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    Modding Freelancer from Italy
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    Enter Plasma


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    Intel Core i9 9900K
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    Asrock Z370 Fatal1ty ITX
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 16GB
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    KFA2 RTX 2080 OC
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    Phanteks Shift X
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    Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
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    Corsair SF600
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    Alienware AW3418DW 34"
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    Custom Watercooling
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    Logitech G513
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    Logitech G Pro Wireless
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Enter Plasma

    PCIe X16 to dual X8 slots

    Some motherboards support that but I'm VERY sure yours doesn't. It's a feature called "PCI-E bifurcation" and it's usually found on fancy/ITX/workstation/server motherboards. Needs also a very expensive riser. Really no way to do it home made either.
  2. Finally received the last hardware, work is getting done ;) Started doing the first tests with RGBW cables, using MDPC-X Transparency sleeve and MDPC-X transparent AWG15 wire. The controller is a random addressable chinese one that can be controlled with an app. It's not bad, but it's a bit buggy. Not an ideal solution, but I'll keep it for now. The LED strips for the cables, on the other hand, are glorious. These are addressable RGBW, 144 LEDS / meter. They're beautiful, and also inhumanely expensive lol. https://youtu.be/1VY3IDCBDQk Got the latest shipment from China that was delayed for more than a week unfortunately. A lot of fancy stuff, but turns out I need more screws. Some of the sizes were incorrect. Fancy stainless steel screws. I absolutely love these, specially together with the aluminium washers. Also got a new clear IEC connector to re-make the stock PSU extension for the case. It lights up really well Another addressable LED strip, for the Heatkiller Tube reservoir and possible also other stuff. This is also 144 LEDs / meter, but much more compact - only 7.2mm wide. Some other stuff that arrived recently: SSD, hardline watercooling gear, cable and sleeving material from MDPC-X, and some aluminium bars for LED strips that I'm still not sure about using for this project. And to wrap this update up, a note about the case I'm using - the Phanteks Shift X - and an open message to Phanteks. I love this case, I really do. It's not easy to work with - but I'm fine with that. What is however not acceptable is the quality of the stock riser cable, which seriously degraded the performance of my GPU. It's very disappointing and frustrating, specially because it's a fundamental part of this case AND it's a proprietary format for which you can't easily find a better quality replacement. After a long time of researching and sourcing I was lucky enough to find a third party replacement, for which I'm very happy - otherwise I would've had to just ditch using the case altogether. Phanteks: keep up the good work, your designs are absolutely amazing, but please make sure the quality of such important things is spot on. I know that premium risers are really expensive, but the buyer wouldn't really care about the extra markup. Trust the quality of the result, not the micromanagement of the final price
  3. Because I don't wipe my butt with 100 bucks bills every morning But a 2080 Ti upgrade might be in the pipeline.
  4. Enter Plasma

    "Is AMD for Poor People?" My one question...

    The title was absolutely savage Anyways keep this in mind when choosing: AMD on paper has an overall worse architecture with worse latency, worse IPC, and worse clocking potential both at stock and in OC. These are all things that matter in gaming, and this is true whether you like it or not. Intel is just in another league in terms of the money, talent and infrastructure they can use to make a higher quality product. Just to give you a rough idea, Intel has spent last year enough money just in R&D to buy of all of AMD two times over. But in practice it doesn't matter for most users. If you're not pushing your CPU really hard, it won't make much of a difference for you. And their prices are really impressive. They are the budget, inferior option for pure gaming - but they are a great budget option. Intel charges more because they are the premium offering, simple as that. It's usually for those that prefer pure performance over price/performance. Also: I believe you should buy with your feelings, too. If you have bias, embrace it. Do you prefer supporting AMD because of how hard they work to compete with a company as large as Intel, even if their product is inferior? Just do it. Do you prefer the bigger, more successful company that delivers higher quality even though they're jerks ripping you off? Just do it. There is no shame in having a bit of fanboyism, as long as you are clear with your bias and you don't try to shove your own values down other's people throats. Regardless of that, I don't believe in futureproofing with SMT/Hyperthreading. They are not real cores - and games even when really, really optimized can make use of it only so much. Unless there is a major transition on how software is developed, your PC won't be futureproof neither with Intel nor with AMD. And all the futureproofing speculation has never worked in the past, so I don't believe it will work this time either.
  5. Enter Plasma

