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  1. Skylanders NFC Reader

    Would probably be easier in Linux but you basically need to write your own firmware, however being a game device I would imagine that they won't make it easy for you
  2. Will an old Nokia work directly from a PSU?

    The above would be ideal but yes if you have a variable bench supply you could set that to 3.7V and power the phone from the battery terminals (you want to be certain of the polarity) or if you don't have a bench supply the 3.3v rail from a computer psu should work
  3. How's the build going? Was loving this thread and am definitely keen to see it finished
  4. Multicopter Megathread

    From Ace Company? I noticed it was on sale when looking at escs and motors, my quad burned another esc (this one literally caught fire) and the problem followed the motor I moved troubleshooting the last one so now I'm wondering if it's the motor that's causing the problem.
  5. Multicopter Megathread

    Yeah I've only flown two and a half batterys in my whole 5in career though so I'm still makeing that muscle memory for now and my quad falling through a hedge and then spazzing out on the ground while I desperately tryed to work out why it wouldn't disarm is the reason I have flown 2.5 not 3. I have fixed the logic for my arm system now though so in theory it shouldn't happen again but I'd rather fly a few more packs and get a feel for things before I try flying like charpu again 😂 I think I might try that, I have a similar setup now with, autolevel - horizon - rate mode, but I could easily change to fit air mode in
  6. Multicopter Megathread

    That's quite the collection 😨 I have a bit of electronics experience so that isn't too daunting to me but your right checking your work as you go is a must. I found out the hard way that air mode isn't a good idea for beginners and that my arm switch would fail to disarm if I panicked and slapped at all my switches trying to disarm in a crash
  7. Multicopter Megathread

    Haha yeah I expect so. so long as I learn from my mistakes I don't mind too much.
  8. Multicopter Megathread

    @Hackentosher I blew an esc on my first pack so I think my dead parts collection might grow quite quickly
  9. Multicopter Megathread

    Got her built and test hovered flew a couple laps of the park LOS then just as I'm about to put the goggles on bam dog walkers everywhere Dx
  10. interested in biohacking

    You can do that, putting RFID or NFC chips under your skin is quite a popular thing, another common one would be putting a magnet in one of your fingers so that you can 'feel' magnetic fields
  11. Multicopter Megathread

    @Hackentosher @Not_Sean My pdb has a basic osd in it so will be using that to monitor Battery voltage but I think upgrading to an FC with betaflight OSD is looking like a must
  12. Multicopter Megathread

    My Taranis finally came quad isn't built yet but i have set up two step arming and have made it so that the radio volume is controlled by one of the pots, i think my next goal will be to set up a timer that resets when i change packs. anyone have some killer can't live without them settings that i should be giving a try?
  13. Multicopter Megathread

    You can buy a special receiver that connects to a computer or you can hack together a cable like This (you can also do some surgery on your normal cable and turn it into a Y shape with the Svideo usb and 3.5mm Jack) then you just need Smartpropoplus to interpret the signal
  14. Multicopter Megathread

    Delivery day Couple of 1500 75c packs that I got at a discount because the boxes are damaged, some props to try out and best of all free stickers!! Just waiting on the slow boat from China with my TX RX and I'm in the air
  15. Multicopter Megathread

    Race flight can do one, I will never buy anything from them on pure principal of them going close source