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  1. Those models seem interesting. Especially the yoga however some of the others are a little expensive. I can get the xps 13 for 900 on Dell outlet and like the sleek design as it's something that's important to me in a business environment.
  2. A single ssd will work. I also have decided i only want a 13" screen as i need the extra portability. Was considering the new XPS 13 as it seems to have a lot of good reviews and fixed a lot of previous gens issues. What are your thoughts
  3. That sounds good. Specs arent too important compared to battery life because i hate trying to find outlets. ultrabook preffered
  4. US , up to 1600/1700 max but cheaper is better. dont mind sRGB display and probably wont upgrade the RAM, 8GB would probably suffice too
  5. I was considering getting a macbook but was worried about the keyboard issues and i cant really wait for them to release one with the new switches
  6. Pretty sure Dave2D on YouTube recommended getting this used model on one of his videos too. Why is there so much concern about the quality control though.
  7. Screen size 13" Battery life important Used for: primarily software development, web browsing and other similar tasks. Aesthetic is important as I work in a professional environment so no laptops that look like bulky gaming laptops. I don't really play any games so that isn't too important. Also I will most likely dual boot linux on the machine. Currently have a 2015 model xps 15 but it's kinda dying. I like the aesthetic of the laptop but thermal throttling issues are frustrating as hell.
  8. Battery capacity, camera and build quality are what matter most as I do drop my phone a lot. Honestly got the iPhone because it had the first two plus iMessage and FaceTime which I was seemingly getting so much shit from American friends for not having since I moved here from Europe. Such a dumb sheep reason but felt like a good idea at the time but now I’m being bitten in the ass by apples crappy customer service. Avoiding a curved screen sounds like great advice. Definitely will get a much stronger case for new device too. Im willing to spend money on something worth it. What would you recommend?
  9. My budget is pretty flexible for the right product. Honestly that sounds ideal. I used to replace the screen on my iPhone 4s so not opposed to that at all. Was considering the pixel 3a actually and also some of the higher end phones too.
  10. I currently have an IPhone X but dropped it the other day and now I have a big white line across the screen which I assume is lcd damage and was quoted 300 at an independent repair place and Apple website says around the same price. It’s kind of made me angry and am seriously considering just selling it for parts on eBay and picking up a new phone that doesn’t have a trash company like Apple behind it. i mainly use my phone for YouTube videos and taking photos. I don’t do any gaming or high intensity apps on it. Headphone jack doesn’t matter to me as I’ve got used to using wireless headphones and also the notch doesn’t bother me much either. I had a OnePlus 3 before this and quite liked that but honestly I’m not too fussy about what ROM I’m running as I’m used to working with different ones.
  11. Bumping this. I have decided that I really need a 13” model. The new XPS 13 looks nice but people seem to be recommending against it. Not sure why.
  12. Yeah I had that but I often access it remotely and the Windows app allows that. Terrible software thitho
  13. Makes sense. Guess it’s just getting used for storage until I need something better and can upgrade
  14. That’s basically how I use it right now but the problem I have is that the wd apps such as the pc one is so slow and doesn’t even allow you o select multiple goes to download simultaneously it’s like it was designed 10 years ago
  15. Thanks these are really useful! I basically have tried using with the wd apps for various devices but it kinda sucks and is super janky.