    need to turn a 6pin into an 8pin

    Don't use Molex or Sata to 6/8-pin adapters. Those are definitely not recommended. 6-pin GPU to 8-pin GPU are not a problem at all. Or 8-pin CPU to 8-pin GPU. Just don't use any other adapters and you'll be fine. I'm pretty sure you will be able to find some of these.
  6. Use 2x 120 definitely when you go with GPU block, but even now it wouldn't hurt. For pump/res combo you should be able to use the EK D5 one with maybe a fan mount bracket. In my Shift X I am using a Watercool Heatkiller Tube, that also comes with D5 mounting option, but I think it's too big for a regular Shift. Depending on how much money you're willing to invest, you could even consider to get a custom waterway with pump mount. Radikult on eBay is quite known for this stuff. Other quick tips: - Invest in really good fans. I recommend EK Vardars or the new Noctua's. - Remove fan filters - Use hardline, plan it well. Doing soft tubing in these cases is a nightmare. If you want, check out my current project. Maybe you can find some inspiration Devotion: a Hardcore Shift X
  7. Enter Plasma

    New to Custom Loop, being paranoid

    With fancy fluids you get into the territory of rocket science water cooling. As far as I know, there are ways to make them work long term. At least Mayhems Pastel - I've heard of multiple users having them last 2-3 years with no maintenance. My experience on the other hand was heavy sedimentation after a few days of not using the PC, horrible effect. Still to this day I don't have a clue of how to make it work or how not to do things. Nobody has an idea about it, and if they do, they don't talk about it. Imho, stick to clear simple fluids that just work. Focus on learning about the rest of the watercooling experience.
  8. Enter Plasma

    Is Bykski good?

    Getting something made where they are based is ridiculously easier than doing it here. They live right next door to the heart of the whole world's production power That, together with the extremely competitive national market, makes them crap out products at an extremely fast rate. Anyways, Bykski is often good. Be careful though as they have a lot of products with aluminium as of recently. But not GPU blocks, those are perfectly good - and they disclose where they have alu, just pay attention to the descriptions if you want to be sure. Truth of the matter is, there isn't much of a difference in quality between them and EK or Alphacool.
  9. It's slighly different I think, because it goes over the IO. I don't realy care though because of 2 things: 1) The limit in this case isn't VRM but the watercooling and the PSU - there's only so much rad space I can fit in there, and there's only so much I can do with an SFX psu (even with the 750W I'm planning to upgrade to) 2) I have a 3500 rpm Delta blasting right in front of the vrm lol. It's not called "a Hardcore Shift X" for no reason
  10. Enter Plasma

    InWin Chopin GPU 1050 ti Mod - Pluto

    Such a nice, clean SFF system. The blower fan is a great touch of pro work.
  11. Thanks, stay tuned Which board would you have gotten? Keep in mind that a good amout of the hardware is a year old and I'm just re-using it. If I was buying all new I'd have loved to go with the Z390 Phantom Gaming.
  12. Enter Plasma

    initial D pc

    On ebay you can find Initial D stickers lke the Tofu one Takumi has on the car. Put that on a vintage case and you're good to go
  13. Depending on the manifacturer of the strip they might also offer adapters sold separately. If they don't, I'd check Aliexpress or eBay, but don't count on it. The quickest solution would be to get leads like the picture posted above, snip the old connector, and solder that on. Those are easy to find on Ali/eBay. Make sure to get the pinout right. It's an easy job even if you've never soldered before.
  14. This project is about beauty and raw power. An ultimate, no compromise, form and function gaming system. Main Features: 9900K & RTX 2080 with heavy OC in a Shift X Custom, high end and high performance Watercooling Custom RGBW Cables in MDPC-X Sleeve Custom classy Illumination "Fixing" the Phanteks Shift X and pushing its limits with sheer brute force A lot of other fancy small details worth checking out A big shoutout for the help, support and/or inspiration to: Jacob (Watercool Heatkiller) Daniel (Twister Mod / Twister7800GTX) Nils (MDPC-X / Million Dollar PC) All the customers of Enter Plasma that supported me over the past 3+ years Hardware List: Latest Update Summary: Testing RGBW cables / Package from China came with a lot of nice things Teaser / WIP pics:
  15. Enter Plasma

    PCIe riser issue with Phanteks Evolv Shift?

    Hi, how is the Bestar PCIe riser compared to the stock one? Did you test for any improvements in performance and reliability? I'm also having issues with my riser, I temporarily solved them by forcing Gen2 but it bugs me to have an unreliable piece of junk handling GPU data and power and I'm looking for alternatives. I'd rather ask before spending 50$ tho.