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  1. Been told by a few different people a cheap go pro for would be fine but want good audio quality as well, would prefer to be able to use my xlr lavalier mics with the camera but that's not entirely necessary. Any help would be fantastic. Thank you
  2. What do you reckon to a dark rock pro 4 bequiet instead I'm thinking that's about right
  3. I think I may go with this and squeeze in the cooler with the extra bit of money that's really good, thank you
  4. You think the 1060 will bottleneck there? Didn't realise to be honest cheers
  5. Can any recommend any improvements on this? Need to get the very best possible for £1000 can go as high as £1100 at most. Thanks in advance for any help https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/DJKM7W
  6. Thanks for that need a decent one myself so that's really useful
  7. Curios about what this is as I need a good mic myself any help is appreciated
  8. Thank you these were very useful and if you ever start doing 90 degree connectors I will be sure to put some in my system to make it look a bit more appealing
  9. I have been through and checked and the problem is persisting even after re applying the cooler and putting new thermal paste on, not too sure on how to proceed now
  10. This is the cpu under load ( higher than usual most it usually reaches is 70-80 and how do I check hysteresis settings?
  11. I have an issue with my cpu (6700k) ramping to about 67-70 Celsius every time I open any application and can hear the fans audibly wind up for about half a second before slowing back down again. Specs- i7 6700k Gamerstorm AIO water cooler 2x140mm fans on the radiator Galax Gtx1070 HOF 250GB 960evo samsung nvme ssd 16gb corsair vengeance ddr4 nzxt h440
  12. My 1070 needs right angled pcie cables to fit in my case without damaging the cables but can't find any decent length cables, any help is appreciated.