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  1. Sorry, it did not work. Scaling the larger display to a higher value worsens the situation. Actually, everything was working fine with my Dell Vostro with 1366x768 display with 15.6''. Since, the resolution of both monitors are same, it is not helping me. For you, the bigger monitor has resolution of 1440p, which is able to capture 1080p XPS screen.
  2. Both my laptop (Precision 7510) and external monitor (Acer CB2-27") are of similar resolution 1920x1080. However, the laptopscreen is of 15.6'' and external monitor is 27''. The external monitor is connected by HDMI cable. However, although the external monitor is significantly larger, the display setting in windows 10 unable to detect that. Moreover, if I keep a document in between monitors, it gets scaled up significantly (see pictures). How do I able to scale both the monitors properly so that transition between monitors become smooth?
  3. I am currently looking for a manufacturer refurbished laptop on eBay, that does not come with an warranty. It is costing 625$. I am thinking about buying it with SquareTrade warranty (separately purchased). What is you guys comment about it? Do you guys advice against it?
  4. While transferring the data, why don’t you connect your computer with another Ethernet cable. That is you may connect your laptop with the router and try sending the data. You may also try connecting the nas with your PC for the initial data transfer. I did it in that way. You can rely on your WiFi while streaming your content. Please note that first time data transfer can be rather slow, and I would suggest you not to rely on WiFi for that.
  5. My work is simulation-based, mostly CPU intensive requiring both single and multi core performance (sometimes I use parallel processing in Matlab). I also use Python, Julia and GAMS (where certain solvers can be parallelized). In future I am thinking of GPU-based computing too, but not needed now.
  6. Should I wait until a new product launch? Generally what I have learnt is laptops becomes much cheaper then. Furthermore, I have also learnt that laptops get significantly cheaper during Black Friday/ back to the college deals. Is it worth waiting if I am thinking of buying refurbished. Do you advice me to buy from eBay?
  7. I work is simulation-based. My work is mostly CPU intensive involving both single and multi core (sometimes I use parallel processing in Matlab). I also use Python, Julia and GAMS (where certain solvers can be parallelized). In future I am thinking of GPU-based computing too, but not needed now.
  8. I am thinking of buying a powerful laptop for work (I am staying at home in the outbreak of recent pandemic), but I am in a tight budget. Therefore I am thinking of getting a refurbished workstation like Dell precision. Can anyone suggest me whether it is right time to buy the laptop? Should I wait couple more month? What are the factors I should consider (I require high thread count and powerful individual core.) How old laptop should I opt for? Will there be future issues? Please suggest.
  9. I just wanna thank the team LTT. Keep up the good work. All your channels, and the forum is awesome.
  10. I am budget concerned, and till date have been using galaxy J1 mini. I am not an apple fanboy. I want to buy a premium phone. In my area, i am getting iPhone 6s 32gb at 400 usd, pixel 128gb at 500 usd, and pixel 2 64gb at 560 usd. Which one will be bang for the bucks? They all are brand new, available with manufacturer warranty.
  11. Can you please tell me how to do that. I have no idea how to do that.
  12. We have a institute wide LAN connection, and each of us have got a static IP. Currently I own a TPLink WR740N router, and I am connecting the LAN cable to the wan port of the router and my NAS to the router through its ethernet port via DHCP. Although I can access to the NAS from the router itself, like from all the devices connected to the router, I can not access the device from anywhere in the LAN connection. Need help. PS. Our institute server is connected to the rest of the world through proxy server with firewall, and the administrator has clearly stated me that he will not allow me to access firewall. So, right now my objective is to access NAS from anywhere in the LAN. Someone asked me to bridge, but I did not understood much by googling. Will bridging work? If yes, how to do it? PSS: I am not so good in these terminologies. Mostly learnt from watching LTT videos.
  13. Thanks to LTT I am aware of the potential benefit of NAS. And willing to get one. I am currently located in a residential graduate school, where, our home network is connected to a proxy server. I think each of the blocks of residential location is behind a router. Currently, I am using a TP-Link router to provide wireless internet to my home. However, I am aware that time to time, I need to log into the institute internet access portal to authenticate myself. I tried to share from my home laptop using samba, but I found the share is accessible only if I connect to the TP-Link wifi router and that's it. No global coverage. I also know that people use P2P sharing (DC++) within the campus without any problem. I asked the local community for the suggestion, but did not receive any. Under this circumstances, I am willing to purchase a NAS box (WD with two bay) and run them in raid 1 configuration. Based on my initial requirement, I am planning to purchase the 2*WD red 1TB drive. Should I go ahead with the purchase?
  14. If the problem does not allow you to replace the motherboard, why wouldn't you replace the video card itself? Problem solved