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    Intel Core i5-8400
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    Asus ROG z370-E strix
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    Gtx 1060
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    Corsair air 540
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    256gb ssd and 3tb hard drive
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    Windows 10

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  1. Fadednova

    New Tablet with pen/drawing capabilities

    To add on I already own a 10.5 ipad pro 256gb and I recently began hating ios after switching to android (all the features). But thank you for writing this out, I may go for a tab s4 or 3 and maybe one of the surfaces. But anyway thanks
  2. Fadednova

    New Tablet with pen/drawing capabilities

    If you are asking for budget, 500 euros is max but around 200-400 is preffered
  3. Ok lads, I currently own an older ipad pro but recently my apple pencle broke and I just started drawing so it kind of defeats the purpose of me really using it since I pretty much only using for drawing. Are there any good tablets that have a pen and are not too behind the ipad, which I am probably going to sell to fund this whole operation anyway. I dont mind whether it runs android or windows. I live in austria, please help me.
  4. Problem, my file browser does not open, it does the same thing as terminal
  5. I recently installed Ubuntu 18.10 on my dell xps 13, after using it for a few days and then shutting it down, now termianl does not launch at all! Please help, whenever i launch it the cursor spins around then stops.
  6. Fadednova

    Gopro upgrade

  7. Fadednova

    Gopro upgrade

    200 - 300
  8. Fadednova

    Gopro upgrade

    I am currently using my trusty old gopro hero 4 silver but recently it has been acting up, like it still records fine but the sensor glitches every few minutes making it really annoying. I would like to know what is a good upgrade for it, I am don't care if it is an older model like a 6 or 5 but I still would like best bang for the buck, I currently live in Austria.
  9. Happy soon new year epic gamer bois and girls!

    1. Cyberspirit


      Happy soon to be New year to you as well, fellow gamer. *dabs*

  10. Fadednova

    Cheap psvita in 2018

    I have been considering getting a ps vita for a little bit and I finally got pushed over the edge when one of my best buds game a 100 euros amazon gift card (Thanks Alosha!). I currently have 120 bucks in cash which I can cash in for an Amazon gift card. The problem is that there are so many options I can't decide on one. Can someone help me decide on an option at around 150 euros, I am willing to go over though. I live in Austria and use amazon.de. I will appreciate any help!
  11. Fadednova

    Really stupid question?

    Oh wow did not notice that, thanks!
  12. Fadednova

    Really stupid question?

    Does anybody still have a gamebandxMinecraft. I am a large fan of minecraft but usually all of my worlds are on separate devices making it hard to perfect one world because you keep switching? Does anyone still use one and willing to sell it to me for under 50 euros, I live in Austria but am willing to split the costs of shipping if it is high.
  13. Fadednova


    1. Just looking for something to make better 2. 500 euros (As in the post) 3. yes