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  1. India. $1700 USD. (1,20,000 in INR it'd round up with duty+taxes) No preference on the weight and battery life.
  2. I will buy a laptop with 1660/1650 Ti with higher AdobeRGB gamut (good display panel). i7 9th gen is preferred. What could be suggested? (I like sleek chassis)
  3. Requirement- • IPS DISPLAY (15.6' size) • 16GB DDR4 Memory • i7 or Equivalent AMD processor • 4GB Graphics memory • SSD Budget in INR- 70K-80K
  4. You all know the news. Stan Lee. Your own feelings.
  5. @OCD-FREAK, are you mentioning the 11.11 sale? I too am hyped for that!! Should I go that SSD? What did you decide?
  6. My profile's GIF says it all. Was watching Fraiser under the rock.
  7. What was Apple thinking while designing the new MacBook Air? Is the company trying to be either of Hermes/Versace/Prada of the electronic world?
  8. What is the ProPhoto color gamut (in %) of the new MacBook Air's Retina Display?
  9. Is it an oasis or we can expect a MacBook Air type new model, with a higher P3 color gamut, this year? I am photographer- www.anifineart.com Asking because they turned iPhone SE into a RIP being.
  10. Which hard disk drive does have superior reliability- Western Digital My Passport or Seagate Backup Plus Hub? (Suggestions are appreciated)
  11. Two years back, Apple charged $370 for MBA screen repair. Still, I have that anger. Feeling the same for Linus's problems.
  12. Do you use that phone on regular basis?
  13. Apple will discontinue iPhone SE and am planning to get one now. Heard that the battery life is pretty bad with the ver. 11.4. Is anyone here, in this forum, using SE with iOS 12? My usage is very moderate. I never install or use Facebook/Messenger type bloatware but G-Maps, eBay, audio songs for 2/3 hours in a day. Pretty basic stuffs.