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  1. Doesn't matter really if its second hand or refurbished or not.
  2. I am looking for a real cheap laptop like around 20$-50$.But because i live in turkey shipping price is too high(60$-80$).Do you know of any trusted sellers that has free/cheap shipping ?
  3. I want to get that info from CMD.I want to make a bat file that notifies me when my gpu core clock is under 300 and open up a program.
  4. I would like to see my GPU Clock Speed from CMD.How can i do it ?
  5. Make sure you get a good hard drive too.You should get ssd hybrid hardrives.I dont have a "fast" drive and i can legit see textures loading in game while playing doom on high settings.
  6. I would prefer laptops with 1060 because 1060 is %20 more powerful than the 1050 ti.That is really the best price to performance ratio you can get.
  7. Linus made a video about this laptop which has a gtx 1060 :
  8. You can just buy a router with a firewall.that should fix your problem.
  9. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/DT.B7YAA.002 PCI Slots : 1x PCI Express® X16
  10. Should i get the 1300x then ? and 1200 is only 10 dollars cheaper than the 1300x
  11. Offset mode would be great for me actually since i don't know much about overclocking CPU's.
  12. Ryzen 3 1200 + Asus Prime are 200 dollars.Is it a good price ?