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  1. Alright well thanks for the help, I appreciate it
  2. It has always been this way, but like I said because I have a second monitor I've never bothered to do anything. Alright well at least it works like this, by the way do you know where I can find a best calibration settings?
  3. ULMB is grayed out even when G sync is off, and yes when I disable G-Sync the flickering goes away
  4. Doesn't do anything, by the way forgot to mention, when in one of these apps, like let's say Spotify, not only does it flicker but it also feels like I'm in 30fps or something, point being it's not smooth, the mouse is micro skipping EDIT: When G-Sync is disabled in the nvidia control panel it doesn't flicker, so I have to have it off otherwise I get the flickering
  5. Wait disabling it? But I need it for games, oh does this mean I have to enable and disable every time, oh that's just annoying
  6. It's grayed out in settings
  7. I've had this issue ever since I bought this monitor, I've just been really lazy to ask for help. Basically with certain software the screen just starts flickering a bit, it's not extreme, but it's noticeable and annoying and working on it like that is pretty much impossible, because of how distracting is. I've dealt with this by just simply moving whatever is causing the flicker to my second monitor, from what I know Spotify App, Lightroom, Premier Pro cause this and that's what I use the most. Monitor: Asus ROG Swuft PG278QR 165Hz
  8. Oh I see, now I understand, thank you so much dude, I appreciate the help
  9. I really want that amp, but 400$ is a lot of money, plus it says it's a "Linear Amp" and I need something that is really strong for gaming and then everything else. Really my question is the whole Linear thing, does that mean that I won't get much Bass?
  10. But what are the benefits of having that? Does the audio get that much better?
  11. 200$ if I can find one, I'm in EU, so the only way is to get them I think through them directly
  12. So you guys would say that the DT1990 Pro paired with Schiit Asgard 3 would be a perfect combo?