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  1. 14", no numpad and I could find many other reasons why not to buy this laptop.
  2. How the f can I get all the models possible? There will be thousands of them. New requirements. All of the above requirements and numpad, I tested out with the person buying it, didn't like that there's no numpad on that dell. Also, the dell was HEAVY. Need to drop that weight to like 1,6-1,7kg if possible, 2,1kg is too much. Also, forgot about SSD, it's a must, HDD sucks af.
  3. http://shopdell.lt/Dell-XPS-15-9570-15F708256N1050T4W?search=xps&page=2 Thank you, found the one.
  4. Hello, I need a laptop. Budget 2200€. It's gonna be used for work, traveling, no streaming, no gaming, no editing. My location is Lithuania. Popular shops: http://www.skytech.lt/ ; https://pigu.lt/lt/ Requirements: Light. Thin. 15,6" screen. Matte screen (this is really important). Not MacBook. Good battery life (would like atleast 7-8h lasting when using outlook, googling and just doing basic stuff, excel and etc.) The lighter, the thinner, the longer lasting battery = better
  5. And if the bios are fckd and I can't fix it, I can just send the card to seller and get my money back.
  6. It has warranty and it's only 90€+shipping so it's a REALLY good deal, atleast here, because they're sold for 150-200€ (used) here.
  7. Hello, I've got a good deal on rx 570 used for 5 months, it was used for mining ofcourse. I asked about the temps and fan speed - 60-62C° ~60-75%. I consider it really not bad. It's a strix version, so even better. My problem is that the seller knows 0 about games and informed me, that the gpu has "mining bios" and he sold one guy this gpu and he tried to install regular drivers (not bios) and he didn't suceed, I wonder, is that because of bios? Can I get the normal bios and is it hard to change the bios? Thanks for the answers!
  8. I mean, the slimmer and the less weight is better. I checked out Dell XPS 15, but it still weights like 2,2kg. I won't use this laptop, I'm choosing this laptop for my mom, she likes not a brick computer types, the better battery, the less weight and the slimmer = the better. The budget is 2200€ TOP.
  9. Hello! I found an craigslist listing for "dead gpu's for cheap", each gpu costs 5€, no matter if it's 680 or a 460. It says "the fans are spinning". Is it worth getting gtx 680 or 7870 and try to use other cables to monitors, heat it up with heat gun or put it in a oven? I would be happy if the gpu would work like atleast 2 months.
  10. Hi, I need a laptop JUST for work, no gaming at all, no editing, no streaming, nothing. Budget - 2200€. Just work. It needs to be: Light. Thin. ATLEAST 15,6" screen. Matte screen. Not macbook. Thanks for the help!
  11. Yes, I have a video recorded if you don't get what is happening.
  12. Hi, so my monitor (Samsung S22A300N) randomly turns off or goes through random settings, opens the settings menu by itself, I don't even touch it. It happens very often. Sometimes every 20seconds, sometimes every 10mins. It's so anoying. I bought this monitor used a year ago, when I was testing it when buying for a few minutes it didn't happen, but when I got back home it was like that. It's in good shape, in the sensors there are no dirt or sth else. What could be wrong and how could I fix it? The monitor costed 60€ so I don't want to bring it to repair shop. Thanks for help.
  13. also when I'm transporting pc I don't EVER take out let's say HDD or a GPU, because it's just too much work and I would not have a safe space to put all the parts somewhere, so I hope the nano s won't fuck up 1080ti. Also, I might just not put any hdd's, because I have 1tb ssd and will try to fit all info in that, but sometimes it's not enough.
  14. Also I'm wondering, how big is the difference between matx and mitx cases? Because I'm 100% sure that matx case will have better cooling, better upgradability paths, it will be quieter also.