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  1. If you have an extra PCIE slot fix both of them and boot up the PC with display connected to the 660 Check if the card is identified in windows device manager If it does, then it requires trouble shooting If it does not - the GPU might need repairs
  2. Suggestion: 1. You could go for a Ryzen 2700 instead of the 2700 X - this will free up money for upgrading other components. Questions: 1. If you are looking at 60fps on high settings, why are you looking at 144hz monitors? 2. Will you be gaming on both the screens at the same time, or will use one screen only to game?
  3. It seems impressive what you are planning to do there Can't wait to see the end result !
  4. I noticed a small display screen (10.1 inch?) on the table with the parts What are you planning to use that for?
  5. I concur with this Have been using the G305 on alternate weeks with my wired G102 (G203 in some countries) - both are the same shape It has been good and no lag / difference that I can notice between the wired and wireless
  6. I brought that up since my hunch was that the CPU cooler was throwing the hot air back into the case rather than expelling it out. This would in turn get sucked up by the GPU causing it to heat. Maybe more exhausts might help solve this issue? What do you think?
  7. Just thought about this - if you have a server in place already, you just need a client that can: 1. Connect to the server and access the files 2. Cast the movies on to the TV If you connect the chromecast to the TV, you can access and cast files directly though the VLC player on your mobile This solution is not elegant as you will not get the movie thumbnails etc. but it will be cost effective There would be some apps that do give you the movie thumbnails and casting ability from the mobile without having to re-encode or convert the files - you might have to search the android forums or google play store to find them A Raspi solution would work - but from my initial research it seems to be a bit clunky and time consuming. If your are up for it, take a shot at that.
  8. I would wait for someone more experienced to chime in about this. Or if you can borrow a tower cooler and check it, that would be golden.
  9. I can suggest two options: Option 1: WD live media You could look at the WD live media - they have stopped making these IIRC. That should help play videos off the NAS to a TV. But you would need multiple devices for multiple TVs - or get an HDMI splitter and split them to the TVs (this would just mirror the stuff played across all TVs though, if you're ok with that). The WD live media is old and connects through USB 2.0 standards - I do not know if that will be fast enough to play 4k movies. Some models do have an ethernet connection. A friend is running the WD live on his set up and he is complaining about the apps like YouTube, Netflix etc. crashing constantly since they are on old APIs and not updated anymore. Your mileage may vary. Option 2: Cheap PC + Videostream for Chromecast How about inserting an old PC in between your NAS server and TV and running Videostream for Chromecast on it. The app can be controlled through your mobile. The PC would have to run either Windows or Mac OS. Just select the folders that have your movies in the desktop app of Videostream, and you are golden.
  10. I hope those fans are in the correct orientation - the front panel as intake and the back panels as exhaust (there are arrows on the frame that point towards the airflow direction). If the orientation is correct, and maybe someone else could chime in - the CPU fan might be the culprit. My hunch is that it is taking in the cool air and recirculating hot air into the case since it is flat. A tower cooler (like hyper 212 or dark rock pro) would direct the air out of the case towards the exhaust vent.
  11. Why not just go for a NAS? You will anyways be ripping the DVDs, just copy them over to the NAS and use their app to play it on the TV - after hooking up the TV with casting devices (like the chromecast etc.)
  12. Could you also post how you have your fans set up in the case? There might not be enough intake fans feeding in fresh air. The front of the case looks like it is restricting air inflow - with most of it coming in from the gap at the side and bottom of the front panel. Also, agree with @Konrad_K that the temps are not really alarming.
  13. It does look promising. However there will always be a market for offline gaming as long as there is slow internet / no internet in quite a sizeable part of the world.
  14. Check if it superfetch and indexing are enabled. That also slows down the hard disk to a crawl.