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  1. new build under 1000 euros

    I have just looked into the links that you posted its mind blowing your water cooler system and the graphic cards in sli very nice congrats on your build @Lurick
  2. new build under 1000 euros

    just in case that there isn´t a stock cooler together with the processor this cooler would be a good option? Be quiet bk 008 cooling fan black https://www.amazon.de/Be-Quiet-BK008-Prozessorlüfter-schwarz/dp/B01KVNCEIG/ref=pd_cp_147_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01KVNCEIG&pd_rd_r=d4012517-6766-11e8-8d84-2546b4c896ee&pd_rd_w=q9ADU&pd_rd_wg=kxD7N&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&pf_rd_p=5744958458707925633&pf_rd_r=A3J7H548PTA35YRRMJGW&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=A3J7H548PTA35YRRMJGW for 25 euros
  3. new build under 1000 euros

    first of all I would like to say thank you very much to everybody that took the time to read and answer my post a special thanks to @Lurick that took a step beyond and even listed the links one per one that made so much easier to find the parts so somebody asked me why the motherboard "msi z370 a pro" to a processor that isn´t overclockable how does that make sense? it´s cheaper than the "msi x470" and if in something like more 3 years or so she decides to upgrade this system and get an i7 8700k the processor will be cheaper than now and the increment in performance from the i5 8400 into an i7 8700k is substantial with little money, she will get a good boost in performance. the water cooler I guess it is overkill to the purpose of the build, but I don´t know if there a stock cooler along with the processor when I bought my i7 8700k, there was no cooler along with it (it were shipped wrapped in a bubble plastic with nothing also).
  4. new build under 1000 euros

    Hi everybody! I´ll build a new pc to my wife. The main usage is to do some photo editing with photoshop and photo book.... it should be a fast PC The initial idea for the budge would be something under 1000 euros but as you can see I came out with 1228 euros I would like to know if all items are compatible and which parts you guys would replace to make it get under 1000 euros without compromising too much the performance I´m in Germany Processor i5 8400 176 euros GPU GTX 1060 6GB 337euros motherboard MSI Z370 A pro 120 euros Ram Crucial DDR4 8GB 86 euros SSD sandisk 240GB 59 euros HDD 2TB 58 euros water cooler H100i v2 115 euros power supply corsair vs550 45 euros case phanteks eclipse P300 65 euros Speaker 2.1 Logitech Z333 45 euros Keyboard logitech g213 65 euros mouse loitech mx master 55 euros
  5. Blue screen pc restart

    @RedAV8R thanks man! ill do that tonight and report it tomorrow if it´s hardware of some sort i have to see it because even though i was the one building it the peaces are all new and i will replace the parts as they are still on the warranty time
  6. Blue screen pc restart

    @RedAV8R it has just happened again ;( but at least it happened after maybe 2h playing ill try play something also to see if the problem is really only with that game or if it happens after a while playing........ could I damage my hardware by getting this blue screen often?
  7. Blue screen pc restart

    @RedAV8R it seems that the problem is solved i played one level and no blue screen tomorrow ill playing a little longer if even after maybe 2hours no problem then the problem was with gpu drivers or windows update lets see ;D but thanks for all the assistance
  8. Blue screen pc restart

    @RedAV8R reinstall windows will be the last resource now i have updated gpu and windows and i have also run both suggestion and no defect was found ( Memory Diagnostic Tool and sfc) now ill test and see what happens
  9. Blue screen pc restart

    @RedAV8R and play the game again and see if the problem persists do you think that the problem could be with the game as i dont have problems with any other application?
  10. Blue screen pc restart

    @johnukguy @RedAV8R you guys think that I should maybe let the software run longer or that was long enough to detected any possible fault?
  11. Blue screen pc restart

    And I'm running this test tool for over 2h and no problems with the sticks I'll let it run a little longer to see if something might happen But I guess the Ram sticks are fine
  12. Blue screen pc restart

    Ans this is the msg with the error
  13. Blue screen pc restart

    On the uper right side you can see a sphere which says Extreme performance That is only preset that I'm using
  14. Blue screen pc restart

    in the bios menu since i have build the pc i have only changed one configuration in the menu it self there is an option that you can leave everathing like it is or increase the performance then i seletected a higher performance didn´t change anything also
  15. Blue screen pc restart

    I have not done any special overclocking either at the bios menu i have used the menu from asus it self to select the performance mode didnt do anything also in there because i didnt feel confident to do so maybe in the future when the pc start to be outdated then ill play with some overclocking and perhaps adding a second graphic card but for now pretty happy with the pc except for this crashing thing that start happening after i started playing doom around two days ago