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  1. Hello! A months ago I bought a Logitech g933 and I miss the ability to charge the headset on a charging dock. I looked at the Corsair st100 and saw that the stand has usb ports. Would it be possible to buy a really short usb cable and use the stand as a charging dock?
  2. That´s perfectly fine!
  3. Hello everyone! I don´t want to waste everyones time here so I will get straight to the point. I own a R9 390 GPU (By XFX if that´s important) and I am planning to buy a new monitor. The monitor I am looking at is a AOC Agon AG322QCX and it´s a 1440p monitor. Will my R9 390 be able to handle 1440p? And if it can´t, can I still play at 1080p on a 1440p monitor or will it look bad? What do you guys think about the screen? I would want atleast 60fps, but I don´t need to play at Ultra. I also saw the LG 34UC79G, what do you think about that one? It costs around the same where I live. That one is just 1080p tho, and it´s curved. Doesn´t 2560x1080 look very bad on a 34 inch screen? Thanks!
  4. Any specific model you would recommend?
  5. I have been looking for a new keyboard, preferably a tenkeyless. I have been looking at the Claymore Core and the Corsair K65 Lux. I really like the design and font on the claymore. Where I live they cost approximately the same. I haven't decided on which switch i should use so any recommendations would be appreciated. I play all kinds of games including fps and type a lot. Which on of these keyboard would you buy? Thank you!