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  1. Someone should really get after them for false advertising. I bought "Lifetime" access to Synergy Pro, expecting future updates to be available free of additional charge. 2.x is an update over 1.x and should be available for use. Since the feature set is changing, offering downloads for 1.x and 2.x would be smart for those who bought a license before the 2.0 release. I'm really pissed about this and others should be too. That's flat out false advertising. EDIT: It's false advertising because until now, my Synergy key showed up as "Synergy Pro" not "Synergy I Pro". It matters at the time of purchase.
  2. That's a question I'd like to know the answer to as well. Can you try installing Windows 10 as an upgrade from an 8.1 install?
  3. At this point you have just about exhausted your options. I am going to go out on a limb and say that something is wrong with your processor. The rest of the system appears to be fine. Instead of fully replacing the machine, replacing the processor is likely the cheaper option, and while the store might not let you RMA it, you may be able to talk to AMD directly about getting a replacement since they are the manufacturer. Alternatively, you could live with 8GB of RAM until you can afford to replace the processor out of pocket. I would not recommend the store you went to. Try amazon or newegg.
  4. And to AMD's credit, they marked 17.9.3 as optional meaning it probably isn't the version Windows update is grabbing. I bet you have 17.7.2 now. Or slightly older. Edit: Yay! Glad to hear it is working!
  5. Have you tried clearing out your cookies and cache for YouTube? Is the interface just as slow in other browsers?
  6. I was about to ask about what was showing up in Device Manager. Glad to see you thought of that on your own! Personally, I haven't used DDU for years. It hasn't been necessary for a long time. If 17.7.2 is still giving you issues... ...and ninja'd again. Twice in a day! Yikes.
  7. Can you try uninstalling the driver with the regular AMD uninstaller (add or remove programs) and try to install the 17.7.2 version? The issue might be limited to 17.9.3. Additionally, are you sure it is an RX 460?
  8. Assuming you download a driver from this page. Which version did you download? 17.9.3 or 17.7.2?
  9. Activating Windows wouldn't be a bad start. Installing the DirectX Runtime would be the next step. You can find a web installer on Microsoft's Website.
  10. Have you tried the Media Crea- Ninja'd while getting links. Can you try a boot ovverride on your install media through BIOS? Try UEFI.
  11. Assuming I am not reading this incorrectly, your monitor has a physical auto adjust button. Try wiggling it to see if it is auto-adjusting from that. If that isn't the case, first try swapping the display cable you are using, then the port on your video card, and finally the port on the monitor and see if the issue persists.
  12. Please add more information to the OP. We can only assist so much with limited information. Can you give more detail on the exact process? Your first picture seems to indicate chkdsk is trying to repair the errors. What happens after that screen? Does the computer reboot and start the process over again? Does it give you a command line?
  13. Hi there, Can you please be more descriptive? This isn't enough to go on and more information is needed to be of assistance. Without more information, I am going to assume you pointed the drive path to your desktop folder instead of using a drive letter when you created a new partition. This means files and folders on your storage drive will appear on your desktop (but not take up space on your boot drive). You can change easily change this behavior through Windows' built-in Disk Management utility. Press Win + R to bring up the Run dialog. Type "diskmgmt.msc" without quotes and hit enter. Right-click the volume you created on your storage drive and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths...". Add a drive letter and remove the file path with the appropriate buttons.