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  1. installation problems

    thanks @Jurrunio i found it at the quarentine items
  2. installation problems

    Hi everyone, I have a new laptop and Im having an very annoying problem here every time i try to install a new software it says the following msg insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service c:/users/me/AppData/Temp/DMR/dmr_72.exe (but i have 50GB free space) and when looking into that folder, this dmr72 doesnt exist and in that dmr folder there is only seven files with 1kb each any suggestion on what to do?
  3. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman good news i have my combos up and running the guy didn´t manage to get it working with autohotkey as i was actually paying him for but i gave him remote access to my computer and he tweak a little bit into the ds4windows and manage to get it done from there now its playing smoothly and i can finally enjoy some easy combos while playing the store mode ;D
  4. inputmapper macro

    I think it doesn´t support this mode first I google what that was, because I didnt know rsrs but then I tried to do as some sites sad that would work and it didn´t react to it like pressing alt+enter it´s being a real hassle here rsrs thanks for the support at least I´m learning new things a little bit of authotkey i found now a version of ds4windows which is working....i just can´t make any macros at all with any of the softwares but that is life
  5. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman i tried batman arkhan knight and the other one was berserker and the band of the hawk this are the two games that im interested in to have the hot keys working on
  6. inputmapper macro

    Hi @Thermosman ! the guy from fiverr sended me his file bit it didnt work so maybe tomorrow ill have something operational from him but in parallel i didnt wanna do nothing so i kept on searching and I found this script here !x::Suspend LButton:: Loop { SetMouseDelay 10 Click If (GetKeyState("LButton","P­")=0) Break } after activating the script by right clicking on the file that you will creat .ahk then to activate the turbo left click mouse just press alt+x to activate/deactivate at the windows enviroment is working flowless tested at a home page which count your clicks.... but when opening my games it didn´t work inside the games not sure why that..... and all the forums that i found stuff about it are dead or not uptdated sinze long time ago..... hopping to get something operational from the russian guy from fiverr but until then ill try some more
  7. inputmapper macro

    no success on my own just hired somebody from fiverr he sad he can do it but will take him a few hours i guess he might be at his main job and will do it when he gets home.... looking forward to see the result and let everybody know if its working ;D
  8. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman thanks for the advice now im getting started with the autohotkey it seems to be trick to work but before i try anything with the ps4 controller im going throw with the beginners guide and i was able to creat my first script i hope that today i can post here that i was able to do what i wanted to do all the way back ;D
  9. inputmapper macro

    @thermosman with the inputmapper it work flowless wired or wireless but im not able to create any macro at all with the ds4windows it reconizes the controller it seens to be way easier to create the macros i can see the buttons being reconized but when i open any game ( tried with batman and berserker) the controller doesnt respond at all and after our talk i tried this xpadder but its being very difficult as well first it wasnt even opening duo to the problems of compatibility with windows 10 when that is managed by running it with compatibility mode then the software doesnt respond to the buttons .... do you think that if i would buy ConsoleTuner Titan One or cronu max i would then finally be able to make it work the one im wishing to have?
  10. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman i manage to get it working on windows 10 but it doesnt reconize my ps4 controller after finally managing to get it to open when i went to settings there, there was no image of a controller to assign the buttons at the controller then i solved that by going to the forum and getting an image from there so i could assing the buttons at the correspondent part of the controller but it´s not responding its being quite frustrating but let's keep on trying if you have any suggestions ill be more then happy to hear it
  11. inputmapper macro

    it says that it´s not compatible with my version of windows i saw a video were the guy right click propriety compatibility and make it compatible with windows 10 but the download from the link that you gave doesn´t offer the option for windows 10 so im trying the other version lets see if one of then can work
  12. inputmapper macro

    @Thermosman now I´m stuck at the part were I´m trying to make it work i saw something about trying to make it compatible but its not working for me
  13. inputmapper macro

    thanks @Thermosman just out of curiosity, do you use this software? after I have downloaded and had a look on it ill let you know my impressions about it and lets see if can manage to create a macro for a combo or at leas that i press the buttom one time and it spams many times
  14. inputmapper macro

    hello, everybody! I have just downloaded the inputmapper and I was able to make my ps4 controller to work perfectly with my computer windows 10 but I´m not being able to creat any macro at all I would like to know how to create a macro for the game berserk and the band of the hawk I would like to instead of smashing the buttons square and triangle hundreds of times that I would only click on square one time and a combo would be executed any idea how I could do it? thanks in advance
  15. asus MG28U

    thanks @TVwazhere i wont pursue this anymore then ;D