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  1. TheGreatGamesby

    I need a 4k curved ultrawide monitor.

    Okay, thanks, but what about a curved 4k
  2. TheGreatGamesby

    I need a 4k curved ultrawide monitor.

    I know, I wasnt being specific for you. But, thank you for taking your time and helping me with this
  3. TheGreatGamesby

    I need a 4k curved ultrawide monitor.

    Thanks, when I said ultrawide I did not mean LG specific.
  4. TheGreatGamesby

    I need a 4k curved ultrawide monitor.

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a 4k curved ultrawide monitor. Preferably under $1000 but I realize that might be hard. Any suggestions? Note: when I said ultrawide I did not mean LG specific. Note 2: Doesnt have to be an ultrawide just preferably curved.
  5. TheGreatGamesby

    I just got a gopro and I need help.

  6. Hi so I just got a gopro hero 2018 find it here. I was looking at the settings and I was wondering if I should record in 1440p and 60fps or 1080p at 60fps. But when recording 1440p you have to record in 4:3 but with 1080p you can record in 16:9. I am sorta new to gopros and I will mainly use this for youtube. Any help is requested.
  7. TheGreatGamesby

    PC Part suggesations

    This might be a dumb question but can you run a hard drive and ssd in raid?
  8. TheGreatGamesby

    PC Part suggesations

    Thank you for the suggestions I just grabbed that motherboard blindly because it had a lot of usb ports I will do what Herman did except change the case to a coolermaster pro case 5. Thank you all so much for your help
  9. TheGreatGamesby

    PC Part suggesations

    Hi so I am building my first PC and I picked out the components and I want to know if I should change anything. PCPartPicker part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/V8KyFt Price breakdown by merchant: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/V8KyFt/by_merchant/ CPU: Intel - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ($312.99 @ Amazon) CPU Cooler: be quiet! - Dark Rock Pro 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU Cooler ($89.90 @ Amazon) Thermal Compound: ARCTIC - MX4 4g Thermal Paste ($6.74 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Asus - STRIX B250H Gaming ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($109.16 @ Newegg) Memory: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory ($175.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Western Digital - WD Purple 3TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive ($100.86 @ Amazon) Video Card: NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Founders Edition Video Card ($549.99 @ Best Buy) Case: Phanteks - Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case ($94.28 @ Newegg) Power Supply: SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Gold 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($69.99 @ Newegg) Operating System: Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit ($32.07) Wired Network Adapter: TP-Link - TG-3468 PCI-Express x1 10/100/1000 Mbps Network Adapter ($16.45 @ Amazon) Fan Controller: Kingwin - FPX-005 Fan Controller ($9.99 @ Amazon) Monitor: Samsung - U28E590D 28.0" 3840x2160 60Hz Monitor ($302.99 @ Best Buy) Total: $1871.40 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-06-30 09:12 EDT-0400
  10. TheGreatGamesby

    I need Headphone suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestion I have a pretty big head so they shouldn't move around a lot but I will definitely look into those.
  11. TheGreatGamesby

    I need Headphone suggestions

    So currently I have solos as my main headset for my PC. After wearing them for all day for years they aren't really that comfortable. I need something that is comfy and sounds good enough, I am looking at prices up to $100 tough preferably on the lower end. I was thinking senhizer but I am open to other brands. Also I kind of would like for them to connect via 3.5 mm headphone jack and not usb. Thanks - Grant
  12. TheGreatGamesby

    Good adblocker for chrome

    So I need a good ad blocker for chrome. I use Adblockplus right now. Its not great. Can i please have recommendations and if you can can you add a link. Thanks
  13. TheGreatGamesby

    Good virus protection software

  14. TheGreatGamesby

    So LinusTechTips on YouTube is down...

    If you translate the page from English to English (I dont know it prompted me to do it) this happens
  15. TheGreatGamesby

    Good virus protection software

    ok,great thank you