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    Ryzen 2700x
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    Asus x470 Pro
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    16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance RGB
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    Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Dual
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  1. rx for the newer architecture ? because the benchs are pretty similar
  2. Country: UK So i gifted my brother my old PC i built in 2013. The specs of which arent ammazing. It has a fx 6300 HD 7770 8GB ram no ssd as i took it for my build and some motherboard i think asus not sure without looking. Im looking for an inexpensive way for him to upgrade this machine, buying older second hand hardware as he only wants to play games such as modded minecraft and battle royales. I was thinking maybe an upgrade on the CPU and GPU atleast aswell as buying an ssd. I dont want to spend alot at all less than £100 if possible. Would it be worth upgrading the cpu to an old top FX or looking to switch to an intel card. For a gpu i was thinking 960/970 and then also saw linus's video about the $20 dollar ssd, i forget who from, and would consider getting that for him Any suggestions
  3. I decided to use filezilla in ordor to remote into the files in the end mate
  4. Right ive setup a minecraft server for my brother and his friends running off a VM on my NAS. Works fine and the server is up and running. Im using Debian 9 Stretch as the OS for the NAS oracle VM v5.2.41 The mineOS Turnkey as the os for the vm which was originally set up as debian 9 stretch Ive set the VM up with a bridged network adapter So i installed the mineOS os on the vm and it runs fine and im able to connect to the server. Hes asked me if theres a way that i can add mods to the server. I have done this before on a windows machine which i find easiest to operate. So i decided to try to share the relevant folders from the MineOS vm to my windows machine using samba. I had previously used Samba so that i can organise my plex media server from my Windows PC. So ive installed Samba on the mineOS turnkey vm and have configured the smb.conf to have a MinecraftShare in it using the following share. However im not sure if only accessing the file path ive inserted will be sufficient for installing the mods to the server from my windows pc. The file path leads me to access the profiles page in which the jar files for the server are located. [minecraftshare] path = /var/games/minecraft read only = no guest ok = yes So after installing samba on the mineOS and setting up the share and also assigning the folder minecraft to nobody, i am able to ping the Inet and also connect to the Inet through my windows PC as i would when connecting to my plex media server files, however no files are shown when i do when the folder contains 5 folders itself. Im a little stumped as to why i cannot access the files. I presume it may have something to do with firewall settings within the vm however i cannot seem to be able to access them Any help
  5. So i have an old dell computer that im currently using to run a plex server using one of the versions of Debian. What i want to do is to also run a minecraft server for my little brother and his friends to play on as well as having the plex server. Preferably i would like to be able to run the minecraft server on the machine but access all admin aspects of it through my windows pc, which i presume i can achieve through ssh. I am extremley new to all of this still and while i was able to set up my plex server i dont fully understand what i did. Any help.
  6. i didnt think about the risers yea that was the plan to use some solid wood to create the u support. Thanks for the help
  7. i had considered this, although the solution i came to would be to have the top desk on a long u shaped support towards the back and then 4 legs two either side of the front of the ply to sit on the cabinets. would not only completely hide cables but also from what i have read would give enough structural support
  8. So im not doing anything fancy and putting my PC inside the desk or anything but im looking to 'create' my own desk similar to the one linus did in the ikea hack desk. So im looking at buying 1x ikea alex draw https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/alex-drawer-unit-white-10192824/ 1x ikea alex cupboard https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/alex-storage-unit-white-60192826/ the capita legs to raise the top of the alex draws https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/capita-leg-stainless-steel-30244346/ and then either a piece of hardwood plywood and varnish it or an mdf board and vinyl wrap it. I want the desk to be 140x60 and was thinking about how i could implement a way to cable manage the wires by maybe putting a piece of board across the bottom near the back of the desk. i had also thought about trying to implement some leds by maybe routing the back edge of the desk however im not sure if i have the tools or equipment to do so. Just any advice would be appreciated and some pros and cons about mdf or plywood
  9. Ok ive choose Plex as my media sharing software (also looking at using ReadyMedia aswell) and following this guide https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-plex-media-server-on-debian-9/#updating-plex-media-server have set up my server and its running fine. However i now cannot actually add my media into the source files as its coming from root /opt/plexmedia which i do not have permissions to edit so cannot transfer my media over. Any help ?
  10. Do you recommend Debain for ease of use ? as i am fairly new to the software behind it and dont have much linux experience. Seen freenas and others recommend
  11. Brilliant thanks i shall defo look into these
  12. So im not sure where to put this topic but i guess ill start here as potentially need to have a new build. I have a spare Acer Aspire XC-603 lying round the house not being used, specs below, and i want to turn into into a home NAS to mainly store movies for everyone to access. (Intel j1900, Integrated graphics, 1TB HHD, 4gb DDR3) Now im completely new to this aspect of networking and do not know whether this will be suitable at all or what other things i may need or as to the best software to use. So any advice is helpful. (I can spend a little on it but dont want to be spending loads)
  13. So for Halloween we goin as the avengers. Somehow I’ve been talked into going as Dr Strange and was wondering if you guys could help me create a costume for as cheap as possible. I can sow an stuff and willing to diy it all just want some help as to finding the stuff I can use uk based thanks
  14. Would love to see how this turns out as i would love to do this aswell
  15. Nah this is right for the bottom plate as i have to leave room for the led strip. The top piece will however be bigger