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  1. The USPSA/IPSC is just for fun and secondary to the fact that I’ve always wanted to get a USP for quite a few reasons. It’s gonna be standard model, 9x19 but with some upgrades. Standard USP 9 but replacing the sights and trigger with their match equivalents. Got a lot of time on my hand with school being out so I’ll be able to get practice in. I know for sure I’m getting smoked by all the Shadow IIs that dominate my league but I ain’t gonna give in that easily
  2. Picking up a HK USP for USPSA/IPSC Production-Class pretty soon. Pretty excited since I've always wanted one but haven't been able to find one in my area for a decent price until now.
  3. Got an Arsenal SLR-106 coming in today. I've had a EKP 8-18 Kobra for the longest time and didn't have a gun that I liked it on. Maybe the Slav combo will do.
  4. Dang, I've been gone forever and this place seems dead.
  5. I thought you meant finger grooves on grips in general lol.
  6. I haven't seen any M&Ps with finger grooves, which one do you have? Also thank god S&W finally got a decent trigger in the M&P 2.0, the original trigger was mush. Damn, you have the perfect hands for the A2 grip then because none of my friends can use it well either.
  7. How much did it cost in total? I honestly would've shilled out extra for a MOE+ grip since I cannot stand finger grooves since they NEVER fit (Reason why I'm selling my Glock 17 Gen 4 to a buddy and building a Polymer80 V2 Compact)
  8. Definitely should pick up a proper stock for it since the stock (haha) one isn't going to cut the mustard for consistent 1000 yard groups. Hogue makes pretty good stocks for what they're priced at but if you want to look tacticool Magpul has a set for your needs. Double check that the stock you're getting is for the long-action. Do you have a magazine floor plate? If not then you're looking for stocks that are "blind magazine" like the one from Remington or buy the parts to convert it. If you choose the Magpul route, you'll be able to make it detachable magazine fed. Harris bipod is a must, don't cheap out on it.
  9. It feels great. The rubber's solid enough to shoulder and maintain good control while still being flexible to be a brace. I've only shot 5.56 and .223 out of mine though so I don't know if the rubber's gonna flex more with the .458's recoil.
  10. The local Chinese restaurant still hands out fridge magnets that describe their location as "next to the Blockbuster" after their address.
  11. It's been almost half a year since I've visited this thread. Got two new toys since then. One's my new Eddystone M1917 Enfield next to my first taste of properly good milsurp, a 1943 ROF Maltby No. 4 Mk I. I got the beauty back in April at a gun show where I got a hundred dollars off without real haggling. Literally asked 'Will you be willing to go lower" and he asked me to name a price that I thought was reasonable so I did. Both of us were happy with the price and he just so happened to be a firefighter and me an EMT so that kind of helped. The other funsy's just a PSA pistol I built with an SB Tactical PDW brace and a meme of a FCG. Used Franklin Armory's BFS III in it and it's an absolute joy to mag dump with. Probably going to put a Geissele SSA once my new SSA-E arrives and I get it into my 16 incher with the ACOG. Planning on selling my Glock 17 Gen 4 to a buddy of mine and using that money to work on a Glock 19 Roland Special using a Polymer 80 V2 Compact frame.
  12. It's just a regular 1944 Springfield Armory receiver
  13. Oh man, I haven't checked in here in ages! I got this a while back: