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  1. Umm, according to the specs and several reviewers this monitor comes with a 10 bit IPS panel
  2. Hello, So I've finally bit the bullet and decided to get a new monitor for my rig since I've been using the same monitor for about 7 years now. I've done some research and the must have features I want is 144hz min, 1440p, IPS panel, and some form of variable refresh rate. I currently use a GTX 1080 TI but now that Nvidia is allowing the use of Freesync I'm considering a FreeSync monitor. The monitor that I'm currently debating is the AORUS AD27QD Gaming Monitor made by Gigabyte. It's a 2019 model, full of features that I like (RGB, Custom hardware crosshair, being able to change all the monitor settings within windows), and a few that I dont care about (noise cancelation, black equalizer) Currently it costs around $600. My question is are there any "better" choices out there? Is this a "good" purchase? I'm looking for opinions and experience from current users
  3. Source: https://electrek.co/2018/05/18/chevy-bolt-ev-backordered-canada/ In Canada there is a significant demand and limited availability of the Chevy Bolt that it has created a backlog of up to a year.
  4. Doesn't Windows mixed reality loose track of the controllers if they go out of sight? (behind your head)
  5. huh, I must have missed that episode. Thanks Edit: Just finished watching it, NICE. Now I'm wondering how many vives they could get using a server board
  6. This post is purely theoretical. So being a Vive owner and watching Linus' invisible VR build with Oculus I started thinking about what benefits the vive has over Oculus. The most obvious one i've heard people say is for Oculus to have 360 room scale it needs 3 cameras which require 3 usb ports unlike the vive which does the same amount of work with only one port. This got me thinking, since you have more available ports could you use a single rig (one motherboard) have multiple vives hooked into it (assuming you have the space)? And if so how many vives could you fit? This rig would probably have to run virtual machines and have a dedicated graphics card for each vive but it should be possible right? I remember going to VRLA and seeing a Vive "Cube" where 4 vive play spaces were set up in a square but each vive had its own system to run it. I also thought maybe this could be a cool build Linus could do like 7 Gamers, 1 CPU
  7. Sources: Road to VR, Venture Beat I hope and pray that this does not become a Microsoft VR exclusive Anounced on Aug 28
  8. Posted on the YouTube video but will repeat here: OK Linus I have a question, I currently have a Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pad that covers my desk. In fact its the same one as the white one you were using in the video only mine is black, could I stick the Powerplay under my mouse pad and have no problems with charging the mouse and having a smooth surface to glide on top of