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  1. 3 displays problem

    @LyondellBasell @Flurpster thank you guys for your inputs, my laptop doesnt has a displayport eventhough it has two graphic cards but I dont have access to then to connected each monitor in one....... ill exchange the gadget that i bought as it doesnt do what i though it does and buy the connectors recommended once again thanks for all the feedback
  2. 3 displays problem

    I´m so stupid bought the wrong stuff........ thanks man!!! https://www.amazon.de/XCSOURCE-Adapter-Konverter-Notebook-AH150/dp/B01ER2Z2HM/ref=pd_sim_147_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XSCKQKKJB4AEWWD22E18 this one also would get the job done? connecting one monitor into the HDMI that already existed at my laptop and the other monitor connected to one USB port with this adapter?
  3. 3 displays problem

    the adapter that I bought is this one here at the pictur e
  4. 3 displays problem

    sorry if I express myself poorly, the image from the laptop display is fine, the problem is with the other two monitors, they are showing as if they were only one, so right now i have the laptop display and the other two are as if they were only one
  5. 3 displays problem

    hi everyone! I´m building my set up step by step as the money allow me to do and I bought two monitors ( asus MG28UQ) and was only using one of then with my laptop today i received the adapter so I could finally connected both of then on my laptop but now I´m not being able to reconize the 3 displays somehow windows only reconizes the display from the laptop itself and both monitors (asus) are displaying the same image I have no idea on how to fix this issue
  6. motherboard asus z379-e

    thank you very much for the answer i didnt see any unboxing where people showed this item so i assumed i would have to buy it which would make me choose the asus z370-F everything almost the same except for the wifi/bluetooth adapter and one connector 3,1 at the front of the motherboard i live in a small apartment i guess the router is apart from my computer for a distance around 6 to 8 meter maximum now i only have to decided if i buy an M.2 samsung 250GB or a SSD of 500GB for the same price not so sure yet which one to take ;D but once again thank you very much for the assistance
  7. motherboard asus z379-e

    Hi everyone! I was doing some research and got a little bit confuse when I saw the image that Im adding in affix I would like to know if, when buying the motherboard asus z370-e do I still need to buy some sort of adapter or it is already built in it.
  8. installation problems

    thanks @Jurrunio i found it at the quarentine items
  9. installation problems

    Hi everyone, I have a new laptop and Im having an very annoying problem here every time i try to install a new software it says the following msg insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service c:/users/me/AppData/Temp/DMR/dmr_72.exe (but i have 50GB free space) and when looking into that folder, this dmr72 doesnt exist and in that dmr folder there is only seven files with 1kb each any suggestion on what to do?
  10. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman good news i have my combos up and running the guy didn´t manage to get it working with autohotkey as i was actually paying him for but i gave him remote access to my computer and he tweak a little bit into the ds4windows and manage to get it done from there now its playing smoothly and i can finally enjoy some easy combos while playing the store mode ;D
  11. inputmapper macro

    I think it doesn´t support this mode first I google what that was, because I didnt know rsrs but then I tried to do as some sites sad that would work and it didn´t react to it like pressing alt+enter it´s being a real hassle here rsrs thanks for the support at least I´m learning new things a little bit of authotkey i found now a version of ds4windows which is working....i just can´t make any macros at all with any of the softwares but that is life
  12. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman i tried batman arkhan knight and the other one was berserker and the band of the hawk this are the two games that im interested in to have the hot keys working on
  13. inputmapper macro

    Hi @Thermosman ! the guy from fiverr sended me his file bit it didnt work so maybe tomorrow ill have something operational from him but in parallel i didnt wanna do nothing so i kept on searching and I found this script here !x::Suspend LButton:: Loop { SetMouseDelay 10 Click If (GetKeyState("LButton","P­")=0) Break } after activating the script by right clicking on the file that you will creat .ahk then to activate the turbo left click mouse just press alt+x to activate/deactivate at the windows enviroment is working flowless tested at a home page which count your clicks.... but when opening my games it didn´t work inside the games not sure why that..... and all the forums that i found stuff about it are dead or not uptdated sinze long time ago..... hopping to get something operational from the russian guy from fiverr but until then ill try some more
  14. inputmapper macro

    no success on my own just hired somebody from fiverr he sad he can do it but will take him a few hours i guess he might be at his main job and will do it when he gets home.... looking forward to see the result and let everybody know if its working ;D
  15. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman thanks for the advice now im getting started with the autohotkey it seems to be trick to work but before i try anything with the ps4 controller im going throw with the beginners guide and i was able to creat my first script i hope that today i can post here that i was able to do what i wanted to do all the way back ;D