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About PC_Master

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    Used Parts Hustler
  • Birthday 2003-10-10

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    Hustling used computer parts, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Building PCs and hustling for used price to performance!
  • Biography
    I am a used pc parts hustler who just loves to build PCs! I work at a cafe and I am at high school!
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  • CPU
    Intel Xeon X3440 @3.8GHz 1.2v
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L Rev 2.3
  • RAM
    4 x 2GB 1333MHz
  • GPU
    MSI armour RX-470 4GB
  • Case
  • Storage
    120GB WD green SSD + 500GB WD caviar black HDD
  • PSU
    Gigabyte PB-500W 80+ Bronze
  • Display(s)
    1920x1080 LG 24"
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    HP membrane
  • Mouse
    HP X500 with optical sensor
  • Sound
    TurtleBeach XO-THREE
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro (64) bit

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  1. PC_Master

    SSDs as low as 0.08$ per gb in 2019?

    I got it from a facebook bss group, mind you, postage was included in the price. And....... I paid $38 for my wd green 120gb ssd from ebay (AUD), so it definitely pays to look around on the used market.
  2. PC_Master

    r5 2600 vs r5 1600

    $80 for 6c/12t, you cant go wrong, thats a steal!
  3. PC_Master

    SSDs as low as 0.08$ per gb in 2019?

    I got my 128gb samsung ssd for $25. Not that bad of a deal, but I'm in Australia after all!
  4. PC_Master

    Gaming on Xeon

    I game on an x3440,so your not alone
  5. PC_Master

    Rebuild from scratch or upgrade my current build?

    Rebuilding your whole will cost more than upgrading the graphics card. There is no need to do a fresh install of windows because that will just make your life so much harder along with formatting the drives. Your better off looking around on ebay, craigslist, local fb groups for a gtx 1080 or 1080ti. They are still great cards and will provide you the power you need to play games at 4k. And plus, you could use the money from selling the two 970s to put towards a 1080 or 1080ti. The 4790k is plenty for gaming and is already beginning to bottleneck the 1080/1080ti a little, the rtx series would be a worse choice to put together for that platform as it will create a greater bottleneck than the 10 series would.
  6. AMD will always bring the best price to performance, and that's all that matters imo!
  7. What's a good PC to put a GTX 770 into? I was thinking of building a PC to flip, but I'm not sure what PC to build for it. Any suggestions are welcome. Cheers,
  8. PC_Master

    New Gaming PC from "old" parts?

    Maybe consider an i7-3770 on a cheap H61 motherboard with 8gb ddr3 1600MHz ram and a gtx 1060 6gb or gtx 980 as a gpu. PSU would only need to be a 550W and a nice case will finish off the build nicely. 120/240gb ssd and a 1tb hdd for storage, and you are representing the budget used price to performance.
  9. PC_Master

    New Gaming PC from "old" parts?

    Its good to use new and used parts in a PC build because you can save money. The i7-980x is intels first 6 core/12 threaded chip, it still provides decent performance but will need more juice to feed it the hungry power that it needs to overclock well than its modern counterparts. The performance/dollar wouldnt be impressive at all because you are limited as to what you can upgrade to in the future, your better off picking something that allows headroom for upgrades in the future. Your better off mixing and matching used and new parts to save some money, GPU would be a good part to buy used since they are getting cheaper on the used market. Although this sounds like a cool rig, if its going to be your main rig, then this is better off being a project on the side.
  10. PC_Master

    Building my first x79!

    I sincerely hope your PC build goes really well. I have a xeon x3440 overclocked to 3.8GHz at 1.2V paired with an rx 570. Then, Im getting a better case and a better CPU cooler. I cant wait to see what yours turns out to be like, it will give me some ideas on how to setup my rig
  11. PC_Master

    show me a new cpu plz

    I would definitely add in 4gb ram, windows 7 isnt that much of a ram hog, but more ram will give allow for more multitasking.
  12. PC_Master

    Building my first x79!

    I want to build an X79 PC myself someday, but right now, I dont have the money. You should be able to get 4.5GHz on the e5-1650 at like 1.375v, something like that. How did you get your motherboard so cheap by the way. Oh, and yes, of course this new rig will be better than your 7600k at 5.0GHz, we are comparing 4 threads to 12 threads after all
  13. PC_Master

    show me a new cpu plz

    Ok, 4GB ram it is. Upgrade to 4gb ram and be done with it! What OS do you have?
  14. PC_Master

    Building my first x79!

    X79 is still relevent these days! I would get this motherboard: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/RAMPAGE_IV_EXTREME/ because you will have more overclocking headroom and more RAM to upgrade to. I would also add in a 1TB HDD for game storage and maybe find a kit of ram like 2x8GB sticks, so you can get dual channel. What CPU cooler are you using? What xeon are you referring to, V1. V2, V3, ect.....?