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  1. Hans-Linus

    building my own router

    hi guys, i want to build my own router. i have an 'old' dell optiplex 7010 as a basis: - core i5 3470 - 8 gb ram i do this the first time, so i would be grateful for some tips: - what linux distros would u recommend - what networkcards would u recommend - i would like to attatch an accesspoint for wlan (any recommendations there) some things i want to achieve: i want full networking control for my home network i want to be able to tunnel from 'outside' through vpn into my home lan/network if u have some helpful tips they are all welcome. (even if u know of some similar forum threats or tutorials) thanks a lot - and it is a fun project cause i am interested in homenetworking
  2. Hi guys, i use a NUC7I5BNH with 16 GB of Ram and a m.2 SAMSUNG MZVPW256HEGL as a htpc since it actually has had no problems with 4K Footage. Couple of weeks i noticed that my nuc got louder and louder. I monitored the temps and i discovered that the nuc got extremly hot (the cpu was in the high 60°C - from 64-68°C) with no load just idle. Then one day - i was just running spotify - i had an automatic shutdown because the nuc reached critical temps. I searched the net and didnt find much information (beside the usual 'nuc's are loud' and so on). Well i tried everything software wise (changing bios-settings and monitoring cpu and gpu usage). Nothing really helped. so i disassambled the little guy and well - not even a year in use - and right between the fan and the copper cooler was a pretty noticeable dustcollection. I cleaned it out and while i was on it i also changed the thermalpaste (had something from noctua lying around). And see - we are now chilling again between 40°C and 60°C depending on the load. so if anyone has some overheating trouble you should also think of cleaning the coolerassembly. I had to dismount the cooler to get to the dust and clean everything out but with this nuc model its not that big of a challange. i thought i'd share my experience with u in case anyone has similar troubles. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, once again i turn to the LTT Forum for some ideas. Couple of weeks my Nexus 5X bootlooped.Warranty was still active and they repaired it. Well they switched the complete mainboard. Which means that i am stuck with a banged up outside (since it was my daily driver for 2 years). Since the repair took about 2 weeks i got myself a new phone with which i am actually pretty happy at the moment. And now i got this spare nexus 5x - i am not really interested in selling (cause i dont think i will get any money out of it). So i was thinking - are there any good ideas for alternative useage ? i was playing with the idea of using it as a car-radio (like the nexus 7) but i wouldnt really need that at the moment. So i turn to you. What could one do with a (now again) perfectly working phone that runs android 8.0. Any ideas ? Any projects u did yourself or heard of ? i appreciate your input. Cheers Hans-Linus
  4. Hans-Linus

    Looking for a good Android?

    Hi, i had some kind of a similar Situation. My Nexus 5X went into a neverending Bootloop and i had to figure out an alternative. I was conent with the 5X Performance and i am not aiming for the latest Flagships. I also looked up the Huawei P10 lite and others. But in the End it came down to two possible options: Honor 6X Honor 8 I went with the Honor 8 since i really liked the formfactor and the apperance reminded me a lot of the Nexus 4 (which i really liked) - or lets say a possible evolution of the Nexus 4. Sure u have to like a fully glas phone but performance-wise it got everything i needed: A Octa Core 4 GB of Ram 32 Gb of Storage Dual Sim ( with the alternative: 1 Sim and 1 Micro SD) a dual Camera on the back and it Runs Android 7 (and if u download the Google Now Lancher the Homescreen is practically identical to the Nexus 5X) just a side note: i really like the responsiveness and the positioning of the fingerprintreader for my workload : Browsing, Email, Social Media, Whatsapp it has a very nice perfomance and runs very smoothly The Batterylife is better than the Nexus 5X's (in my personal experience/with my usage) So i got it now for a short period of time but at the moment i am really happy with my decision and i can just tell u to at least take a look at the honor 8 The Honor 8 has a pricepoint around 300 EUR, which was my personal upper limit (because i think its crazy to pay more for a gagdet that probably lasts 2 yrs) If u dont like the Glas-Style the Honor 6X would also be a nice alternative (even comes with a bigger battery than the 8 and has a metal back) The Honor 6X is even cheaper because its a bit older but performance-wise there shouldnt be a big difference (a friend of mine switched to the 6X after his Nexus5X died, and he likes it a lot). Hope these suggestions are helpful. cheers Hans-Linus
  5. Hans-Linus

