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    Intel Core i5-8400
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    Asus ROG z370-E strix
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    Gtx 1060
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    Some mechanical reddragon
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  1. So that you know I already have a lot games due to me owning a gaming pc
  2. Hey, I am looking for a new gaming laptop under around 1100 euros that can ship to austria. The screen should hopefully be 13 - 14 inches however if there is a good deal I can deal with a 15 inch. It should be VR ready (Minimum GTX 1060), I dont care about the CPU. If possible it would be nice to have a touch screen. If you need any more info please inform me. Thanks in advance!
  3. The ipad using the smart keyboard (Ive done it before its actually not bad.) and the e ink board on the yoga book.
  4. I am currently looking for a new tablet, i am currently thinking about getting a Yoga book c930 or an iPad pro, I would like to watch content, draw, take notes for school, do some web browsing, very light video editing, writing essays and light gaming (think minecraft), What would you guys say is a better tablet to save up for?
  5. That's the issue, we don't own a clutch enabled car, I practiced on my mom's car in Russia (obviously it was a Lada Riva) and we visit Russia very rarely and even then it's in a village in the middle of nowhere where we go like once every two years, that's why I want to figure out a solution at home.
  6. Ok you might read the title and assume that I would like to play racing games, no. I am a teenager and I would like to continue learning and practicing how to use manual with clutch, my mom taught me a bit in her car but I would like to learn more. I would prefer a budget of 150 euros but can go higher. I am looking for a wheel with manual gear shifting and a clutch pedal. I live in Austria so I would recommend looking on amazon.de and the Austrian eBay. Thanks in advanced.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but I was wondering whether I should splurge for a surface pro 6?
  8. I don't really have a budget it just has to be cheap, I live in Austria, I will specify if you need some more info.
  9. To add on I already own a 10.5 ipad pro 256gb and I recently began hating ios after switching to android (all the features). But thank you for writing this out, I may go for a tab s4 or 3 and maybe one of the surfaces. But anyway thanks
  10. If you are asking for budget, 500 euros is max but around 200-400 is preffered
  11. Ok lads, I currently own an older ipad pro but recently my apple pencle broke and I just started drawing so it kind of defeats the purpose of me really using it since I pretty much only using for drawing. Are there any good tablets that have a pen and are not too behind the ipad, which I am probably going to sell to fund this whole operation anyway. I dont mind whether it runs android or windows. I live in austria, please help me.
  12. Problem, my file browser does not open, it does the same thing as terminal