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  1. new latop

    @kirashi thanks for the assitance! and everybody also that commented on the issue!
  2. new latop

    Good morning @kirashi ! do you think that i found it out correctly or those items above won´t be compatible with her laptop?
  3. new latop

    http://www.crucial.de/deu/de/intel-mobile-hm76/CT11298096 http://www.crucial.de/deu/de/intel-mobile-hm76/CT3696866 i think that this are the ram stick and ssd that are compatible with her system but i would like to be sure before placing the order
  4. new latop

    i just checked those information to find out which model and on the uper picture it only has informations about the battery ;( here follows the model asus k55a but something that im wondering is the memory ram on the other picture that she has sent me her computer only has 4gb of ram and on the description that i found on the internet says that this model should have 8gb https://www.cnet.com/products/asus-k55a-ds51-15-6-core-i5-3230m-8-gb-ram-750-gb-hdd/specs/ that´s interesting but at least now we know that she can upgrade her amount of ram in her laptop i just dont know yet about the ssd if it has a m.2 port or the space for a ssd and thanks for the help
  5. new latop

    she has just sent me the picture but I think you are right for what she generally does with her laptop if possible to add an SSD and upgrade the ram and a new operational system she will the thrilled with the difference in performance
  6. new latop

    thanks for the advise everyone! when she arrives here in two weeks or so ill have a look at her laptop it´s for sure not in the warranty time anymore, she bought it back in 2012 when she visited USA now she is visiting me in Germany and would like to make her laptop better as in Brazil this things cost your soul but for what she does with her system I guess she only needs to upgrade her memory ram which I have to see which model is because as her system is from all the way back in 2012 there is a chance that it might is probably ddr3 maybe dd2 then i have to find out if her motherboard is compatible with ddr3 if it has ddr2 and improve from the actuall 4GB to at least 8GB but around 700 euros which models of laptop you guys think that she would be happy with or around this price range there isnt much difference in performance when making a comparison on the system that she has on the moment?
  7. new latop

    Hi everyone! my sister would like to upgrade her system she mostly uses it to watch netflix and read files out her laptop and often she has several tabs open at once for her usage I guess she doesnt really need a new laptop i guess only increase the amount of memory ram and maybe empty the temporary files folder/cookies (when she visits me im planning on formating her pc and install windows 10 as well) and that should make her laptop be like new once again but that is only my opinion and that´s why I´m here what do you guys think and if she should really upgrade to a newer laptop which model she should get something not too expensive preferably maybe a budget around 700 euros thanks in advance
  8. rgb still on when pc is off

    @mbox but you have helped plant the software aura pick up the ram i can change the effects collors and stuff but i cant say that i want to have it off when not using the pc as i can say with the gpu and mobo im still searching but not very good at it lets see if i can find anything
  9. rgb still on when pc is off

    trident z rgb f4-3600c17q-32gbtzr
  10. rgb still on when pc is off

    @mbox i have just downloaded the software and it solves the problem only of the gpu and motherboard doing the same as the menu from the bios the ram is a g.skill not sure how to solve this problem would be nice not have it glowing when the pc is switched off at least 2/3 from the issue is already managed rsrs
  11. rgb still on when pc is off

    @mbox Ill have a look in this software i didn't finish installing everything on the new pc and many things that i never had before like mechanical keyboard, .... and this rgb shinanigans rsrs thanks for the advice
  12. rgb still on when pc is off

    @CryptoMatt you see my point You adjust the machine to your needs Not another way around @mbox thanks a lot now the motherboard doesn't shine when the pc is off But the egg on the memory ram is still on e en when the pc is off The solution would be around that same menu?
  13. rgb still on when pc is off

    @CryptoMatt that´s wrong, if your mouse is making double click you dont just get used to it you buy a new one the machines have to adjust to your needs and not another way around
  14. rgb still on when pc is off

    that´s great!! I´ll try it out right now
  15. rgb still on when pc is off

    @mbox this would also disable the lights when the pc is on as well or only when the pc is off?