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  1. thanks @TVwazhere i wont pursue this anymore then ;D
  2. Hi @TVwazhere, but without the driver how can i open the asus widget interface? im trying here might have get 100 different type of virus trying to find somehting ahiauhauiah
  3. Hi everyone! my monitors arrived today and while going through the papers that came together in the box i found a cd which had a driver for the monitors i installed the driver but it wont work im running it on windows 10 searching all around but nothing that could help solve the issue even have had a look on old posts here to see if somebody had similar issue and somebody sugested to install it in a different folder then the one normal one but no success if somebody has solved it or has a link that has a software working i would like to try this feature seems to be very nice to tweak my monitors settings thanks in advance
  4. i didnt know about that either ;D ill search for dp 1.4 then and i guess that 2m maximum longer than that would be a problem for the cable or at least is what im reading from the people reviewing the cables that im looking on amazon
  5. Hi @Himommies I just purchased the monitors and soon I´ll order the graphic cards building my pc slowly as the money allows me to do ;D at the moment still using my laptop for editing gaming and everything also but hopefully quite soon ill have all components for my pc bought first the monitor because i could already use it for editing and take advantage of the gain in image quality jumping from a native 1080p into 4k gaming i know that would be possible until have the rig running because my laptop does run the latest games ;( so in 4k it would be even worst but a peace at a time ill get there
  6. thanks @dizmo i didn´t know about this function ;D and thanks everybody for the quick answer i thought there were a few different types of displayport and hdmi which would be hdmi 1.4 and hdmi 2.0 and for the display port would be displayport 1.2 and 1.3 or 1.4 not sure i just saw something about it but i understood it wrong
  7. for shooting games can be quite trick... not sure if is functional but for racing games can be quite something ;D so instead of the HDMI 2.0 would be better to use which version of the display port? just to make sure that i got it right you are saying that it will work without problems the two monitors at 4k and 60hz
  8. Hi Himommies! I was thinking about connecting the hdmi 2.0 one in each monitor connecting into the gpu which has 2 hdmi and 2 displayport
  9. Hi everyone! I would like to know if 1 gtx 1080ti I´ll be able to run a set up with 2 monitors asus MG28UQ or if that would be too much for the graphic card and only when being in SLI would be able to delivery a dual scream 4k 60hz experience thanks in advance
  10. I don't know this another model that you mentioned But qc25 you can find it used in a very good shape My own for instance I have it already for a couple of years And the only thing that I had to do was change the foam petting And it still works like if would have bought it last week And specially as you are concerned about nose isolation I think it I'll be hate to find something also better than that Good luck!
  11. Hi everyone! Im wandering about buying the color calibration device spyder 5 elite but by just reading the description at their home page i got confused and while watching a few review on youtube i havent seen anybody talking about it so here I´m asking for rescue on my conquest ;D what I would like to know is if with the device of color calibration for monitor spyder 5 elite I would be able to somehow calibrate my monitor to match the color of a photo book printed somewhere also or if for that purpose some another gadget would be better I mentioning the spyder 5 elite because the price seems to be reasonable and it will also keep my monitor calibrated and adjust the settings automatically as the light change in the room really looking forward to order one but im wandering if this gadget can also calibrate so the color in my monitor match with the color that will be printed and have some different profiles one for optimized monitor and one that will be washed and match the printed color in the photo book thanks everybody in advance ;D
  12. Hi! I´m also quite new to the forum, so before run to ebay and oder a bose qc25 wait for some other feedback from some other members having in mind that im a big fan from bose here goes my opnion I strongly advise to order a bose qc25 you can get it used for around 150 us dollars they have a hard case and slim profile that will fit on any backpack so no harm in just throw it in together with your keyboard or wherever you have in your backpack lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear it for several hours at a time the best noise canceling that I have ever seen I cannot imagine flying without it anymore the sounds quality is also great, sounds clear and not overload on the base like beats studio which I also have, a beats studio 2.0 that I have purchased prior to the bose qc25 about two years ago... at the time I thought that it was good but very uncomfortable to wear for periods longer than 2 hours but after buying the Bose I have never used it again and it is on the shelve collecting dust another good thing about the bose qc25 one battery aaa lasts for around 30h of use and even without batteries you still can use it but the sound will be squish so ways have a battery running on it and one in stock at the case I hope I have helped and let us know which model you have decided to buy later on
  13. Hi lee32uk! I don´t really think that I need 32GB ram, but as I´m trying to make a very nice machine for playing and video editing I thought that have a few extra GB won´t hurt and the difference from having 16gb and 32gb is 150 euros..... so I think that I´ll buy 32GB and about the monitor, I still haven't decided yet as I´m not a hardcore competitive player or playing very often shooting games I´m seriously considering using a 50" tv like Barnarcules´s cheaper and give a nice response..... or maybe a setup with a dual monitor.... which I still have to decide what do you think of using a tv as monitor?
  14. Hi everyone! I'm building a PC and the mother board z270e has only 2 usb 3.1 One to the front of the PC And one to the back I'm wondering If I buy a usb hub of 7 ports And connect it to the entrance 3.1 I'll have 7 ports 3.1 instead of one? Or I would have still 7 ports 3.0 If by connecting there I would have 7 ports 3.1 I still get the performance when using more then one gadget or it doesn't work that way?
  15. Thanks man! I even don't know how to do that ;D My first build I would be afraid to damage the stuff by doing any kind of over clock I think it will take me quite a lot of reading and courage before I attempted anything Around this price range Z270e is a great choice or there are better options?