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  1. N3D9ed

    Need Mid/Full tower ATX Case

    I'd recommend Fractal's Arc Midi R2 if you're looking for a case that has good air flow as well. The windowed side panel is large enough and it is tinted so not sure if you'd like that or not.
  2. N3D9ed

    Intel's new 65-Core Smartphone

    Now that's how to play the core count game lol.
  3. N3D9ed

    Project PC Case

    Now I see your point. But I'll have to apologize, I know not of any briefcases. Sorry that I can't be of any help.
  4. N3D9ed

    Project PC Case

    I don't quite understand your post. Ready to go when you open the briefcase? Are you looking for ITX cases in general or there is something you need that must be in the cases?
  5. N3D9ed

    Mitx case recommendation?

    The Fractal Design Node 304 is an excellent case from what I've gathered but it only lacks support for 240/280mm+ AIOs. If your friend really wants the 240mm support, then Bitfenix Prodigy would be the way to go as suggested by 007agentHP or the Corsair 250D which also supports a 240mm AIO but it seems the 5.25" drive bay will have to be left empty.
  6. N3D9ed

    EVGA Z170 platform

    Ooh, the Classified one is smexy...
  7. I would go with Zalman if you need the modularity (I, frankly, did not heard about Zalman's PSUs at all but since it is 80+ Gold, I don't think it's a bad PSU). But, if you don't want to take any risks with Zalman, go with the more trusted brand Antec.
  8. Asus' Maximus VI Gene, Gigabyte's G1.Sniper M5, MSI's Z87M Gaming but since you prefer red, the first and third choice would be my recommendation to you.
  9. N3D9ed

    this again! lol best air cooling cases?

    Fractal Design's Arc Midi R2 is an excellent choice. Or if you like Corsair, their Air 540 is pretty much optimized for air cooling.
  10. N3D9ed

    Where can I but Bequiet products?

    Last time I checked, the Dark Rock 2 was still there. Try searching "be quiet!" Instead of "bequiet".
  11. N3D9ed

    Gaming Rig

    Pretty good so far. Find an aftermarket 290 instead unless you don't mind the acoustics of a jet engine and the temperature of lava. Here's some suggestions that you can feel free to ignore: 1) Replace the Black with a Blue instead, saves you some monies since the Black is pretty redundant just for storage.
  12. N3D9ed

    New build

    Full resolution... As in 1080p? 1440p? 4K?
  13. A windowed side panel would be nice, I've been pondering hard as to why isn't there a window in such a high-end chassis. Better water cooling support would also be viable since people would usually go custom water cooling when buying such a chassis.
  14. N3D9ed

    Which case Should i Buy?

    That's pretty understandable. Well, this would've to depend on the OP if he travels with the PC frequently.
  15. N3D9ed

    Which case Should i Buy?

    Avoid 120mm AiOs if possible, they are not that good compared to high-end air coolers or even mid-end. As for the chassis, go with whichever you prefer, unless there is something more important that $40 could do in your situation.
  16. N3D9ed

    A10-7850k VS i5 4670k ?

    A10-7850K without a doubt as its cheaper and since you are using the PC as a project anyway.
  17. N3D9ed

    For the final time: which 270

    In that case, the 280X would be a viable option. The 4GB VRAM is not fully utilized due to the small memory bus.
  18. N3D9ed

    For the final time: which 270

    Reset to the 270. The 270X is pretty much pointless unless the price difference there between the 270 and it's X variant is small (say £1-£10?). For 720p, the 280X isn't really worth it so the 270 is way better for the money at that resolution.
  19. N3D9ed

    Upcoming PC build

    I would replace the MSI motherboard with the Asus Maximus VI Hero instead due to personal preferences and according to Newegg reviews, the MSI motherboard will ruin the red theme with its blue LED. Other then that, this is one solid build overall.
  20. N3D9ed

    2 780's or 1 780 Ti

    Wait for Maxwell if you can.
  21. N3D9ed

    What is the best fan for filtered intake?

    There is no such thing as SP140s currently.
  22. Please do not revive dead threads. It is against the forum's CoC.
  23. It's an excellent gaming build. Here's a couple suggestions that you may feel free to ignore: -Get the lower wattage variant, ---Saves you some monies. -Get a high-end air cooler such as the NH-D14, Dark Rock Pro 2, PH-TC14PE etc. ---Saves you some monies, high-end air coolers tend to be superior to 120mm AiOs in almost every aspect (acoustics, performance etc.) -Get a 1440p monitor such as the U2713HM or cheap Korean monitors such as the Yamakazi Catleap. And one last thing, 8 RAM sticks on a Maximus VI Gene... Interesting...
  24. N3D9ed

    Which is better?

    I think BitFenix has some. As for the PSUs, I would go the AX1200i route simply because I don't really like EVGA's PSUs, but that's just me.
  25. Successor to the 650 Ti, not predecessor, that would be the 550 Ti.