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    Intel core i7-4790
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    Asus Maximus VII Ranger
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    16G GSkill DDR3 2400
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    ASUS Strix
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    Silverstone PS-11Q
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    Intel SSD 535 Series 480GB, 1.5 TB Seagate
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    2x ASUS VE248 1x ASUS pb287q
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    Air Ath the moment with a Cooler Master 212 Evo
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    Corsair K70 Rapidfire
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    Logitech proteus 502
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    PC gaming (Mainly EVE Online), Network management (Long-haul Submarine Transmission ), Photography, Music Production
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  1. Hey all, I'm looking at putting a New PC together and while lookign at ram options in the specs I want (3000Mhz or 3200Mhz with a 2x16Gb option) I have found that there is one result that is significantly cheeper than most of the otheres $380 aud vs $650ish for Gskill and Corsair that brand being T-Force who i know verry little about .... so the question i have is has anyone used T-Force ram and what is like ... any horror stories or are you plesently suprised about price / performance
  2. you can use a cablemod AIO kit to change your USB3 to have the look you want
  3. What power connector is this?

    whats the actual issue with this one.... I mean if it just no longer works you would always just cut the plug off and Frankenstein something.. they have given you output specs and polarity information sooo it should be relativity easy to do with an aftermarket multi voltage transformer, some heat shrink and some crimps .... it wont look pretty but it should do the job .... if however the plug is worn and no longer makes good contact that's a very different story. i have rebuilt some weird adapter plugs with a 3d printer but to be honest that's a full scale PITA.
  4. I Blame Linus

    soo for those of you out their that care i have done some more work on this build in pinning down the parts for the custom loop the plan for the moment is to do custom hard line with the bends being done with 45 and 90 Phanteks fittings ... this is more an aesthetic thing rather than me worrying about the bends i do looking like shit. so the parts list for the loop rad 1 360mm Alphaool st30 rad 2 240mm Alphaool st30 (one of these may be replaced with the x-flow version if it fits the loop layout) res Watercool HEATKILLER 150 D5 (this may need to be a 200 depending on the amount of free space in the case) CPU block Watercool HEATKILLER IV Pro GPU block im undecided as yet but im picking this will likely be ELWB as they make the best looking blocks for cards Tube. well its going to be hardline and probably PETG but I'm worried that 12mm OD may look lost in the case so that final decsision will be made at when i decide on the res size Fittings Phanteks has been picked for the shape of them and the fact that i can easily mask off the small bevel areas and spray them the accent color of the case so yeah the build is now int the part gathering stage and that would be going a lot quicker if processors were available .... so far i have the motherboard, bulk storage drive, PSU and the case is on a courier to m as i type (but as i live in Australia and on the west cost at that the case is probably on a camel to cross the desert ..... have to love Australia post)
  5. just wondering if anyone has used the Heatkiller Tube res from Watercool? doing a quick search here i found that people were using some of their blocks but no mention of the Res. Looking at it it fits the aesthetic that im looking for but before i buy im hoping to get some idea if people have any experience with them. Cheers
  6. I Blame Linus

    Optane because its about AU$100 and I want to see what they are like. I have hope that they will be worth it ... and there is a third M.2 on the mother board ( more reason 1 than 2 ) as for what i do with the PC ... I play a fair amount of EVE Online for fun and when im not i do a lot of CAD stuff for work and Audio processing as a hobby.. so i think the SSD's for most of my workload with 6TB of slow storage will work well
  7. I Blame Linus

    I have some issues with Samsung products which are not in any way based in anything rational ... i just wont buy Samsung anymore ....
  8. I Blame Linus

