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  1. Packaging and accessories. Video unboxing, overview - bad english incoming. Build Quality. This keyboard seems to be built with raging in mind when you get killed. It's heavy too, probably due to the steel plate in this keyboard, you could probably do some serious damage if you were to whack a burglar in your house with it. Thankfully the keyboard material is not glossy, it's my personal favorite - soft touch. Layout. The layout is very standard - long shifts, long enters, F1 above 2. Size. This keyboard is probably as small as it gets for full keyboards with the proper layout. It doesn't take up a lot of desk space. Looks It is VERY minimalistic, especially if you were to change all the keycaps to blacked out ones. There are no logos visible looking while typing. There is a CM Storm logo on the back, nothing glowing in the face of you (i'm looking at you RAZER offering non-backlit keyboards with a glowing logo). This keyboard has no backlight (i always use frontlight , my eyes get tired when playing in dark) http://i.imgur.com/b5ptTnb.jpg Features There is a function key with which you can use the media key combos - Play/Pause, Stop, Back, Forward, Windows key lock, Volume mute, Volume up, Volume down. And repeat rate adjustments (PS2 ONLY) - 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, in my opinion this is useless when gaming. Removable cable (braided too) Switching from membrane to mechanical. I have extensively used cheap membranes and a Logitech G19 which is probably as highend as it gets for membranes. First of all the G19 isn't mine so don't attack me for buying such an expensive membrane. I had typed on a mechanical keyboard before, but it was a cherry mx blue keyboard. I couldn't afford to buy a blue switched keyboard - too loud as i like to game late at night. So cherry mx browns - first time I typed on them I was glad that I didn't buy blues. Personally I like browns better, but don't believe that bullshit that browns are silent blues. The tactile feedback is different, the keys are lighter to actuate, and the keyboard is NOT silent - quieter they are but compared to the G19 or my cheap one they are louder (not very loud though). From using the G19 I'd like to have at least a single macro row, but i understand the design of this keyboard so i don't really care (maybe a future DIY project tho), I'm not interested in the backlight since I don't play in dark and don't look at my keyboard anyways for me backlight is just a bling-bling to show off to your friends. What i would love to have seen is dedicated media keys, which would too be against the minimalist design, but really i don't really use those key combos since I have to use 2 hands for that. My typing speed has increased, I've managed to do a bit of touch-typing (I don't find it easy really, a bit of memorising needs to be done too since the bumps are not really that feelable - my brother tought it was a linear switch at first), though I find myself hitting a lot of wrong keys on this keyboard which is probably because my cheap membrane didn't have a standard layout and I think the keycaps were wider. My gaming experience has changed - feeling more feedback from the keyboard is awesome but it doesn't make you a better gamer. Final toughts If you are a person who likes light keys, you should only look at browns or reds, personally Blues were already borderline weight (I could get used to them). As far as the keyboard goes - If you wan't a minimalistic keyboard with some features, great build quality and price this one is definitely worth a look good look.
  2. My favourite thing is the design, large screen and button placement.
  3. I said i used the installer so no backup
  4. Can someone post a tutorial on how to get my Nexus 4 back to stock? I used cyanogenmod installer to root it and use cyanogenmod. The experience and benefits are - meh. not worth the stability issues i have occasionally.
  5. The glorious Logitech Classic Keyboard 200 with some sexy rubber dome keyswitches. *goes in the corner* *cries for days*
  6. It wouldn't even detect as a device. Wouldn't install a proper MTP driver. But i finally after about an hour of searching found a solution. (Downloaded some media extension pack from microsoft so that fixed - fucking assholes want me to download media player, to use my nexus 4 at my pc)
  7. The title says it all - nothing like this ever happened to me with Windows 8... Just cannot access my phone right now - it's driving me crazy
  8. About the same price. 85 EUR for HD 449's. Same price as PC 330 soo... which ones?
  9. Sennheiser HD439's look very promising - anyone who actually has these?
  10. I have a GTX 660 so i'm more interested in G-Sync than Mantle (for obvious reasons), but we just have to wait and see how big is the improvement from DX. Maybe both could license these technologies to each other so everyone gets the best experience possible
  11. I use Spotify anyways. Why would FLAC or anything else make me move away from the convenience of music streaming?
  12. Both Logitech G230 and Steelseries 5H are about 50 EUR (35 LVL) here. Not really willing to go above 60 EUR, since i don't have a soundcard anyways. Edit: Yes Logan from TekSyndicate. Edit2: Haven't tried them.
  13. So i've got a limited budget for headphones/headset. Logan said G230's are 'not that bad' soo i'm looking at them. Steelseries 5H's are priced very close to them in Latvia. Any better alternatives in this price range?
  14. I love microUSB and miniUSB... never had any one of them break. It's NOT a bad connector.
  15. November 22 or 29th would be my guess - because thats when the 'next-gen' consoles launch. Should be before christmas anyways
  16. No it's not the same thing that's in pencils. Pencils contain graphite. This contains Graphite Oxide (Graphitic Acid). That's not the same thing - it's more expensive than buying a few pencils. Still didn't know about this method of making graphene - if they can figure out how to produce it even more effectively we might see this coming to market in 5 years time.
  17. Shift 2 Unleashed seems good enough for me. Played with a G27 racing wheel - a fantastic experience.
  18. Pointless things like this with the xbone is gonna make PS4 king. As xbone has even worse hardware than ps4 too.
  19. Oh GTA... You always make conservatives write about you. And obviously the killings did happen because of GTA not poor gun control laws. BTW I'm a trained turtle jumper and i eat mushrooms to grow.
  20. 1. I'm on a desktop. And i'm using WD 1TB Blue for all my stuff - because i built my system last year and i was only 13 (built it from my own money) so the budget was tight. 2. Facebook share from (Roberts Kampe): https://www.facebook.com/roberts.kampe/posts 3. Twitter share with Twitter handle @RobertsKampe: https://twitter.com/RobertsKampe/status/377789563030097920
  21. mono

    Just my 200R

    This looks so cool. Colors match perfectly... And DAT SLEEVING.
  22. It's just Linus said - don't give them your money they'll listen. And by looking at polls and pre-orders microsoft realized they have to change. Hmm... maybe a no kinect option too?!?
  23. Really looking forward to this. And i don't care that they left HTC... If they can support software for their phones that would be great *khem*.
  24. Awesome. Twitter @RobertsKampe https://twitter.com/RobertsKampe/status/342200673120702464 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/roberts.kampe