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    Perth Australia
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    PC gaming (Mainly EVE Online), Network management (Long-haul Submarine Transmission ), Photography, Music Production
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    ISP Network Administrator / Incident Managment specialist


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    Intel core i7-8700K
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 z370
  • RAM
    32G Corasir Vengance LPX DDR4 3000
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Gaming G1 GTX 1080
  • Case
    Cougar Conquer
  • Storage
    2x 512Gb Samsung 960 pro raid0, 6 TB Seagate
  • PSU
    Corsair HX880i
  • Display(s)
    2x ASUS VE248 1x ASUS pb287q
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i V2 atm Custome water loop comming soon
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 Rapidfire
  • Mouse
    Corsair Sabre RGB
  • Operating System
    WIN 10 pro

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  1. You could even drop to 3 or 4 without too much issue. tho overlap like you have with the teal is not to bad really and the one signal that you are sharing chanell space with is pretty well overpowered by your device.. if you are having significant issues i would suggest its likely not interference related as your channel space looks pretty clear.
  2. wow 25a bare minimum! ... never ever travel to Australia ... we have customers in the cities that struggle to get 5mbps, its really not a pretty situation here.. there are reasons for it and very few of them are good ones but this is the reality that most Australians have to deal with.
  3. so then this is the network as it stands at this moment Device list Entertainment TV is a Sony 55 inch 4K android STB 1 and 2 are as advertised one for my ISP IPTV and the other is nationall IPTV provider for channel diversity and the sony Bluray Mobile computing Tile is a Lenovo Yoga 910 and is my mobile daily driver Tile-old is a Hp Probook that is too old too heavy and now too slow and now changes OS as a whim hits me work laptop well thats prtetty much as advertised the printer is a cheep brother wireless Laser printer Servers Nas is in build atm amd while technically attached to the network its defs a WIP at the moment Slate is a scratchpad server that is my testing location for all the stupidity before i roll an idea live Firebrick serves as web / mail / database and will soon take over DNS / DHCP from my modem Workstations Cornerstone is the PC i have been using as my non mobile daily driver for the past 4 years its currently being replaced by Cornerstone V2 Cornerstone V2 is the new kid on the block and as soon as i get all my data moved over or off to the NAS (when complete) there will be a name refactor Switches switch 1 is a D-link DGS-1016a 16 port Gigabit non managed consumer switch switch 2 is a TP-Link TL-SG108 8 port Gigabit consumer switch the access point is a Ubiquity unify UAP-AC-PRO Modem this is fairly unremarkable POS ISP supplied ADSL modem. i have 3 diferent iterations of them and they change out regularly as i end up testing them for work and one of these days im going to get my Cisco 867 sorted out (we no longer offer that as an option to business customers so its not in the testing rotation ) General Thoughts an musings about my network The only real reason for switch two is so that i only have one Ethernet cable running to my office. and i think that the 16 port one will soon be replaced wiht a second hand HP procurve 3400CL switch ... they can generally be found online for a good price and are fully non blocking with something like an 86Gig back-plane and space for 2 10Gig fiber up-links (that i would have almost no use for atm ) the 48port ones would have fun trying to saturate that back-plane. The main reason for the upgrade is not that im saturating either of the Gigabit switches i currently have but more that the HP is managed. Slate and firebrick are currently running on Rasberri Pi's, Firbrick on a pi 3 and slate a pi2, i dont do a lot of work out to the world with my web/mail so atm the Pi is completely suitable for that job but im really wondering if i am going to take the Cornerstone hardware and throw ESXi on it then pull mail web and Database into different VM's as it stands i haven't had a need for web/mail or associated stuff for a while so the addition of Firebrick is only about 3 weeks old at the moment and was put in place to get some network management running in this case Cacti and smoke ping. initially cacti and smokeping were put in place to help me identify some network issues that i was seeing (massive prolonged ping spikes huge chunks of lost packets) but as per bloody usual as soon as i added monitoring and got it going the issues are gone if yall are interested in my connection to the world i have pulled some of the relevant cacti graphs onto http://www.fish-tank.ninja/network.html this page where you can see my latency over time to 4 DNS servers and some strategically chosen points in my routing too a game server in London that i use a lot there is also the smoke ping page that shows similar data in a different way http://www.fish-tank.ninja/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi?target=MULTIHOSTS smoke ping shows the latency in a better way but Cacti's SNMP integration means i can do a whole lot more with it in the long run (this is where the 3400CL comes into the picture) there also needs to be a name reorganization as traditionally Cornerstone is the center of my network and all devices are named after brick/stone products in this case Firebrick probably needs to be renamed as it is in no way any sort of firewall. that said there definitally needs to be some kind of firewall device added into the network some time soon
  4. the amusing part of the cost thing is FTTN pushed the price per location up rather than down like predicetd ... they aparently forgot to account for the VDSL nodes needed and remedial work on the ageing telstra copper
  5. isp's didntg run the fibre in ausi .... its a company that got handed a money press and then charge a stupid amount to ISP's and provide really sub par support ... still NBNco are better to deal with than OptiComm (another Ausi FTTH supplier
  6. its also super flakey when you have power instability or huts with bad HVAC ... not that we have that problem ... nop not at all .... dont need Aircon in south australia ... the huts wont overheat ....
