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  1. Hello everybody i want to tell you sorry for my english in advance.I am new to the forum so i hope everything is gonna be all right. Internet where i live is very expensive ( 35$ for 12mbps down and 1mbps up)but i got an offer for 50$ a month and they are giving me 60 down and 5 up so i said of course yes and i have a better internet now...I had a conversation with 2 other houses next to me to pay the bill divided by 3 so at about 20 bucks each and get 20 mbps down and 2 up...My provider gives me internet with a dsl line which goes into a TP-Link TD-W8970 v3.0. I want this to be my main modem and the other houses to be clients with other modems like TP-LINK TD-W8960N v7..I have set my bandwidth control into my main router to the max of my isp provider but i don't know how to give the other routers static ip so i can apply trafic control to them...Also should i have dhcp server enabled or disabled in the client's routers... I'm very confused please help me! Thanks in advance Jim