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    Richmond, California
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    Gaming, eSports, cryptocurrency, programming


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    ASRock Z77 Pro3
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    16GB DDR3
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    EVGA GTX 1060 3GB (Single-Fan)
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    256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, 2x 512GB HDD
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    Antec 1000W 80 Plus Bronze
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    Acer S232HLAbid, 2x Dell SE198WFPv
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    Corsair Strafe Red Backlight (Brown)
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
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    Sennheiser HD6XX

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  1. FireClawGames

    PC's shutting down at random intervals

    3200 crashed his PC, so I had him try 2400 which was more stable. I've heard that Ryzen has trouble with higher clocks for memory, so that makes some sense.
  2. FireClawGames

    PC's shutting down at random intervals

    He's set the RAM to 2400 with the correct timings and has been playing the Witcher 3 for over an hour now with no issues, thank you all for your help! @SirixtheUnicorn, you should mark the response I quoted below as the solution.
  3. FireClawGames

    PC's shutting down at random intervals

    I've walked him through the BIOS and his RAM was at the correct timings, but for some reason the sticks had different frequencies, so now they're the same and we're running an AIDA64 stress test. Hopefully the GPU isn't the problem
  4. FireClawGames

    PC's shutting down at random intervals

    I'm @SirixtheUnicorn's friend and I directed him to this forum. If it helps, this is his system config: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QJbJbX
  5. Have you tried the latest version of Claymore? Worth a shot to see if somehow that helps and the devfee for dual mining is lower too. EDIT: Realized you said "dual cards" not "dual mining" my bad. Still worth a shot though.
  6. I'd recommend making an exclusion for Claymore in Defender to begin with, but which cards do you mine with?
  7. FireClawGames


    You could just mine on ethermine if you don't like what you hear about nanopool. As for mining ZClassic that's completely up to you, again I'm extremely skeptical how the BTCP fork will work out.
  8. FireClawGames

    [UPDATE: Visa is at fault] Coinbase Charging Accounts Multiple Times

    Nope that's a joint statement with Visa. Read Energycore's post.
  9. FireClawGames

    [UPDATE: Visa is at fault] Coinbase Charging Accounts Multiple Times

    It's Visa's fault read the edit that I made 6 hours ago
  10. FireClawGames

    [UPDATE: Visa is at fault] Coinbase Charging Accounts Multiple Times

    I'll do that right now.
  11. So first you'll have to figure out which coin you want to mine you could use a site like WhatToMine (980 Ti isn't on the list so you might need to do some digging to get the correct values) to see which one is the most profitable at the time. You should choose a coin and stick with it. You'll have to get a wallet, get mining software, and then choose a pool to mine to For example if you were to mine Ethereum I'd recommend using Exodus or MyEtherWallet if you don't want to download the blockchain. For mining software I'd recommend PhoenixMiner or ethminer for Nvidia cards. As for a pool a pretty safe bet would be ethermine or nanopool. All of them should have tutorials that should be enough to get you started, but if you need more help feel free to post again. I've also done some research on the 980 Ti when it comes to mining and it seems like you might have some trouble initially. This post on Reddit might help you if you have a low hashrate. Nicehash is really easy to set up and it's good if you aren't interested in really getting into it, but I wouldn't recommend using it because of how ownership of coins work with them, the fact that a ton of Bitcoin has been stolen from the before, and their fees. I don't see any reason not to use a card to mine on the side when you don't pay electricity. If you're not using it why not make some money with it?
  12. Yeah you can. With a lot of mining software you can disable mining with a specific card on the fly which could be really useful in your case.
  13. FireClawGames

    [UPDATE: Visa is at fault] Coinbase Charging Accounts Multiple Times

    I added something similar earlier today to an edit to the original post. Check out the joint statement that Coinbase and Visa released on Coinbase's blog.
  14. FireClawGames


    AFAIK nanopool won't do payout until you hit the minimum payout unlike how ethermine will pay you if you have at least 0.01 and it's been a week (source). With nanopool, shortly after you hit 0.05 (assuming you set it to that minimum) you'll be paid to the address that you specified. I think it might be possible to message nanopool and request a manual payout, but I haven't tried that yet.
  15. FireClawGames


    Probably is a key phrase when it comes to the price of crypto because it changes very quickly. I watched my wallet go from $120 to $90 within a week during the recent crash.