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    Settlerteo reacted to FloRolf in Someone out there HAVE 2 RTX 2080TI MATRIX ?   
    That's not something amazing. It's not like someone build the PC while skydiving out of a Falcon Heavy inside a Tank. 
    They put two graphics cards in a PC. In order to do that you literally only need money. 
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    Settlerteo reacted to snowComet in New Keyboard from Ducky, "Ducky Freedom"   
    Ducky revealed a new keyboard on their Facebook page, they called it "Ducky Freedom". As the name implied, you can moved around freely with this keyboard as it is a wireless mechanical keyboard. But what's interesting is that besides bluebooth and USB (USB-C), it supports 2.4GHz wireless as well.
    Besides, it has a new exterior design, with durable seamless PBT double shot keycaps, 3-stages keyboard stand, and Cherry MX switches. Of course, RGB is available on this keyboard. But it was only available when it was plugged in via usb, RGB backlit won't be available when the keyboard was connected wirelessly.
    No words on pricing, config and release date of this keyboard, but it will be shown on Computex 2019, as it was stated on the facebook post.

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    Settlerteo reacted to LukeSavenije in Would a i5-6600k bottlneneck a gtx 1080?   
    in some? yes
    in others? no
    as always
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    Settlerteo reacted to LogicalDrm in Windows 7 SP1 vs Windows 10 for older hardware   
    Win10, or if its just going to be for internet and stuff like that, Ubuntu etc.
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    Settlerteo reacted to gbergeron in Windows 7 SP1 vs Windows 10 for older hardware   
    If I had to install from scratch windows I would choose Win10 even for old hardware unless you have less than like 1-2GB RAM I think Win10 minimum ram requirement is 1GB
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    Settlerteo reacted to RasmusDC in What does your company offer as a work computer?   
    work at LEGO, i have a Dell Precision 5530, guess it is some kind of XPS clone.
    4K display (touch), 32gb ram, P1000 Quadro, 8850H CPU, 256gb NVME, it is a nice laptop, have a backup older DELL 12" with an older 7 series dual core HT cpu.
    have 2 offices, but have displays each place, 2 x 1920x1200 in my project and older 2 x 1920x1080 in my office, although i have ordered one of those super wide screen that is the same size of a dual 16:9 setup. 
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    Settlerteo reacted to LogicWeasel in NEW PSU Tier List   
    Consider which thing is the dummy using logic:  
    The power connector that was designed for the GPU by the team at Sapphire (do you think it's realistic they would include extra power pins to drive up the cost to make the GPU for no reason?)   ... or the individual consumer who didn't plug in the power for the GPU the way it was designed and didn't care to learn why it was designed with more than a 6-pin?
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    Settlerteo got a reaction from Komenjoka in INTEL DDR3 vs AMD DDR3   
    I currently have a working Phenom 965(old but gold) paired with the old corsair vengeance blue dimms(1333 or 1600). So i can confirm they will work for you. In any case there isn't any intel or amd compatibility with rams. It's more of a socket compatibility.
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    Settlerteo reacted to Herman Mcpootis in INTEL DDR3 vs AMD DDR3   
    you can find "AMD only" Ram that isn't supported on most intel boards.
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    Settlerteo reacted to Origami Cactus in About buying from Amazon   
    Where you at?
    If in europe buy from amazon.de or amazon.co.uk or amazon.it or amazon.fr or amazon.pl.
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    Settlerteo reacted to Brooksie359 in AMD's new Radeon RX 3080 XT: RTX 2070 performance for $330?   
    Without the fast HBM2 the vega 56 would not be nearly as fast due to memory bandwidth issues.
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    Settlerteo reacted to Tristerin in NEW PSU Tier List   
    @jonnyGURU you weren't wrong - it wasn't the PSU.  It was MSI Afterburner causing the restarts.  After extensive testing, part replacement, pulling my hair out after admitting its not the PSU, the bowels of reddit had my answer.
    I was incorrect - I should not have assumed so quickly, and vehemently about the product. 
    For those of you with Radeon cards, Wattman is no longer playing nice with Afterburner/Riva Statistics Tuner - Im not the only one experiencing this.  Removed MSI Afterburner and Riva, PSU whine completely gone, zero crashes since.  (EDIT - only used AB for fan curve, and didn't utilize Riva at all so no overclocks)
    Sorry for mucking up the thread, and doing it again with this post but felt a bit of an apology on my end was needed.  Sorry @jonnyGURU!
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    Settlerteo reacted to quakeguy81 in Should I upgrade from my 980 ti?   
    Artifacting could mean it's overheating.  Have you tried dusting out the cooler or reapplying thermal paste?
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    Settlerteo reacted to SansVarnic in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    -= Locked =-
    I do believe this topic has run its course.
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    Settlerteo reacted to mr moose in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Call me a sexists or misogynist or even old fashioned and chivalrous, but subjecting a nice pair of boobs to unnecessary G force is something no one should be in favor of. 
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    Settlerteo got a reaction from mr moose in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Agreed. The whole graph is a joke. Same goes for article. 
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    Settlerteo reacted to floofer in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Chill lol. Women probably are better at some games than others, as some games use different parts of the brain. It doesn't really matter how 'good' you are at a game anyway, a game is to have fun and enjoy. 
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    Settlerteo reacted to yian88 in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Close this dumb thread, men vs women threads are dumb as fuck.
    We do know woman are more "calm" or consistent you can see that from people who finish school women are more consistent in finishing not "better".
    You are just going to get into politics talk very fast and the thread can go south.
    These are just feminists polls doing this, i dont remember men doing polls or threads "men are better than women", only feminists do when some statistic show more women "better" at something, usually terribly done survey and statistics just like the imaginary wage gap statistics every feminist uses.
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    Settlerteo got a reaction from mr moose in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Agreed. The whole graph is a joke. Same goes for article. 
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    Settlerteo reacted to 7Hertz in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    I remember my mother playing Resident Evil 2 despite playing it before, she got stuck very fast, i showed her and was finished in under 1 hours and 30 minutes front to back,  not the remake BTW. RE2 was able to be completed in less than 1 hour 30 by any competent gamer.
    My GF played MW2 back in the day with me and had no where near the hand-eye co-ordination i had, however she was very decent at plants vs zombies.
    Seems like a load of horse shit made to generate views.
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    Settlerteo reacted to MoonSpot in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Welcome to the world of girl-power stats.  Were so much is twisted, cherry-picked, mismatched or out right lies simply for the sake of painting the desired picture.  And once we take a quick looksie at where the hell this particular data is coming from AND WHY; we find:
    So its probably more bullshit to makes monies; and we can begin to understand why this is the 1st 'survey/study' to suggest this where everything else for decades states the opposite.  Pretty safe bet its confirmation bias from the snake-oil source.  To Alisas credit, its a smart business to have.  Publishers and devs are so desperate to get female gamers that they'll readily donate money to any such venture.
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    Settlerteo reacted to Constantin in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Never, maybe when the sun fades out
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    Settlerteo reacted to Stefan Payne in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    Yes, and?
    Why is that news worthy?
    Why should I care?
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    Settlerteo reacted to mr moose in Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”   
    I thought that figure was high because they included mobiles games like candy crush et al.
    As far as the rest is concerned, may I inquire as to exactly what this amounts to and why is it important?   There are definitely  games that woman should be better at by virtue of the biological difference, but that should really be only measurable a the extremes.   If only 4% are represented then what is the confidence interval for the 44% win rate?