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  1. @GeneXiS_X I don´t think a lower sRGB would be so important as nowadays all gadgets have a decent display if would be possible to be used as a gaming laptop as well would be even better, to be able to do some gaming while still being on the road specially that on my new job, from time to time I´m going to be required to be traveling
  2. hey @GeneXiS_X would be nice if possible to be able to do some light gaming on the road 1080p but I would mostly be using it to stream the games played on the desk top or console in which aspects of the configuration I should be focusing? as there are so many options of models out there........
  3. I'm in Germany, normally I buy stuff from amazon.de would be nice if lightweight but it´s not a must be I don´t really have a preference for battery life but (if possible to be charged with a usb C /power bank) that also would be great do you think I can get nice options with this budget? thanks for the quick feedback
  4. hey everybody! I would like to get some recommendation on a laptop to be used for streaming I would be playing with a desktop with better components and on the laptop it would be handling the streaming, chat, music.... would be nice if the price would be less then a 1000 euros Best regards
  5. thanks for the feedback guys! best regards
  6. Hey everyone! I'm planning to start streaming on twitch And was wandering about best configuration max 1000 euros Less better for a dedicated streaming pc I'll be gaming in another pc and sometimes on console. I also was wandering if with the gaming pc being a I7 8700k GTX 1080TI 32gb Ram I would be able to do it Or there is really the need for a 2nd pc Best regards everybody
  7. Hey everybody, this weekend the last piece of my setup arrived, but unfortunately, I´m not being able to make it work. My projector is an Epson EH-TW9400, Bluray player Sony X700 and for speakers, I´m using a 5.1 from Klipsch powered by a Denon AVR-X 4500H. Individually everything is working ( calibrated the speaker with the microphone that was included) the projector switch on and was able to navigate the menus and the sony device when connected to the projector I can get it to play a blueray disc without sound and Im also not able to conect to the menus of the blueray it self when connecting the blueray into a tv then the menus of the blueray are normal and i can even access the Netflix but when I try to use it with my set up (projector) then I can´t access the menus in the blueray and no sound as well thanks in advance for the feedback
  8. @xvision1991 thanks for the feedback So this Adobe vision is only a certification As there is not yet a certified protector Do you think that it's worth to pay almost the double the price from a Epson EH TW7400 to take the Epson EH TW9300? or there is something also that you would recommend? Thanks a lot
  9. Hey everybody! I´m currently living in Germany and I´m on the market to purchase a projector for my home cinema I was already almost certain to buy the Optoma UHD 60 but then I learned that it doesn´t have lens shift (only 15% vertically) . So I did some digging and found the Epson EH-TW 7400 which has lens shift (but 4k enhanced) but then reading some more I saw a review in which a guy says that this projector (Epson eh-tw7400) isn´t compatible with Dolby vision. I would like to know if that information is true or not as I bought the blue ray from sony x700 and not having a projector that can output the video would be a bummer. and as I´m already here taking advantage of the vast knowledge of this great community I would like to get some indication on projectors that can output 4k dolby vision that would cost no more than 2500 euros. Best regards the speaker in this set up is from Klipsch and receiver from Denon just in case there are any issues with compatibility.
  10. very interesting problem but I don't think that there is a cable problem because it works just fine with another USB stick. and the USB doesn´t seem to be broke either as it works fine on the rear port...... I´m curious to see if somebody think of something to help this dude I´m very intrigued by myself.
  11. Thanks for the feedback man! appreciated
  12. @paprikman thanks for the feedback! so even the Canon 80D, isn´t a good choice to go? or the Panasonic gh5 but this one I´m reluctant about the autofocus being really bad in several reviews
  13. https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/cam-link/camera-check almost forgot to add the link to the Elgato homepage so that you can read the information that I have mentioned about the cameras that have a clean HDMI output and the models that they say that are compatible or not
  14. Good morning everybody! I was browsing the Elgato homepage to buy the cam link to use on my stream and while doing so I found out that they offer a list of cameras that are already tested with their gadget, I mean that is known to work great with their capture device and also some cameras that don´t work so well.... but in their list they didn´t included the Canon 6D mark II which is the camera that I´m considering to purchase as it can also be used to record my youtube videos with a great dual pixel auto focus so I would like to know if somebody was already able to test it, or already read something about it somewhere ... I have just received an answer from the canon technical support, and it was not helpful at all the guy just sad that canon can´t answer on 3rd part accessories and that you shouldn´t use any of the EOS series to record videos longer then 30min... so now I´m turning to the most tech expert community in the internet ;D to help me solve these issue will I be able to use the Canon 6D mark II, to record my stream for several hours without problems and this camera also has the functionality of delivering a high-quality image through the HDMI connector? Best regards to everybody
  15. Hey everybody! I´m going to start a streaming channel and would like to have more than one camera in my setup. what I´m thinking is, what would be the best cost efficient solution for that? to capture the video from my console I´m going to use an Elgato HD60s and for my webcam, I´m thinking in perhaps 2 or 3 cam link. so I have two questions would that work? is there any other cheaper way to get it working efficiently? the configuration of my pc is: Processor, I7 8700k GPU, Geforce 1080Ti 32GB Ram Gskill MotherBoard Asus strix z370e almost forgot to mention, on top of the normal usb 3.0 from my computer tower corsair "T 780" I bought a 5 ports usb 3.0 pcie adapter if there are any questions that you guys have about my rig that would help solve the issue don´t hesitate to ask