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  1. what does that mean in relation to Float plane and what it is going to be? how do you expect to compete with youtube if that is your view on the matter? "if you don't like it there are plenty of other places". doesn't the success of Float Plane kinda depend on being "one of the other places" for people who are sick of youtube and their meddling? i'm really interested in floatplane but only if you guys do take an honest hands off approach in letting people say what they want even if it's going to result in what could be perceived as a flame war. again and like anything else, people are responsible for what they involve themselves with, not you or the mods, if someone is saying something that pisses you off you have two options, to either engage or to ignore, in the digital world no one subjects you to anything that you really do not wish to be subjected to, it's not like anyone made you click on something that you obviously knew was going to offend or piss you off. it's not your job to protect people from themselves or the world at large, don't put yourself in that position, youtube has and it's part of the reason why floatplane has a chance of being successful. the progression of youtube since it's start has been somewhat a natural evolution, if you take the same steps you can expect the same results, it's not like youtube has ended up where they are at because this is what they set out to be, it's just one tough choice after another,like the ones talked about here, has led them here and ultimately exposed them to what could be serious competition in the space. i guess the biggest issue for me here is that i would be paying money out of pocket up front and for that i would expect HBO instead of PBS if that makes any sort of sense.
  2. hey, first real post here so go easy on me, I've been out of the loop for a long time and i'm looking to get back into it and my big problem as it stands it trying to organize all of this information i have into something useful, i guess i'll start with what i want this thing to do ideally, then move to what i currently have and on to what i think will work best and the issues i see, then you all can tell me how stupid i am and the right way to go about this is. lol, seriously though, thanks ahead of time! so basically, i'm wanting to do it all, i want to have a centralized system where i can play my steam games on any TV in the house and i want to have it so my wife and kid can also access our media seamlessly anywhere in the house...outside/ remote connections would be nice but not something that i care all that much about, i also want it to work as a back up so my wife can dump all of the kid pics on there and not clog up the storage on her anemic surface book and android phone..all in one nice little package that isn't going to upset the wife by having towers in every room.... so here's the bad part, at this point in time as far computers go, all i have is 3 laptops and a server chassis with a switch and APU in it. the laptops i have are fairly competent but don't really have a place in all of this, on the plus side though i already have a cat6 ethernet wired network in my home with a cat6 cable running to every TV in the home along with a few open lines floating around here and there.... the way i was thinking about getting this done was buying a 4U server case and building a fairly powerful PC in it, then run it dual boot, one for steam and one for media, then from there through a hdmi matrix with ip out to the TV's directly from the server box pc.....hopefully with the right software i can remote in and control the whole thing from my office and just having this running out in the garage and never really fool with it, i like this idea as it's a single box solution that will allow me to upgrade parts as i move forward and will allow me to expand as my budget allows.... so yeah, that's kinda what i was thinking, is it a completely stupid idea and what's a better cost efficient option that will do the same things essentially? should i just buy a prebuilt nas box and build a separate PC, wouldn't i also have to buy a dongle of sorts and a steam link for each TV? i really don't know and am struggling getting my thoughts in order on the best way to do this with what i have. honestly, what's the best way of getting this done with what i have and what i am wanting to do? i have like 2k to get this done and i'm fairly resourceful, i got the server chassis, apu, 28 port switch and a bunch of fans for a six pack, my thoughts are even if it's roughshod to start because of my budget, i want to be able to grow it into something rather impressive and honestly, deeply, the main reason i'm doing this is not because of some real need, but because i want to learn more about networking and i want to build something. i like building stuff. i'm a ME it's what i do, now i want to build IT things. lol. thanks again for the help, i really appreciate it, i'm a bit out of my element here and am trying to make heads or tails of all of the different ways of doing this and which is right for me. thanks! thanks! thanks!
  3. i think alot of us would have been happier if it was just on this side of the boarder only an hour and half away.....