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  1. That's a push fit connector, you need to push the dark grey part in and then just pull the pipe out while holding it down
  2. Is this a ripoff - Ebay Arduino Kit

    The kit will be great if you just want to play around with lots of components to see what they do. And I think there are a few arduino powered HID projects out there so you should be all good
  3. Is this a ripoff - Ebay Arduino Kit

    I'd say you are getting your money's worth of components but if this is your first step into arduino it may be of better value for you to get a cheaper more basic kit to start playing around with the basics, learning the skills you need to successfully complete bigger projects in the future and then just ordering those parts required for what you want to create. So far as arduino "clones" go, there isn't really any such thing. The arduino project is open source hardware and software so while the very cheap boards can have issues and are best left alone buying from China shouldn't cause problems as they are built to the same hardware specs as the official "Genuino" boards. Buying from the arduino foundation simply helps to fund the work they do with education e.c.t
  4. Multicopter Megathread

    Haha so true, almost hit a dog walker I didn't see under some trees the other day and decided it was time for an upgrade
  5. Multicopter Megathread

    Welcome back @Legolessed New camera and VTX today. excited to finally be able to fly with other people and to be able to see where I'm going!
  6. Multicopter Megathread

    Yeah the element and temp sensor are inside the tips, I'd say that is actually one of the TS100s bigger cons as it makes the tips quite expensive to replace.
  7. Multicopter Megathread

    Nahh heater is inside the tips, the tip could be oxidized that would cause poor thermal coupling to the joint
  8. Multicopter Megathread

    I do my day to day soldering at 330c (not just quads but other projects too) and never have any problem, I haven't ever had mine past 350c even for very large joints, I think something must be wrong for you to be having problems at 400c
  9. Multicopter Megathread

    @Hackentosher @LittleCarrot thanks will give that one a shot. I can shove a couple lipos or something in there with it to use the space. I have a TS100 as my only soldering iron and while very big joints like the XT60 can be a little tricky I find it works great, I use mine from a 12v power supply at home without any problems maintaining heat at all.
  10. Multicopter Megathread

    Hey does anyone have any recommendations for a case to fit the QX7? In particular something quite low profile. I am currently using the box that it came in but really want to find something a little smaller to free up some space in my bag, however I only seem to be able to find cases for the X9D
  11. Question about ESC

    Wow ok you are into a whole different class of motors from what I was thinking, have a look at electric skateboard kits that would get you a motor and control system all in one kit
  12. Question about ESC

    What exactly is the application?
  13. Question about ESC

    If you just need to spin a motor then a brushed DC motor would be much simpler
  14. Skylanders NFC Reader

    Would probably be easier in Linux but you basically need to write your own firmware, however being a game device I would imagine that they won't make it easy for you
  15. Will an old Nokia work directly from a PSU?

    The above would be ideal but yes if you have a variable bench supply you could set that to 3.7V and power the phone from the battery terminals (you want to be certain of the polarity) or if you don't have a bench supply the 3.3v rail from a computer psu should work