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  1. 1. Thanks for the cool contest, Linus. HTC rocks for making this happen. 2. Twitter share with Twitter handle @RobertsKampe: https://twitter.com/RobertsKampe/status/341458740966457344
  2. After not sleeping for 22h because of school. The results are really surprising. Because i live in Europe i rarely watch streams, but when i do i usually just listen to them in bed before sleep. Otherwhise all the vids i watch on my PC. EDIT: Lol i calculated that the total time people have spent watching linustechtips is about 36,5 years...
  3. I might have a slight problem with that... Shipping costs from north america plus taxes won't cheap. if i get things from the UK's amazon it's only shipping (usually around 15 GBP) and no taxes (EU)
  4. I'm not going to really care about my computer during the summertime, because i've got other things to do during the summer, so i wouldn't worry about the delivery time that much. Though i have to find out how much does the shipping cost to get the thing from the UK to Latvia where i live.
  5. So i haven't got a mechanical keyboard because they're so expensive. But then I came across this keyboard and at first i thought there must be a catch, but no a fully backlit, fully mechanical with Cherry MX Browns. So i came to ask - anyone who's got a CM Storm Quickfire TK. Is it worth buying for 50 GBP? Because it's really inexpensive... Is the build quality good? The hybrid design seems good, because i need the numpad, but a full lenght keyboard is uncomfortable when gaming for me. So recommend buying? Or there are better options for the price?
  6. Only the second build like this i have seen. Truly unique build. Epic. The desk itself - a masterpiece. You my friend truly have skills. How long have you been doing stuff like this? Can't wait to see this finished.
  7. It's gonna be LGA2011 anyways so there's not much to wait for. Probably just a refresh of the current series. Just revision 2.0
  8. Buy 99% isopropyl alcochol and clean it that way.
  9. I'd say that for a single GPU the FX-8350 would be a respectable CPU well maybe not the GTX Titan, but for what you're doing it will be just fine. The board is totally enough for this type of build, but really as it was mentioned get 16GB of RAM.
  10. http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Motherboards/ASUS-Intel-Z87-Motherboard-Lineup-Preview What i see interesting is that there is no Maximus VI Formula, though it is replaced by the Hero version. From the TUF series - The thermal armor as always looks absolutely awesome on that sabertooth board. But the main thing i see in these boards is that Asus finally got rid of that awful blue colorscheme - the golden theme is way better, but still not for my taste. From the pictures i can see that even the lowest end board Asus Z87 C has a x16 slot and a x8 slot soo SLI capability on the lowest end Z87 board - that's pretty awesome for those who got a tighter budget for their machine and really the oc features that are used in higher end loops mostly don't get used to the max anyways so the Z87 A and Z87 C boards even though lower end look like a solid choice.
  11. I'd want to be famous like team famous. I'd like for e-sports to grow especially CS:GO esports. I'd like to be famous for pulling off sick moves in CS:GO - but that will never happen. Thousands of fans in big stadiums with official worldwide championships happening every year - somekind of esports olympics too.
  12. I would have said go for the GTX 670 or the GTX 680, because the GTX 660 Ti's have only 2GB of VRAM, but you have the 3 GB version so adding another card the VRAM won't bottleneck the 2 gpus. Go for the 2x GTX 660 Ti 3GB's
  13. HTC is really doing shit for themselves. No SD card, no removable battery, probably gonna drop support on HTC One after a year anyways.
  14. I don't think it's even possible to fix it completely with a driver. Probably with the HD 9000 series we'll see hardware improvements.
  15. http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/Frame-Rating-AMD-Improves-CrossFire-Prototype-Driver This one's pretty big news for AMD.
  16. WOW this is huge - check this out http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/Frame-Rating-AMD-Improves-CrossFire-Prototype-Driver
  17. Theres plenty of information, but when it comes to fraps vs frame rated data it's a whole different story http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/AMD-Radeon-HD-7990-6GB-Review-Malta-Gets-Frame-Rated/Battlefield-3
  18. It's a hardware issue AMD has to fix. Maybe they could fix it with drivers but thats not for sure. Until AMD fixes this you'll experience problems with crossfire - it probably performs just as good as a single 7970 on screen
  19. I'd say get 2 GTX 670 4GB's or if you really want them 680's get the 4GB too, because with that much GPU power GTX 690 lacks memory only 2GB's per GPU. EDIT: Oh and whatever you do don't ever ever look at crossfire or AMD dual gpu cards. They're shit when dual AMD gpu's are tested with frame-rating.
  20. mono

    Gaming Headset.

    I've looked in Siberia's don't really personally like them that much. P.S. First post for myself in the new forum! :D This is soo much better as i have previous experiences with this forum engine.
  21. From what i've heard about Haswell's improvements in performance i'm really looking forward to steamroller. I'm pretty sure the 970, 990FX, 990X will support the steamroller after a BIOS update. As we are seeing more and more games going to multi-threading and the next gen consoles being 8 cored i think the next AMD chips have a potential to get back in the gaming cpu market as a true competitor for Intel. Using a Core i5 now i'm getting worried about it not performing that well in 2 years time - just as Core 2 Duos became outdated really quickly.
  22. mono

    Gaming Headset.

    So my budget is about $60 (in Latvia up to 40 Ls because tech tends to be higher priced). I was looking at the new G-Series from Logitech. More to G230, but also considering G430 though what's the difference? Basically G430 is the same as G230, but with a small USB sound card that does the virtual surround? If so what would be a better choice - getting a G230 and later on buying a Creative SoundBlaster Recon 3D (default edition) that has a headphone AMP and THX virtual surround or the G430 with the Dolby Digital virtual surround. These headsets haven't come out in Latvia yet so i really don't know the pricing, but the soundcard i was looking at is around 25-30 Ls (about $50-60), so that would be a bit more expensive (though i wouldn't buy the soundcard right away). I'm open to different headsets too.
  23. R.A.T. 3, Steelseries Sensei RAW, Logitech G400s. These are all great choices, the R.A.T. one is really a mouse that some people love and others hate.
  24. I'd recommend for you to stick with your single HD 7850. If it's a 2 GB card you should be fine on max or almost max settings on 1080p. But really don't get another HD 7850 - from the testing we have seen crossfire is just a big waste of money.