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  1. Hey, I installed the newest nvidia drivers to boost my FPS in valorant but it's lowered from 130 fps in game to 60 fps while in practice range. Not sure what happened. Also Valorant does not seem to see my monitor refresh rate and it isn't an option. http://prntscr.com/s86mi0 I use a 144hz monitor on 1920 x 1080 but the game doesn't recognize it. It also doesn't recognize new custom ones (like 1280x720 144hz) when I make them in nvidia. I'm using 1920 x 1080 60 fps, but it doesn't change my monitors refresh rate even though it says 60? It's really weird. Also after the new drivers when I go into minecraft fullscreen it auto crashes. Really confused on all these issues that came by updating my drivers. Any help is appreciated.
  2. All right. Thanks everyone for the help. I’ll think about it.
  3. Hey everyone During the ride to and from school on the bus, as well as during PE (I’m in HS) I like to listen to music, like most people. I usually use wired headphones, but I break them so often since they’re so cheap and I wanted something more robust, so I want to get some wireless headphones. I’d like to spend under $100. I have some gaming headphones already, but I don’t want to look like an r-word with a mic sticking out. I’ve been pretty interested in Skullcandys stuff, particularly the crusher which is refurbished for 90$ on amazon. Any better options?
  4. I don’t care if the options are janky I just want them to fit on my head and be stable
  5. Physical damage happened to my crappy plasticy arctis 3 when I dropped it. Anyone know how I could reatach this?? Thanks in advance
  6. So I have a gigabyte laptop and last June i has to send it in for random crashes in games. It took a month and when I got it back it worked fantastic. Apparently they replaced the motherboard and had to order it from China. In another few months the EXACT same thing started happening. I sent it in Again and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it only took them two weeks this time. However when I called them today to ask what they did to fix it (arrives tmrw) they say they reinstalled windows and replaced the lcd panel. I use an external monitor and I doubt thAt was the issue. So what do you guys think considering gigabyte are infamous for their notoriously bad rma service
  7. hey so i use to have t hese problems on my gaming laptop where the game would just randomly shut down for absolutely nothing i did. it turned out the motherboard had to be fixed. The problem was every 5 minutes games would just crash, no message or anything. the same thing is happening again (like 6 months later), except it only crashes like once a day. I lost 50 sr in comp, and since im a 4200 player that really does suck.
  8. I got the arctis 3's, which is just wired version of the 7's im pretty sure. Anyway, theyre comfortable, mic sounds okay (not bad at all but its nothing super fantastic) and the sound is p good, and you can adjust eq settings in the software. Also most gaming headsets have 7.1 surround sound a lot of regular ones dont, so bear that in mind (really good for positional awareness in games. doesnt mean much in csgo but if its something like overwatch then its great)
  9. bruh, if ur gonna spend 500 damn dollars on a pair of god damn headphones get some sennheiser hd 599's (around 250 us on sale us amazon for 190 currently)
  10. do you have one with braided edges or naw? cuz if so then you can, but if it doesnt then they will split apart.
  11. trust me if you get a "gaming style" keyboard you will regret it later.
  12. The void pro's are a joke, literally look at that microphone, the hs70's i bought on prime day for 70$, i put them dwn rather ruffly (not enough to warrant any damage) and after that the earcups had little peices inside that were loose and would rattle, so I wouldnt get those either. Got no comment on the g433's. I would look at hyperx cloud II's or cloud alphas, you can get grey versions of them.
  13. Buy one, test it, determine if its good or not, then if you would like to try the other one send it back with something like "bad sensor performance and button latency." You could literally just choose the defective option in returning and not list anything, so you dont have to pay shipping, they dont care.
  14. alright, thanks. While youre here, do you know any option that is equivalent in value and or better to the one I linked above? Just curious, cause I'm usually an impulse buyer and then about 30 minutes later I see something I would rather have gotten, just to find that the product is for some reason nonrefundable .
  15. Hey, so im looking for a cheap mechanical rgb keyboard in white, and i dont want it to have those garbage gaming style fonts. im looking at this option: https://www.amazon.com/1STPLAYER-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-Anti-ghosting/dp/B074JSMKH1/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1533659723&sr=8-3&keywords=fire+gaming+keyboard However, it apparently has "crystal keycaps," and I'm curious as to what that means.
  16. When I use a game and my bluetooth headphones, both audio sources stop. To get it to work again I need to close the games and restart.
  17. Yo. I just got the HS70 wireless headset from Corsair. I am currently charging it, however when I go into ICUE it shows as detected, but says "not connected"
  18. so these headphones im getting, the hs70's from corsair, They are wireless via usb, so can i use them with my phone? by doing some connector changer?
  19. overturnedv1


    rosewill k85 is rgb and mechanical. also look at some redragon ones
  20. why in the f*ck would you get the arctis 5's
  21. So I reinstalled my nvidia drivers and I dropped 50 fps, and even when i sometimes got the same fps, it was wayyy choppier (144hz). I reset the system and reinstalled drivers, now dropped about 120 fps from original amount. Someone help. specs: laptop gtx 1060 i7 6700hq 2.6 (3.5 turbo) gigabyte p55wv6
  22. that looks like a mionix castor or a mionix naos. Just by the pinky curve.