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  1. thorhammerz

    [Rumor] 2080 Ti Super Potentially Spotted in AIDA64

    You receive X performance, at Y price point, at the point in time Z (a.k.a. the moment you click "confirm" on your order), a warranty for T years, and the implied driver support for N years. That is the scope of the transaction. Quite.
  2. thorhammerz

    [Rumor] 2080 Ti Super Potentially Spotted in AIDA64

    Dictated by "Nvidia is a business whose sole purpose is to make money for its stakeholders" . If they believe they can feasibly sell another SKU above or below an existing line, either to move more inventory or to rake in higher margins, they will do so. The idea that top-of-the-stack purchasers of consumer PC hardware actually expect their products to remain top of the stack, at the price points they purchased at, is quite amusing.
  3. thorhammerz

    [Rumor] 2080 Ti Super Potentially Spotted in AIDA64

    Don't forget everyone who got <insert top-of-the-stack product> of the past decade!
  4. thorhammerz

    Hbm 2 gets another upgrade-HBM2E

    Catering to tribalism is just part of the fun .
  5. To be perfectly fair to the French and the Spaniards, they had more... immediate issues to deal with. Crystal-ball gazing 100-200 years into the future to see what combinations of geography, demographics, and technology meshes to create the superpower-of-the-day isn't exactly something humans particularly good at.
  6. And the power that controls New Orleans controls the ability of the entire river basin to interact with the rest of the world. It's quite lovely we could just substitute these locations with the names of several European countries (in terms of their relationship with one another)...
  7. In such a scenario, I'd wager it depends whether the Mississippi basin and the Eastern seaboard find themselves capable of co-existing - one controls the production of goods / raw-materials, while the other controls the inflow/outflow of said goods and capital. The West will always be their own little enclaves (never capable of fully resisting whichever power controls the Central/Eastern part of the continent, but in turn are never fully subjugated either) until humans figure out how to mass-transport goods (and people) over/on/under mountains (or even flat land) as cost-effectively as they do on waterways.
  8. Fire washes the skin off the bone, and the sin off the soul. ... The gene pool gets some free pruning as well.
  9. While streaming that game while editing that video of you streaming that game while running the latest-and-greatest MC benchmark....
  10. Those extra 15% FPS aren't going to buy themselves .
  11. Approval for the time being, but there's no guarantee the white-listing will continue indefinitely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  12. It does make one wonder how far the Japanese are willing to go, trying to bring South Koreans to their knees (re: the recent trade spat).
  13. Ultra-rare-uber-shiny-ePeen drop rate: 1 / 299,539.
  14. thorhammerz

    Nvidia RTX Super uses different tiers of GPUs?

    Money talks .