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    Intel Core i5-8400
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    Asus ROG z370-E strix
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    Gtx 1060
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    Corsair air 540
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    256gb ssd and 3tb hard drive
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  1. Fadednova

    Best monitor/tv as a second monitor

    I currently have have a 28 inch 4k monitor but i would like a second monitor with av so i could play retro games on it. I am currently looking at this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B01A0LH236/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all because it has av and hdmi i have a budget of 150 euros and i live in austria
  2. Fadednova

    NDS lite capture card

    could not find any on ebay.at,ebay.co.uk or ebay.com
  3. Fadednova

    NDS lite capture card

    So buy one from like ebay? I know that i will physically mod it. And i alrealdy own a nds lite
  4. Fadednova

    NDS lite capture card

    Are there any ds lite capture cards left i can use for streaming?
  5. Fadednova

    Cheap tablet with pen

    What is a good budget tablet under 100 euros with a stylist (so like a tab 8.0) i live in austria edit: dont care if its used
  6. Fadednova

    Best iPhone SE replacement

    Ok cool thanks
  7. Fadednova

    Best iPhone SE replacement

    I am ok with larger phones but not a tablet. Slight preference on iphone
  8. Fadednova

    Best iPhone SE replacement

    Budget: 500 euros country: Österreich (Austria) stores: amazon.de media market and Saturn (google!) oh and ebay I slightly prefer iPhone over android but I am ok with both and don’t care if it’s used
  9. Fadednova

    Is ubuntu good?

    we will see
  10. Fadednova

    Is ubuntu good?

    time to try it out
  11. Fadednova

    Is ubuntu good?

    found a usb will partition and try it
  12. I got a dell xps 13 with ubuntu to save a bit AND get a qwerty keyboard. I am thinking of reinstalling windows onto it BUT i need an opinion of someone who tried ubuntu. Also is there a onenote alternative?
  13. Dell is taking forever on shipping my dell xps 13

    1. TheLaserCucumber


      Lenovo also was kinda slow of handing my Ideapad over to UPS, I think it took them a week or something like that after I ordered it.

      And because UPS is slow AF, it took another 2 weeks to arrive, and that from the Netherlands, of which the border is like 80km away from my home...


  14. Fadednova

    Experiment: Modern Win7 Gaming rig

    "secure" means having you private data as main course for microsoft
  15. Fadednova

    Install windows 10 on xps 13

    we will see on the 7th of august