takeout really.

    4. wng_kingsley7


      erm..Tacos, +fried chicken :D


  16. Won't mean I'll stop folding I just want to figure out what I should cut down on and what I should keep up.
  17. Sex and Chopsticks (Look at the link in OP and scroll down)