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    Ryzen 5 1600
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  1. should I maybe go with an NVMe if I'm planning to learn to code apps (Java specifically) in the future? or it won't do that much with those kind of files?
  2. To my understanding they're compatible, i'm not too certain on what those ASATA ports are though an m.2 SATA Crucial MX500 1TB would be ~$165 while an NVMe Samsung 970 EVO 1TB is ~$225 (or crucial ct1000p1ssd8 which is ~$140 but i'm assuming i'm giving up on something here)
  3. Build Help/Ready: What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better. Home media server (Plex) + personal storage for files, pictures etc. What is your budget (ballpark is okay)? Don't have a specific budget in mind just looking to pay as few as possible long term (so the build itself+ electricity it takes over time), maybe $300? In what country are you purchasing your parts? Israel Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Don't have a build, do have a spare Nvidia GT730, i3-2120 and a motherboard that aren't in use and can use towards the build. Not sure how good it will be though Provide any additional details you wish below. Looking to have low electricity consumption as i'm planning to run it the entire day or most of it at least and i'm planning to run 2-4 HDDs with redundancy to keep the files safe too so i'm gonna need at least 2 HDD trays
  4. My MOBO has an M.2 slot and I want to use it. I know there's basically only a point in NVMes if you deal with a lot of file transfers and I don't currently but i'm thinking of going the NVMe route in case it will matter in the future. Currently all I do is game and do UX/UI designs so I don't really have a use for it but i'm thinking of learning to code apps in the future so it might help me there as well? I'm not really sure what to go with, thinking of going 1TB as well
  5. I'm from Israel, maybe i'm just bad at searching but there aren't that many options it says it's a PCIe Gen3 x4
  6. The Crucial SSD is 500GB and the Transcend NVMe is 512GB I'll basically use it for Windows, games, Adobe programs and the like I know SATA SSDs are enough but this is an NVMe for the same price so I was thinking why not and if there's a catch
  7. Even if I go with the Crucial SSD I'm planning to eventually have an NVMe as well but I guess it might be better to have a more high end NVMe compared to this Transcend one? i'm not too sure how much the quality changes at different price points in NVMes
  8. Title says it all pretty much, I'm planning to upload an icon pack but in case it doesn't work (as the app is miscoded or so, I don't have any code knowledge but i'm using a sample app [IconShowcase Dashboard]) i'm thinking of just deleting the developer account. I was wondering if I'll get the $25 back?
  9. I already have the designs, trying to search it on google or youtube give some icon generator app recommendations. There's a guide from 2013 with some files that are expired, I was hoping to find a more recent tutorial
  10. I'm looking to make an icon pack (still before the actual creation of the app) and I'm currently just designing the icons. What filetype are they supposed to be under?
  11. So I um.. tilted the can a bit too much and now there are weird white stains on the top of my PS4. Is painting it my only option?
  12. Looking to make an ad block across my network but I can't find any setting to block domains