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  1. Oldie but a goodie

    stock speeds
  2. Oldie but a goodie

    air flow is optimal......2 front 140mm fans 240mm fan on top 2 120mm fans on the side.. 1 120mm fan in the back and hyper 212 in push pull config. thank you for the advice all!
  3. so I install cable for a living.........anyway while at a customers house they had quite a few desktops sitting around and he gave me one. its a intel core i7 950 paired with a Asus sabertooth x58. It had a sock cooler and the temps were horrible! so I put on my hyper 212 evo. and im still getting less than desireable temps. idle at 42c and between 68- 72c at load. At first I though it was a bad seat. so I removed thermal paste reapplied and resested with the same results. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Asus GTX 670 2gb Done for???

    replaced the thermal paste....still will not work with any drivers installed for it 😢
  5. Asus GTX 670 2gb Done for???

    thermals do not exceed 65c but I will definitly give it a shot! thank you!
  6. Asus GTX 670 2gb Done for???

    So I'm a broke S.O.B so with the minig craze and the price of video cards I purchased a GTX 670 from facebook market place. I checked it out when I picked it up worked fine. Got it home it worked fine until I ran Passmark...my computer rebooted BSOD error code 116.. I could not boot back into windows without being in safe mode..so I combed through some forums and thought it may be a driver issue so I rolled back to driver..no luck..tried an older driver...no luck..my question..Is there hope for this card at all? only works without the driver installed. I figuerd you guys could give me a definitive desision. Thanks in advance!
  7. "Never again" products

    That's a lot of chrome tabs! 😂
  8. "Never again" products

    Acer Monitors.... Everytime I have had pixle issues... Used underware...the cost of antibiotics will break your bank.... but no seriously..no acer monitors