    Soo as the walrus said "The time has come" ... and the thoughts are rattling about in my head to do a new build. My current system is a 4th gen i7 with 16Gig of ram and a GTX960 and honestly its getting to the end of its useful life. This will be the first time that I am planning to build a rig that is meant to be seen and watching the LTT madness has reignited my love of Orange, much to my GF's amusement. So yep I blame Linus for that. The pans for the color scheme here is Dark Grey with Orange accents for POP. and other than that I am looking for ideas that will compliment the Colors and what will end up being a very geometric style. The first Components have been ordered and I'm trying to make the final decisions to round out the build now so far the only things that are locked in are: CPU : I7 - 8700K Motherboard : Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 obviously in Z370 PSU : Corsair HX850i - this will get custom sleeved / length cables HDD : Seagate Barracuda Pro - 6TB Memory : Intel Optane 32GB Plans in the works for other components are: SSD : M.2 - 480GB to 512GB of any make that's not Samsung -- then when the main part of the build is complete ill look at adding a second for some raid 0 goodness non Optane Memory: 32 GB (2 x16) of at least 3600 speed perhaps even RGB initial cooling is going to be air for the Graphics card and a 240 AIO for the CPU but in the end as I mentioned above is a Custom hard line water loop and im waiting to see the Priochill Vue fluid but I am thinking the color there will be some kind of "Slate Grey \ Silver \ Graphite" fluid and Orange Fittings. things that are completely up in the air are the Video card and Case. So with the video card I'm unsure what I want, if I was at all rational about spending on this PC's I would happily admit with the use My PC gets and the games I play all that is really needed is a GTX-1050, but well the chances of me not at least getting a GTX-1070 is admittedly slim to none and I might even end up with a 1080Ti but SLI is right out of the question. So the next question for the graphics card is manufacturer, untill now in my heart of hearts i have been a bit (lot) of an admitted ASUS fanboy but with this build being as much about form as function I have to take that into account. Case is where things get really involved. I'm a Telecommunications engineer with a fairly strong background in mechanical engineering and full access to a fairly comprehensive workshop. So the question is do i use something off the shelf with some modding (likely a fair bit), or do I go full retard and build my own case. I have some ideas in mind after seeing the Cougar Conquer and really loving the open frame design. being as I plan to put a full custom loop with blocks on both CPU, GPU and in the end if needed and a block comes out some kind of VRM \ chipset coverage in this means that the cooling / airflow problem that I could get from an open case and air cooling really shouldn't be an issue. so the things that I like about the cougar case is the off-axis Motherboard, the clean lines that are at really eye pleasing angles and the nice solid Glass side panels, oh and it comes in Dark grey and orange to start with. The things I'm not such a fan of. Really not a lot, basically from reviews that i have watched about it the list is: the HDD/SSD mounting is ... limited front and top fans are restricted to 120MM and Rad support is limited to 2 - a 360 in the top and a 240 in the front. and the only part of the look that I'm not really enamored with is the Front panel and that's more of a form than function issue. i would like to be able to put in some kind of 5-1/4 bay - controller / info panel in with some kind of drop down cover over the USB ports. I will admit that this list other than the drive mounting issue is getting picky and that the drive mounting is easy AF to deal with with an aftermarket tray, some screws and rubber grommets. if anyone out there has any thoughts I'm happy to read them. Cheers
  9. Ok im about to start on a new build and along with it my first steps into the world of liquid cooling. I have done a fair but of reading about this and I have most of it sorted out. But the reading / watching of youtube has so far left me with one question unanswered about rads. Is one manufacturer better than another ? i know size matters both in length and thickness and the whole FPI is not much of a shock to someone with a physics degree (all be it largely unused in the past 10 years), I know about the need for anti corrosive and biocide additives, but what I haven't seen an answer to is the question does the manufacturer matter in any discernible way? I will assume that there may well be quality issues with some cheep knockoff, and while im not planning to buy the most expensiove stuff in some misguided idea that its the best because it costs more, likewise I'm not planning to buy cheep gear. but is there any real difference between say EK, Alphacool and Thermaltake or is it mainly aesthetic? Further than that is there any manufacturer that someone has had really good or bad experiences with? Cheers