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  1. Settlerteo

    IPS and 144Hz?

    Just think of 1080p 32" TVs when you stand in front of them. Pretty bad pixel density.
  2. Settlerteo

    AMD RX 590 benchmarks

    I think it will be the 1080p all around king and maybe the unit next gen consoles will use.
  3. Settlerteo

    Best option 450 W

    Thank you. This was really helpful. I really like the Asrock itx but it's a bit expensive, i was thinking of going for an asrock b450m-hdv(65 €) or an msi b450m pro-m2(70 €) . Of course mobo is off topic so i am not asking any suggestions here. Thank you again
  4. Settlerteo

    Best option 450 W

    You got a point here. Probably the semi modular will fit just fine(i haven't chose case yet but it would be a cheap mid tower).
  5. Settlerteo

    Best option 450 W

    Well i want to choose between these 4 and i don't need the 2200 g for that desktop but thank you for your proposition.
  6. Settlerteo

    Acer predator x34p or AW3418DW

    Well the biggest difference is that the one is VA and acer while the other IPS and dell but either(panel or brand) is pro or con due to your own preference.
  7. Settlerteo

    Best option 450 W

    I like the Seasonic too. If only it was full modular.
  8. Settlerteo

    Best option 450 W

    Hi guys, What would you think it would be the best option(everything-wise i.e. perfomance-price-noise-modularity-all) between these(for an athlon 200 GE and a B450 mobo)? Be Quiet Straight Power 11 450W - 88 € Seasonic Focus 450 Gold - 70 € Bitfenix Whisper M 450 W - 83 € XFX XTS Series 460 W Fanless - 106 € Thank you
  9. I ll tell you what. I still use an old pentium 4 3.2 Ghz with 1.5 gb ddr2 memory and a 8600 gts 256 mb vram card and it runs just fine for office , browsing, Settlers III and AoE 2(windows xp or linux). And all that on a 40 Gb SATA HDD(that desktop handled crysis 1 once), so as long as it doesn't explode i think you can use your pentium just fine.
  10. Settlerteo

    Fortnite mashine ban

    Well there i really don't know what you could do, although there are videos in youtube "solving" your problem but to be perfectly honest, i play fortnite mostly squads, if i get banned like this then my solution would be : Select the Start button, then select Settings > Apps. Choose the program you want to remove, and then select Uninstall. Some apps built into Windows can't be uninstalled. To remove an app you got from Microsoft Store, find it on the Start menu, press and hold (or right-click) on the app, then select Uninstall. And i could enjoy some good games i have paused because of this one.
  11. Settlerteo

    Fortnite mashine ban

    Did you use a vpn while trying to login?
  12. Settlerteo

    Fortnite mashine ban

    Turn off and then on your router then try login the game again. If still banned then reset your router and try login the game again.
  13. i5, 1060, 16 gb ram and change the disk for an ssd if there isn't any by default. You ll never notice the difference in that laptop between these exact cpus.
  14. In my opinion your mom is right and believe me there are a ton of pc games that can be played smoothly on your laptop(at least over 140 of my steam library). You re just focusing mainstream but i can understand that because of your age. So i think you got two solutions here(second one is what i propose myself). Either gather money and buy a console or my suggestion, gather money and build slowly slowly a desktop(in the first comment page they proposed you some good desktop builds) and keep your laptop free of games as it will expand its life and you could use it for other more important work in the future.
  15. I know you don't want any Seagate drives(i myself prefer WD everytime) but Ironwolf/ironwolf pro series are really solid options, nothing compared to Barracudas for example(which i think are crap cause of their failing rates), so you might wanna have them in mind.