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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a pair of high quality earbuds since I recently switched to a gaming laptop and I'm moving around quite a bit. I currently use a pair of DT990 Pro, and I absolutely love everything about them but I can't bring them with me, because I would need to bring the amp and it needs a plug, plus with this hot weather they are starting to feel too warm. In the meantime I'm using a pair of Klim earbuds I usually use for my projector but they sound really muffled and low. I need something that sounds amazing, and preferably with a decent mic, cause I tried my built in microphone and all that my friends can hear on discord is my fan. I do music production and a good amount of gaming. Budget is 150 euros but I'm willing to spend a bit more if I have to.
  2. I did this and it didn't work, then I removed the video card and put it back in and now it's working it appears.
  3. I’m sorry I don’t know what do you mean.
  4. I was just reinstalling Mystic Light since I need to do it every time my power goes off because my motherboard turns red and I want it to turn off, and if I just keep the software on the pc it lights up my wraith prism in red too. BTW: Ryzen 7 3700X RTX 2070 Super EVGA XC 2x Corsair 3600mhz 8GB Ram (16GB) Msi B450 Tomahawk Max (I hate it)
  5. It won’t even show me the mobo screen I can’t get into the bios, it just turns on and spins all the fans to max infinitely. I built it 4 months ago and everything was fine until now. What do I do?
  6. unfortunately none of the keyboards you listed are available on amazon.it and I forgot to mention, I need to buy something there, because if I refund this, it's going to be refunded on my amazon account. I only found a Realforce, but it's not backlit, costs 300€ and the vendor is sketchy af. Is it complicated to build a custom kb? can I achieve something similar to the Craft in terms of typing?
  7. Hey all, I need a very quiet keyboard for my night gaming / working sessions. I really liked razer products before, I had a Blackwidow Elite and an Huntsman Elite, and I also tried many other brands suggested by my friends or that I found on YouTube reviews, but they were all WAAAAAY too loud and also, most of them were a nightmare to clean. So I decided to give up on mechanicals and I switched to my much beloved Logitech Craft. I am in love with this thing. It's literally flawless, quiet, typing feels great and I found a lot of uses for the crown, especially in the professional applications I use for work. But my worst fear about this keyboard was that, since It's bluetooth / dongle only (There's a wire but it's only for charging) it would disconnect, mid gaming or typing. And that's exactly what happened just after a couple of weeks. At first it didn't do it that often so I didn't think about it that much, but this week it's going crazy. The keyboard doesn't disconnect for any apparent reason, it just disconnects at some point, and then reconnects back, over and over. I tried everything, I really don't want to return it because I don't think I'll find anything even close to this. But I'm pretty desperate at this point, I can't play anything serious because I'm afraid to stand still in the middle of the map, and since I also type A LOT during the day, it just stops working and then types all the words at the same time. I already tried contacting Logitech support but they replied after a week and they didn't help me at all. I think they have the worst support ever, after razer. At least they replied. So I'm asking you guys for a substitute, it just needs to be SUPER silent and wired, cause I'm not buying wireless stuff again. Preferably low profile, minimal stuff. Oh and don't tell me to try "Cherry MX Red or Brown" or "Razer Orange" or both with O-Rings. I already tried, and they were still loud. I don't want it to be flashy with crazy RGB (When I had gaming keyboards I put them on full white anyway) or have macros and other gimmicks, I just want to have a great typing experience while not feeling like I'm shooting an MG42. Thanks in advance.
  8. Already tried several times, Also, it's happening on my other pc as well
  9. I use it all the time I could never uninstall it. Thanks for the suggestion anyway Liam
  10. Yeah I thought of that, but I have the option to see hidden folders on all the time for working purposes
  11. I found that GeForce experience automatically creates folders for EVERY program I have on the pc. Not only games, this dude has created a folder for WINDOWS ALARMS. Can I decide which folders appear somehow? (If I delete them, they reappear after refresh)
  12. I know what a color correction puck is, I was just having a laugh.
  13. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/italian-english/escamotage yeah that means basically “another way”, it’s used everywhere I thought everybody knew the term. “Color correcting puck”