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  1. Raspberry Pi Photobooth

    Glad you figured it out!
  2. Raspberry Pi Photobooth

    @Judd Could you copy paste the terminal so we can see exactly what's going on?
  3. Raspberry Pi Photobooth

    I think that might be your problem, in the guide it says in section 2 Although you would think chromium would work with Google two part I would try running step two again being sure to follow the part at the end where you install luakit and make it your default browser carefully Actually having just read you post again it's more likely, Don't put spaces in the password just type the 16 characters, the spaces are there to make it easy to read
  4. Multicopter Megathread

    3 days in and the quads still alive charging batteries has been a pain so I haven't flown as much as I would like but have managed to fly every day so far and flew the most beautiful beach today without ditching into the sea or filling my motors with sand.
  5. Multicopter Megathread

    I'm going on a road trip! Me and the Mrs are taking a campervan out into the country for a week and while it's not going to be an fpv trip I am taking my gear and it's my full intention to fly every day. So the question is how many days before I break something I can't repair on the road?
  6. IPhone 7 Nand flash memory IC

    If you are looking at tearing the phone down then buying a new known working logic board and swapping it in would be infinitely easier than swapping the flash chip
  7. Xbox 360 gamepad

    Looks like bottom right to me but it's hard to read the silk screen from that photo
  8. That's a push fit connector, you need to push the dark grey part in and then just pull the pipe out while holding it down
  9. Is this a ripoff - Ebay Arduino Kit

    The kit will be great if you just want to play around with lots of components to see what they do. And I think there are a few arduino powered HID projects out there so you should be all good
  10. Is this a ripoff - Ebay Arduino Kit

    I'd say you are getting your money's worth of components but if this is your first step into arduino it may be of better value for you to get a cheaper more basic kit to start playing around with the basics, learning the skills you need to successfully complete bigger projects in the future and then just ordering those parts required for what you want to create. So far as arduino "clones" go, there isn't really any such thing. The arduino project is open source hardware and software so while the very cheap boards can have issues and are best left alone buying from China shouldn't cause problems as they are built to the same hardware specs as the official "Genuino" boards. Buying from the arduino foundation simply helps to fund the work they do with education e.c.t
  11. Multicopter Megathread

    Haha so true, almost hit a dog walker I didn't see under some trees the other day and decided it was time for an upgrade
  12. Multicopter Megathread

    Welcome back @Legolessed New camera and VTX today. excited to finally be able to fly with other people and to be able to see where I'm going!
  13. Multicopter Megathread

    Yeah the element and temp sensor are inside the tips, I'd say that is actually one of the TS100s bigger cons as it makes the tips quite expensive to replace.
  14. Multicopter Megathread

    Nahh heater is inside the tips, the tip could be oxidized that would cause poor thermal coupling to the joint
  15. Multicopter Megathread

    I do my day to day soldering at 330c (not just quads but other projects too) and never have any problem, I haven't ever had mine past 350c even for very large joints, I think something must be wrong for you to be having problems at 400c