  7. whos your ISP ... i only ask because i hope its not the one i work for ... but yeah FTTn is pretty much aids mate ... we all hate it ... just be glad you dont have to deal with NBN they are really horiffic to deal with ... every ticket we send in for an end user they basically reject saying its in the Access seeker (isp) network and we have to fight to even get them to look ... yep we gave one company a manopoly on future internet and said other carriers were not allowed to sell access network ... and then we told them they can charge what they want for it ... then you add to that the TIO gets complaints only from End usere and NBN has basically said ooh cant be us to the TIO so the TIO is looking at ISP's when they should be looking at the whole bloody network </rant>
  8. what sort of router do you have there ... if you have one thats snmp cabable you could always run a cacti instance at your place and query the snmp over the net that will get you a pretty graph this is kinda what it will look like this is the daily average of one of my PC's NIC's any other solution that i can think of would need you to have some kind of device in ther place ... that being said if there are 2 or 3 of them and they stream a fair bit they wont cope with 10m
  9. @brob I thought about one drive vs 2 and in the end the determining factor for the Raid0 was price.. with so many of the components in here being somewhat price inflated ... im looking at you ram and GPU with the 512Gig drives comming in at $368 each and at the time of purchase a 1tb was at $850. sure it was only a $114 diference in price but that allowed me to sneak the 32Gig of ram into my budget i have also thought about the 2 seperat drive thing instead of raid 0 and atm the main thing holding me back is traction (the PC is set up and running well ), i also really dont want to have to mess with diferent drives in windows other than mass storage ... i cant be sure but i seem to remember the last time i tried to set up a folder mount for an NTFS parttion to try and mimic a single volume i had a real pain in the ass time trying to get a drive monted to what Windows sees as a system folder *** Edit **** i have also just noted that the pcpart picker link i listed here has the wrong prices for the SSD'3s in it ...
  10. So then, most of the main parts have arrived and everything has been assembled and its working well on an AIO and stock air for the graphics after much thought and soul searching i have made what i think is the bigest compromise to the original parts list and went for Samsung NVME SSD's mainly for performance reasons and i lowered the ram speed to 3000Mhz ... my god the price of ram these days so the final part list is https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/fqCgTH i also decided not to do a custom case this time as the Cougar Conquer finally grabbed my attention but having finished the build i can tell you all there there is not enough room between the back plate and the Glass side to fit a drive on any kind of mounting bracket so im still looking for a solution to that. all that needs to happen now id the custom loop and cables. parts will be getting ordered for that soon(TM) and i need to decide if i really want to put a aquero in it, most of that will be where the hell do i put it
  11. Hey all, I'm looking at putting a New PC together and while lookign at ram options in the specs I want (3000Mhz or 3200Mhz with a 2x16Gb option) I have found that there is one result that is significantly cheeper than most of the otheres $380 aud vs $650ish for Gskill and Corsair that brand being T-Force who i know verry little about .... so the question i have is has anyone used T-Force ram and what is like ... any horror stories or are you plesently suprised about price / performance
  12. whats the actual issue with this one.... I mean if it just no longer works you would always just cut the plug off and Frankenstein something.. they have given you output specs and polarity information sooo it should be relativity easy to do with an aftermarket multi voltage transformer, some heat shrink and some crimps .... it wont look pretty but it should do the job .... if however the plug is worn and no longer makes good contact that's a very different story. i have rebuilt some weird adapter plugs with a 3d printer but to be honest that's a full scale PITA.
  13. soo for those of you out their that care i have done some more work on this build in pinning down the parts for the custom loop the plan for the moment is to do custom hard line with the bends being done with 45 and 90 Phanteks fittings ... this is more an aesthetic thing rather than me worrying about the bends i do looking like shit. so the parts list for the loop rad 1 360mm Alphaool st30 rad 2 240mm Alphaool st30 (one of these may be replaced with the x-flow version if it fits the loop layout) res Watercool HEATKILLER 150 D5 (this may need to be a 200 depending on the amount of free space in the case) CPU block Watercool HEATKILLER IV Pro GPU block im undecided as yet but im picking this will likely be ELWB as they make the best looking blocks for cards Tube. well its going to be hardline and probably PETG but I'm worried that 12mm OD may look lost in the case so that final decsision will be made at when i decide on the res size Fittings Phanteks has been picked for the shape of them and the fact that i can easily mask off the small bevel areas and spray them the accent color of the case so yeah the build is now int the part gathering stage and that would be going a lot quicker if processors were available .... so far i have the motherboard, bulk storage drive, PSU and the case is on a courier to m as i type (but as i live in Australia and on the west cost at that the case is probably on a camel to cross the desert ..... have to love Australia post)
  14. just wondering if anyone has used the Heatkiller Tube res from Watercool? doing a quick search here i found that people were using some of their blocks but no mention of the Res. Looking at it it fits the aesthetic that im looking for but before i buy im hoping to get some idea if people have any experience with them. Cheers