    Unique HTPC problem

    i dont know if u r still searching for parts or if u r already finished but i can highly recommend to go with a 7th generation Intel NUC. i decided to go with them for the following reasons: The 7th generation is able to play 4k media easily (i chose the Nuc 7 i5 with the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 and 4096x2160 @ 60Hz: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/visual-technology/graphics-overview.html ) With this hardware u r also able to stream 4k Netflix content Connectivity: Thunderbolt 3 HDMI 2.0a (for me thats one of the most important connections bc if u use a TV and not a Monitor u normally only get HDMI) DP 1.2 Usb 3.1 and so on Upgradeability - u can easily change RAM and the Drives (NVMe / 2,5 Inch HDD/SSD) Formfactor I use it in the Livingroom so i dont want a tower or anything like that standing around there Noise The System is pretty silent - exactly what i want for a HTPC Flexibility I run a full Windows 10 on there - so u can do anything u want with it To be honest i dont think there is any better choice for an HTPC. Before that i ran a full PC config and it was 'big' and loud. Even a XBOX or PS4 gets way louder than the Nuc. And i dont have any issuses with thermals ( it keeps in the low to mid 60 degrees Celcius) I got mine now a couple of months and it runs smoothly No matter if i stream or watch media from HDD. I just added an external soundcard so i can go with a cinch connector into my amplifier. And in my Setup it runs with a 50 Inch 4k Samsung TV - no Problems til now. Cheers Hans-Linus
  6. so i dont know if anyone is actually interested in this, but since there were many really nice comments here i wanted to give just a quick update. I decided to go with a Zotac GTX 1060 6 GB and i think it was the right decision. I also updated my Monitor to an Dell UltraSharp U3417W. Which for me makes sense since i am not a high end gamer and i dont need a refreshrate over 60 Hz since i - for myself - wont even be able to see or utilize any differenz with a panel >60 Hz. For me a nice and high resolution is much more interesting than a crazy fps/Hz over 100. I didnt do Benchmarks - i just have day to day experiencereports and the resume is simple: everything runs extremly smoothly. games from lol to doom are fun to play and i dont have had any issues til now. So i dont think that my CPU is a bottleneck at the moment. so for me this was the perfect choice and a the right performancetweek. it also shows that even a core system i built about 8 years ago is still able to hold its ground. in the end the only difference i think to an 2017 system is connectivity since i dont have thunderbolt 3, usb 3.0 or nvme drives - but to be honest for the things i do the pc (casual gaming, and yeah internet browsing) does not need these features. and the money i saved since i didnt have to rebuild my pc i could spend on a really nice ultrawide monitor (which is a really nice thing to have i think) so thanks again to all your comments. they really gave me very interesting perspectives and helped me to ask myself the right questions to find out what i actually need and want my system to do. Cheers Hans-Linus
  7. guys thanks a lot for the great feedback ... you have given me a lot of options and i will try some of them ! Thx
  8. Hi guys, i would really appreciate your input: At the moment i run a pretty old System ( 2009 ): - Mainboard: ASUS P6T - Prozessor: Intel i 7 920 @2,67 GHZ - Ram: 6 GB DDR3 and a old AMD Radeon Series with 2 GB OS is Win10 64bit I am thinking of building a new System but that wont happen til next year. And i wanted to start a little projekt where i probably switch the graphicscard. I wanna game - but not hardcore - 60 Hz is enough for me. But i got a new Panel comming (21:9) with a resolution of: 3440x1440 So i am thinking about buying a new graphicscard. My main cause of concern: The Mainboard only supports PCIe 2.0 x16 So how big of a bottleneck-problem do u think i got with PCIe 2.0 x16 in real life applications and games. Did anyone put a modern card in such an old System ? like a gtx 750/950 or 1070 ? Are there interesting AMD alternatives ? i am happy to hear about your experiences (also compatibaly wise) Cheers
  9. some interesting points but still if yt doesnt at least break even in terms of earnings and spendings do you really think it will last much longer ? and with regard to floatplane. i have to quote myself from a previous reply ive given: i mean - yes for the audience who already knows the creators like LTT floatplane is an option. But i guess the whole businessmodel behind floatplane depends on growth - how does a plattform like floatplane grow without a multiplier like youtube to actually target new audiences ? i personally dout that 'scaling back' would be an option if they really start with such a plattform. dont get me wrong - i am looking forward to it from a consumer point of view. but from a business point of view - to make money u need to grow. even if your member numbers stay the same you would have to 'grow' in the sense that every month there will be people who leave the plattform so in order not to shrink you would need more members. and still i dont know businessmodels that can sustain themselves without any kind of growth. thats why i think a plattform like floatplane needs some kind of multiplicator to target new audiences - dont you think ?
  10. well i dont think floatplane is designed to replace yt or be just another yt i think floatplane is a much more specific plattfrom in order to fit specific needs of professional content creators but as i replied before - how will floatplane actually target new audience if they dont have support from yt and just in general - i guess u r using yt a lot - so arent you curious where it goes ? and i mean dont you think like - oh that would be a cool thing / or that would be nice ?
  11. ok so yt hits a major wall .. and then ? and much more interesting are plattforms like floatplane the solution. i mean - yes for the audience who already knows the creators like LTT floatplane is an option. But i guess the whole businessmodel behind floatplane depends on growth - how does a plattform like floatplane grow without a multiplier like youtube to actually target new audiences ?
  12. yes you started with it has a long way to go .. so the question is - where will it go and to be honest - i dont know the guy and i dont wanna talk about him as a person but the things he said (like i wrote in another reply) why do you think that google/alphabet will not pull the plug. because in the end if a business looses money over a longer period of time it will be shut down. i think we as consumers can not really relate to there dimension. when you write youtube is still making tons of money - right it does. but it spends more money than it makes. so the fact that they earn tons of money is irrelevant when you have higher costs and loose money in the end - wouldnt you say so ? so the question i am aiming at is: - what is google going to do with yt - whats their aim ? - and floatplane what do you think about it ? are u a member ?
  13. i am right there with you - i think google has probably a plan. but they are also just people. so what plan do you think google has ? i mean if they can think of a great plan - why cant we and i am curious. what exactly does google want with youtube if youtube doesnt earn them money ? and i dont really know eli - i just stumbled over this video and i think he makes some pretty good points. and the reason i opened this discussion is to actually challange these points - to see how valid they are
  14. but why are u so shure its unsinkable ? i mean - like one valid point in the youtube clip i added- youtube belongs to alphabet. a (stock market) company. and these companies have to performe. so if a venture like youtuube sinks about 1 to 2 billion dollars every year - why keep it ?