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  1. The thing is though, even with my AA settings on Ultra in PUBG, it still displays all the flickering as if its on Low. This is pretty much the issue in every game I play. No matter how much I apply added levels of AA, it still displays flickering as if it's not on at all. I also remember when I didnt have to apply any levels of added AA and my games looked smooth with no flickering? Also, even older games that I used to play years ago that always looked smooth and good are now riddled with jaggies and flickering. I feel like something is preventing my PC from rendering any form of AA at all.
  2. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/anti-aliasing-not-working-for-any-game-on-my-pc.232367/
  3. Here is a video of the issue, despite any AA setting used in-game or in nvidia control panel, every game is riddled with aliasing/jaggies
  4. Please stop posting in this thread, All you're doing is derailing it and offering solutions that have nothing to do with the problem. Even with all anti-aliasing features on default in nvidia control panel and anti-aliasing off in games, your pc should still provide a level of AA. The problem people are having is as if AA as a whole doesnt work whatsoever for any game. Making all fine lines and edges flicker and shimmer REALLY BADLY. It's distracting and ruins immersion. This is not how it should be, considering I can go on my friends PC's and they don't have to add any additional AA methods and their games look how mine once did.
  5. Yes... Same exact monitor and resolution. Same settings in all games. We also both have nvidia cards with the same control panel settings and drivers. My games never used to need any added AA through nvidia control panel or elsewhere and everything was normal. Now even forcing high amounts of AA doesnt fix the terrible jaggies I have in all games that I used to never have regardless of settings. MEC you have been in and out of this thread for awhile, you should understand that if this was a simple fix, or something fixed through swapping hardware I would have been gone long ago but this is something thats affected my old pc and even a completely new pre-built one for over a year now. I've never dealt with a computer problem that I couldn't fix in 13 years until now.
  6. I'm curious as to why you're here so desperately trying to convince people that this is normal, or how it should be seen. I personally started encountering this problem one day about a year and half ago and everything was aliased properly in all my games (new and old) until suddenly after reformatting one day, there was aliasing and jaggies in every game I played. This is most definitely not how my games should be displayed because I can drive to my friends house and play on his PC with 0 aliasing, and no problems just like I once didn't have. This difference was night and day when it happened, I shouldnt be distracted by terrible shaking jagged fine lines pulsating in all of my games when I'm trying to immerse and look for movement/people. This is NOT normal. It is an issue that clearly many people started to encounter. Nearly every fine line or window edge etc pulsates with aliasing when I move my mouse / look around in game. It's distracting and NOT normal, so if you don't have an actual solution to this specific aliasing problem people are having, than I would suggest you stop de-railing the thread with page-long posts telling people it's "normal" for newer games.. Can you explain why I can drive to a friends house and everything appears normal in his games? His anti-aliasing works perfectly like mine once did on every game new or old? But on my PC the aliasing is so horribly distracting its made me lose passion for gaming completely?
  7. By the way The Tomb Raider game and GTA V are known to have a few of these problems in the games itself, but this is a different issue that affects ALL games, even old ones that I remember never seeing any issues with..
  8. The best way to record it would probably be with a camera pointing it at the monitor, recording it through obs or other ways doesnt seem to show the problem for people who don't have it
  9. I can find threads dating this problem back 4-5 years, and multiple people have swapped every component and even purchased brand new computers. It's also stupid for you to continue with trying to say this is a problem with Intel and that buying a AMD Ryzen cpu will fix it, thats hilariously stupid and makes no sense. I honestly believe this a rootkit, it DATES BACK 4-5 YEARS when some people started to encounter this problem, and some people even started to encounter it last year, or even a few months ago.... So people are popping up with this problem at all different times which makes me think it isnt driver/software/update related either but potentially a virus that is finding victims. I myself would even believe this to be insane, something as specific as aliasing and graphics issues being caused by a virus? It's very questionable but seems like the only likely conclusion at this point The only solution I can think of at this point is throwing every electronic device away with storage devices in it and moving away to a new place and purchasing a new computer at a new location...
  10. Why are you posting in this thread when you are not experiencing the problem thats being talked about?
  11. Like I've said to you before, I doubt its a matter of intel vs amd...??? Why isnt this happening to all of the other people who have intel processors and aren't experiencing this problem?
  12. Switching your brand of processor will not fix the issue BuckGup..... I have the same problem as you and I'm telling you buying new hardware is a waste of time and money.... Many people have already been down that round...
  13. Great, so this has turned into 1 of many other threads on the internet of people having this issue and people going full-circle without ever solving it. Coming up on a year now where all of my games look like shit and have no anti aliasing being applied. I guess I'm done PC gaming. It's really sad that there isnt a single person out there with enough intellect and knowledge in computers to figure this out. Every thread on the internet of someone having this problem has resulted in them just dealing with it or quitting pc gaming completely. Cannot believe that there is actually noone out there that cant provide any insight on this issue and people who encounter it simply have to deal with it or quit pc gaming LOL so fucking pathetic Also, like I said before. This thread won't get much traction because the Moderators are too lazy to edit up the original post in a more constructive manner that more accurately describes the problem. There's also always idiots coming in these threads trying to de-rail them with useless posts that should be deleted.
  14. Also, the biggest issue with this thread right now is that the OP and a few random posters in the thread don't speak english or describe this problem properly. It'd be nice if a mod modified the Original Post to more accurately describe the issue me, Buck, and others are having.
  15. Before this problem started occurring for me, I never had to force any AA through NVCP or SweetFx etc but my games still looked great... Since the problem started occuring, not even forcing multiple different methods of AA through software has helped. I still get extreme amounts of jaggies and aliasing even when forcing high levels of AA. If you were to stand next to my PC and look at every game I opened, You would then understand what we are seeing.